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Fandom Yo! The Great Adventures of Saiyaman and Saiyawoman~! (AU)


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Hey all, thanks for clicking on this.

Big Super-hero,DB, Anime, movie, fan and over-all nerdy person here. Lately, I’ve been in a super-hero mood, and decided to post this. This post is diving into Akira Toriyama‘s world of Dragon Ball. The world of ki, and seven magical orbs that summon a mythical dragon to grant a wish. More now, since the yesterday I re-watched Wrath of the Dragon and that movie starts off with Saiyaman and Saiyawoman.

Ideally, I wish to focus on the characters of, Son Gohan and Videl Satan, but more so their secret identities: Saiyaman and Saiyawoman. Of course, if we want to start things out with just Gohan being a hero, and work towards Videl suiting up, also fine. Part of me enjoys the Saiyaman Arc, in the Buu Saga, with Gohan attending High School. Perhaps we can write this as an AU, where Buu never appears, and Gohan focuses more on School and Hero work; this might involve some OC villain creations along the line.

Or, if we would want to start, with both suited up, and working a hero team, that’s fine too. Perhaps taking a page from Either Xenoverse with some, timey wimey fun, having the two Saiya-warriors deal with the likes of the Ginyu force, or other beings who might challenge the two and their poses throughout time.

The aspect I really love about the Saiyaman persona, is the call back to Sentai and things of that nature. over the top poses, displaying a sense of Justice, a righteous attitude. All things I’d like to include, but with the fun Dragon Ball elements too: flying, powering up, dealing with huge creatures similar to Kajui.

This fully up to discussion, so if you are interested, let’s start brainstorming!


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