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Fandom yet another SPN search (canon x oc + doubling)

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will be inactive for a bit.
hello yet again homies! so like, i’ve been really looking for something supernatural-based (as i’ve practically grown up watching the show and have an undying love for it).. so here’s a search thread for that!
if it matters to you, i have seen all of supernatural and am actually currently working on rewatching it all w my mom for literally the third time. although, that doesn’t mean i won’t still need reminders here n there, so please be willing to remind my forgetful self of anything!!
so uh, yeah!! please message me if you’re interested, or comment here if you’re unable to pm me! thank you!! :]
(my original/fandom search thread is here btw!)

looking for: dean winchester yes i know i’m cliche
could attempt: sam winchester, castiel, jack, probably anyone else (just ask n i’ll see!)​

IMPORTANTplease read all of this - don’t skip anything.
  • i’m 21 currently and would greatly prefer if my rp partner were to be at least 18 or above.
  • i write in third person pov and my reply length depends on my energy/excitement levels, but i always write at least a paragraph. i’d prefer if you could write in third person pov and at least be a little descriptive in your writing - it doesn’t have to be super long, but absolutely no one-liners.
  • i prefer to only play females unless we double up, in which i can attempt a male if you’d ultimately prefer.
  • romance is a must! for my side i’d prefer MxF, but i can attempt any other pairing for your side; however, please know that i tend to need a good plot for FxF, and some convincing for MxM and other unlisted pairings. my apologies.
  • i’m a slow responder and may even disappear for a few days or longer without much warning because of my health and forgetfulness - nonetheless, i always try to message once i return. you’re allowed (and even encouraged) to bump me if i disappear, but please don’t continuously spam me.
  • ghost friendly, i think? like i always appreciate a goodbye, but i understand if you are unable to give one.
  • i tend to view the rp as dead if you don’t reply for over a week. if i ever assume incorrectly, please do feel free to message me again once you’re back if you’d still like to rp with me.
  • i usually prefer discord, but can try to do things here (preferably in PMs) if you’d like to. i just can’t promise how often i’d be able to get on and reply if it’s here.
  • i don’t really have any limits, i don’t think.. but absolutely no smut, please. if anything related to that happens to come up naturally in the rp, fading in/out is needed.
  • please be communicative about the rp and yours wants, and at least a little talkative about other things. i tend to ramble a lot, so i’d really appreciate it if my rambling was able to have some of your input!
  • doubling up is welcome ofc!

IDEASnone of these necessarily have to be used, n any can be combined w another - feel free to suggest your own ideas if you have any! we could even just jump around from scene to scene/make “episodes” rather than follow a long n specific storyline too, if you’d prefer.
  • prompts
    • The Winchesters plan to use M/C as bait to get her former captor, a powerful demon, to show them self again; however, the more time they spend with her, the closer they get to her (especially one brother more so than the other) and the more they start to regret their original plan.
    • One random day, M/C shows up at the Winchesters’ motel room door, claiming they sent her a letter saying they’d help her figure out the reason behind her mother’s mysterious death... which they never actually sent. After lots of begging and a bit of pouting too, the brothers reluctantly agree to help her, but mostly so they can figure out who actually sent the letter and the actual motives behind it.
    • During a hunt, the Winchesters happen to come across M/C, an old friend of Dean’s whom he lost contact with long ago. The only problem is she’s badly injured and barely breathing, having been attacked by whatever monster they were just hunting.
    • M/C has no idea the supernatural exists... until, of course, she happens to cross paths with the Winchesters.
    • AU where there’s another nephilim in existence - M/C.
    • M/C is an angel who secretly helps Castiel save Dean from hell.
    • A while back, Bobby adopted M/C after her parents - who were a friend of Bobby’s - were murdered. For years he has raised her in secret from the Winchester brothers, but one day, they accidentally happen to discover her.. and one brother accidentally happens to eventually fall in love.
    • M/C is Castiel’s younger angel sister (or only angel friend).
    • ((HEAVY TW)) AU based upon this fanfic. Having just lost Sam, Dean is ready for the end. As he walks down an old road all alone with nothing but his gun, he is suddenly pulled out of his dark thoughts by a lone stranger in a car (M/C) asking him if he’s okay. After he replies, M/C suddenly proposes he give her an hour to change his mind. Ultimately the two will spend more than an hour together, both relying on the other to make it through the darkness they find themselves trapped within.
  • AUs
    • high school/college au
    • au where certain/all characters don’t die
    • au where the supernatural doesn’t exist
    • some form of soulmate au
    • zombie apocalypse au
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