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Fandom Yo-Kai Watch: Soul Watchers


I am the truth. Deal with it.
It was a new day at the Lane's residence. Vince was just waking up to start it. Most kids get out of bed expecting a completely normal day of breakfast, school, video games, biking, sleeping, rinse and repeat. And Vince remembered when his days were like that. But now, it was no longer the case.

When he rose from his bed, he turned towards the ghost like being that was floating in his room, waiting for him to wake up. It was about two weeks since Vince and his friends found Whisper, a mysterious creature called a Yo-Kai. No one else in his family new about the new butler, or the new fancy watch he gave him, since only he and his friends could see them.

Vince got down from the bed on to the matt, at which, the little cub Yo-Kai, Lie-in, was sleeping The young boy was a little worried of the possibility of getting inspirited by this particular Yo-Kai on a school day morning, as he makes people refuse to do anything under his influence. But for now, he just let him sleep there.

"Good morning, Vince!" Whisper said to his master...well..one of them.
"Hey Whisper," the boy responded as he went to his closet to change into his clothes.
"As you may recall, today you and the other...what do you call yourselves...oh yes, the 'Soul Watchers' are suppose to meet at the treehouse to day. A good chance to see what Yo-Kai you three met last week."
"I bet they all met a bunch," Vince lamented behind the closet. "I only met one last week and its a complete jerk." Vince looked at So-Sorree's medal. He was not sure why he would ever want to call that guy.
"Well yes I suppose you could have found a better one," Whisper said.
"Not that encouraging." Vince. After changing his clothes, Vince got out the closet and checked his clothes in the mirror....which was hanging next to a black purple lined mirror named Mirapo.
After slapping his hat on his head, Vince called Whisper and Lie-in to follow him down stairs, and reminded Lie-in to not cause any trouble with his inspiriting. The yesturday, Lie-in got sick and his inspiriting went out of control, and ultimately caused his mother to refuse to make dinner, and the whole family would have went to bed starved if dad didn't decide to order pizza.

When Vince went downstairs, he saw that waffles was ready at the table, ad his parents seemed ready to head out the house.

"Good morning Vince," Mom said, completely unaware of Vince's supernatural companions.
"Morning Mom," Vince said. "Where are you headed?"
"Your mom and I have an arrond to run" Dad said.
"Oh..does that mean Cynthia's in charge again?"
"What do you think the answer is?" Vince's older sister said at the table.
"Great, more bossy booting," Lie-in said.

Vince sat at the table to start eating his waffles. "But can at least go outside later, I have to meet up with my friends."
"Sure Vince," Dad said. "Just be here before dinner".
"And I will make it this time," Mom said, remembering the disaster last night.
"Yeah.." Vince muttered, glaring at Lie-in.
Mom and Dad said their goodbyes assuring the kids that they will be back by the afternoon. "And make sure to let Leo and Leia know we're gone when they get up." Mom said.
"Yes ma'am," Vince and Cynthia said in union. With that, the parents left outside, and kids and Yo-kai ruled the house.

A few hours later, Vince was ready to head over to the treehouse with Warren and Gaku. He headed upstairs to his room, with Whisper and Lie-in following behind. Inside, Vince turns towards Mirapo, and taps it to wake it up. "Oh-OH, good morning Vince!" Mirapo said. "Where would you like to go?"
"Tree house please," Vince said.
"Alright," Mirapo said. The black mirror began to glow in a bright light, creating a portal within itself. Vince, Whisper, and Lie-in all jumped inside the mirror and soon found themselves in the tree house. Vince then sat down in one of the corners, and waited for his friends to show up.
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The Biggest boy
“Hey. Heyy. Heyyy!”
Warren slowly blinked awake. He turned over to see Jibanyan sitting on his white t-shirt he wore to sleep. Glancing at the time from the blinking alarm clock.
“Jibanyan, whyd’ja wake me up so early? It’s the weekend!”
“You asked me to make sure you didn’t sleep in! I did what I was told.”
“Well not this early. I guess I didn’t tell you that.”
Warren was already awake so he decided to just get up and face the day. He changed out of the clothes he was sleeping in. He made his way downstairs, putting his portable game console in his pocket for later. he rubbed his eyes as he walked into the kitchen, double taking and staring into the corner of the kitchen. Roughraff stood, or rather, squatted with a glare.
“What are ya’ lookin’ at?”
“How... how do you know where I live?”
“You Befriended me, ‘member?”
“...Oh Yeaaaahh!”
Warren totally blanked. Rougraff barely made his presence known. He may be tough and rough, but he is certainly a quiet soul.
“Hey, did you see my parents head out at all?”
“Yeah. Earlier they left.”
“Oh... okay.”
Warren was a little disappointed, but he carried on, making himself breakfast. His mother had always had food stocked for Warren to heat up. Her food was so expertly crafted that they stayed exactly the same texture and taste when cooked and heated up again.
“Ohh! Chocolate chip pancakes!”
Warren took out the meal And heated it up, the distinct aroma filled the air.
“I-is that... chocolate I smell?”
“Hmm? Yeah, it is... what are you playing at Jibanyan?”
Warren took the plate out of the microwave and set it on the table, tearing off a small bit of the fluffy breakfast disk.
“...can I have-“
Jibanyan grabbed a pancake and began chewing away.
“Woah... these... what are they?”
“Pancakes man. With chocolate in them.”
“Human food is boring short of amazing...”
Warren finished what Jibanyan didn’t steal and after a quick video game session, rounded up Jibanyan and roughraff.
“Let’s head over to meet the others, that’s why I didn’t wanna sleep too late. If we walk over now we can-“
“Walk? Why walk?” Jibanyan questioned
“What else would we do?”
“Follow me.” Jibanyan began to walk up the stairs to his room.
Warren was curious and somewhat worried. What could be in his room?
Opening the messy closet, a sleeping mirror pressed against the wall.
“Heh? Who’s this?”
“It’s mirapo. He’s my pal.” Jibanyan tapped him on the mirror, waking him up.
“I use him to get to the store and back in no time.”
“That’s where you go, ehh?” Roughraff said, teasing Jibanyan.
“Be quiet. The point is you can get there fast with this guy.”
“Huh! Neat! Nice to meet you, mirapo!”
The mirror swayed from side to side.
“Nice to meet you, too. You mentioned you had somewhere to go?”
“Mmhm! The treehouse. Do you know where that is”
“Let me scan...”
after a few moments, Mirapo came up with a match.
“Got it! Walk through and you’ll be there in a flash!”
“Thanks mirapo!”
Warren stepped in, instantly appearing in front of Vince.
“Oh wow! That worked!”
“See I told you!”
Warren sat across from Vince.
“Yo, Vince! Look who I met! Let’s do introductions when Gaku gets here.”

Musik Addikt

I'm back, everyone. ^.^

Gaku Kuon

"Gakuku! I'm hungry!"
"Me too!"
"Kuku! You have to feed us!"

Gaku looked up from his musical composition at the faces of three of his younger siblings. Gaku smiled and stood up. He picked the youngest one up and gave them a piggy back ride while grabbing the hands of the other two, "Okay! Let's go see what we can eat for breakfast today!"

"Gaku! I'm hungry too!"

Galku looked behind him at Toi, who was currently sitting at her own desk, scanning some paper work,"Would you mind bringing me something so I can finish working before we leave for your meeting?"

Blaze suddenly perked up from his training and exclaimed, "Me too! Me too!"

Gaku chuckled and said, "Sure you guys!"

With that, Gaku led his siblings out of his room and towards the kitchen, where another one of Gaku's siblings was sitting at the counter, drumming his hand on it.

"DonDon,stop it!"

Suddenly, the sibling stopped tapping the counter and DonDon appeared, "I'm sorry, Gakuku, I was just having fun!"

Sitting his sibling on his back down, Gaku was about to start cooking when the youngest one tugged his shirt, "Is Don Don a friend of Toi?"

Gaku nodded, "Yeah. DonDon is also nice though, so everything is fine."

Gaku's youngest sibling smiled, and with that Gaku began to cook. 30 minutes later, Gaku, Toi, Blaze, DonDon, and his siblings were eating omelettes. As they ate, Gaku's father came down the stairs and smiled, "Thanks for fixing breakfast Gaku. Your mother has to leave in a few minutes so she'll be glad to know it's taken care of as usual."

Gaku gave his father a thumbs up as he fixed his baby brother a bottle of formula. Gaku's father smiled,"I'm going to go to my office though, so could you set up a show on Tenflix for your siblings before you leave to meet your friends?"

"Sure thing, dad!" Gaku answered, giving the bottle to his brother. Gaku's father left the room and Gaku ran to the living roomand set up Nora the Navigator, a show about a girl and her monkey friend going on adventures. Gaku never understood it, but his younger siblings loved it.

"Okay, everyone! I'm leaving now!"

Gaku jumped up, ran into the kitchen, grabbed a bag, and ran to the front door to catch his mother before she left. Once he reached her, he handed her the bag, "I fixed you something for breakfast, and also packed you a lunch and just in case."

Gaku's mom smiled and gave him a hug, "What would I do without you?"

Gaku blushed and smiledas he hugged his mother back. He waved as she got into her car and left. Once he walked back inside, he settled his siblings down in front of the TV, made enough pizza to feed an army,, grabbed a few slices for him, his friends, and their yokai friends, gathered his yokai, and then stepped through Mirapo.

"Hey guys! Sorry,I'm late. I made everyone some pizza, though."



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