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| Y A U N D O N I A | | | A C A D E M Y|
"It's an academy for the strange!"
~Jonah Galway
{ I N F O }

In the Victorian Era of England, a man named Jonah Galway was born. He was seemingly perfect. He was good at a lot of things you'll never expect. He had the charm of a true gentlemen. He had the ladies swooning over him.

However, he was different.

He was a sorcerer.

Jonah was the first person in his family to be born with magical properties. His magic wasn't normal, either. His mystical sorcery was incredibly powerful, so powerful that if he makes one mistake, it has the potential to cause a huge catastrophe.

It didn't help that in this world, there are these beings called "The Unmaskers". They hunt anything living that was fantasical or mythical. The Unmaskers would nicknamed those who were considered magical, "The Aisteach".

And because Jonah was an Aisteach, he was hunted down. He knew that other Aisteach were in danger too, so to protect the next generation of Aisteach, he opened up a school called "Yaundonia Academy" in what is now Cornwall, England.

He met many different mythical beings in the first year, and the years after. He met Kelpies, Dullahans, hybrids, Trolls, Fairies, and other fantastical beings that are in nearby countries. After a few more years, he soon started accepting Aisteach from all around the world.

Now, it's the modern times. The academy still stands, being covered up as a very exclusive broading school. Aisteach of all kind get invited when they are entering their high school years. The school teaches these youngsters how to control their abilities, hide them, and balance the life of being normal & the life of being an Aisteach.

The whole school also provides the students multitudes of activities and luxuries that it seems more of a mansion than a school. I mean...

The whole school is equipped with dorms, a gym, a pool, hallways, classrooms, a large quad, a large field, a cafeteria, it's own separate library, a line of shops exclusive to students & teachers, a huge garden, lots of outdoor space, a basement, and an attic.

Other than that, the school is also completely safe!

The Unmaskers had become almost non-existent after not signs of major activity for over twenty years! The only sign that they are still alive is that they appear every once in a while!

That is, until this school year. A week before orientation, the Unmaskers had gotten rid of a few Elves from England, one of them was supposed to be a teacher for Yaundonia.

It seems that they're back, but why?

Well, that's up to the students to find out~!

{ H E L L O ! }

Hello, I'm Nay! Welcome to the interest check for Yaundonia Academy!

This is an roleplay idea that I got because I always wanted to do something with mythical beings we might not heard of often. Like Kelpies, Dullahans, Changelings, and Astomi!

Okay, you might have already heard of those creature already! But still, I tried!

If this has enough people interested, I'll put up a Character Sheet and a OOC post. Just post a message that says or means "I'm interested".

But, even if you're not interested, thanks for viewing!

Now, to the rules!

{ R U L E S }

  1. Be polite and respectful to one another in OOC. Your character in the roleplay can be rude, but you don't have to as well.
  2. Follow the rules of RPNation.
  3. This is a PG-13 roleplay for action, teenagers being teenagers, and more.
  4. Up to two characters per persons. In the age range of 14 to 18
  5. At least two paragraphs. I'm just a person who really likes detail.
  6. No rushing anyone or forcing a person's action without their consent.
  7. Have fun! This is the most important, because I don't want a half-hearted roleplay!

{ B Y E ! }
P.S. The Info, Hello, and Rules section have hidden scrolls.
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Great! :) Now I'll wait until other people show interested! Maybe once about three or four more people show interest, I'll put up a CS and OCC!


She's here, She's there, She's everywhere!
Okay! Just one or two more people and I'll put up the CS and the OOC!


She's here, She's there, She's everywhere!
I decided to post the OOC early!
I'm still going to wait for one more person before I post the CS, though!


She's here, She's there, She's everywhere!
Yay! :)
Also, I just posted the CS!


There is nothing to fear
Is this still accepting? I have questions for three characters id like to make? I call them Blade saints...
These two are best friends who were trained by the same man.

This is that man who has now become warped by some otherworldly forces.


There is nothing to fear
Actually imma tweak the design some.

The man with horns at the bottom is the boys father.

The older looking one at the top is the elder brother, the redhead is the younger. Still their dad has become "possessed" by otherworldly forces...those forces being his own power. Blade saints are basically people born with two souls who put one of them into a blade and use a power called resonance to gain abilities from the souls in the blades.


She's here, She's there, She's everywhere!
This is still accepting, but I will mention that in the rules, it's says that up to 2 characters only. I'm sorry.


There is nothing to fear
Excellent i can actually just make the brothers. They can be convinced that their father is dead, the father can be an NPC if mentioned at all.

The big brother would be an elite, the younger one just started. Is this okay?

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