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Futuristic Yalandor: Project “Withstand” ((Currently Closed))

Sub Genres
Action, Cyberpunk, Magical


Trickster & Cuddler
What are the roles again?

They are:

Close-quarters-combat/Interrogator (Which is currently full as I need to make an announcement to the other member currently claiming a spot but has not yet made a character sheet.)

Knight/Assault (Which is currently empty for the time-being.)

Medic/Hacker (Which is full at the moment with two Characters already.)

Supplier (Which has one member already.)

Seeker/Construct (A class introduced by a a member of the roleplay with a limit of 2.)

Hunter/Tactician (Currently occupied by the man who made it for the roleplay, and @FabulousTrash my old nemesis when they were around more, so meaning it is full.)

You can also introduce a role for a chance for it to be added in, just pm me about it. But that’s it and each has a detailed explanation on the first post of the Interest check.

Also Hi @FabulousTrash , you probs don’t remember me but hi anyway.

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