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I think this is the right section to put it in, here goes!

ALRIIIIIIIGHT! I'm plotting up an XCOM RP. The idea I've got is to follow a squad through the Alien War. Now, at the moment I was thinking about following XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within with abit of a twist. Basically, roughly follow the story but adding in a few extra aliens and what not.

What follows is based off the assumption that the RP is with the above setting.

A few clear changes I'll make is that not everyone has to have a military background. For clear reasons everyone will be expected to be well versed in combat and what not. But they don't all have to be Marines or commandos, not that there's anything wrong with that being the character background.

We'll of course have the good ol' aliens that we know and love (or hate). And the international aspect of XCOM will be there. But if anyone gets any ideas for a new alien they'd want to see in XCOM, whether original or from another series. Though if anyone wants to do this they would have to run it by me first and I'll give the intro for them. Who knows? Maybe even an alien ally?

The RP wouldn't just focus on action and combat, but also on the interpersonal relationships between the members of the squad. Maybe even a romance or two? *insert saxophone riff here*

That's really all I've got at the moment!


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Alrighty! I'm still working out how to organize it. Things like how to decide who's Psionic and who's not.


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Maybe let the player make the choice between Psionic, Mec, or Enhanced like the "Mind Hates Matter" Second Wave option has you do.

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