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Year of the Spy

Dice System
CoD - Hunter: The Vigil


Dialectical Hermeticist
Note: this will be a slightly modified core Chronicles of Darkness game but that wasn't an option on the system dropdown.

INTERNAL COMMUNIQUE: House Committee for Inhuman Activities
DATE: June 1985

Rawhide has approved your unit for immediate activation with jurisdiction over the Los Angeles metropolitan area and the Arizona Exclusion Zone. Your request for a metaphysicist has also been approved (PN: Coulson has been with us a long time; you're in good hands). You are cleared to impersonate any Federal office and the requisite papers are en route. Your priority will be locating The Play before it can fall into the wrong hands, but standard operational targets remain: artists, intellectuals, and immigrants.

In 1938, an expedition from Miskatonic University arrived in Guatemala to investigate a newly uncovered ruin.

Details get scarce from there. As near as we can tell, they were mostly seduced by a local cult and unleashed an entity of tremendous power. We know it superficially resembles a spider, and appears to weaken the border between our dimension and the one from which it came (Officially codenamed OUTWORLD it's more commonly known as The Dreamlands).

WWII prevented us from reacting in a timely fashion. The cultists dug in and the creature spawned. The Guatemalan Exclusion Zone now intersects with the Dreamland. As of the 70s, we also have the much smaller Arizona Exclusion Zone. The official line is a botched nuclear test; the truth is we had to nuke an underground portal to another world. Our outfit wasn't established until the early 50s, originally called the House Committee for Inhuman Activities. We're the Bureau of Inhuman Affairs now, and the Federal government will disavow any knowledge of our operations if the BIA is compromised.

As we understand it, the entity (Codename: BRIDGEBUILDER) has accrued a cult of so-called Jewel Priests; small in number but very potent sorcerers. Aside from trying to spread its eggs it appears to have no agenda. We think the Nazis got one, but what they did with it is unknown - Europe isn't suffering like Central and South America are.

Other groups are more problematic - we know of at least three other cults operating in the USA, and the lifeforms of the Dreamland are almost universally hostile. The 'byakhee' in particular prevent us getting any kind of aeroframe into the GEZ for a bombing run. All we can do for now is try to stamp out the cults and protect our borders until the threat can be ended. Don't worry, we're not alone in this - a number of Ally nations are behind us, and, insane as it sounds, so are the Masons and the Knights Templar.

When uncovering a cult, we have three main targets:
1. Intellectuals. Curiosity got the better of the Miskatonic team, we don't need to see it happen again.
2. Artists. Extremely susceptible to the influence of The Dreamland and the speculative entity codenamed K-THULU.
3. Immigrant Populations. Worst case scenario, they have a BRIDGEBUILDER egg. Best case, resentment and poverty are a gateway to cult initiation.

Remember that you are operating above the law. Your enemies don't respect due process. While we can get you out of most legal troubles, you will be burned to protect the integrity of the organisation if you get yourself in too deep.

Recent Events
Following the loss of the former L.A. team in the AEZ (another group are dealing with that), you've been reassigned to replace them - and in a hurry, too.

You’ve been informed that a copy of The King in Yellow was stolen from a Bureau informant in Oregon and crossed state lines into California. Bureau precogs confirm (the details of which are… unpleasant) that L.A. is under the gaze of The Unspeakable. You must find that book. If it arrives in the hands of actual cultists, or a sorcerer of any power, the results could be catastrophic.

Five players, standard chargen. No prior experience of any kind required, diverse cast encouraged.
One player to be the sanctioned sorceror of the team - subject to conditions and vetting.
Pre-made characters available.

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