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The roleplays I'm looking for will exclusively involve the animated X-Men series' - X-Men: The Animated Series from the 90s, X-Men: Evolution, and Wolverine & The X-Men. Please don't post if you're looking for something involving the live-action/movie versions of the X-Men.


About Me

- I'm 30+ myself and I'd prefer to roleplay with people AT LEAST close to my age range, so please don't post or message me if you're under 26 yourself. I absolutely do not roleplay with minors. Even 21 makes me personally uncomfortable, sorry.

- I'm a dude but I'll roleplay with anyone regardless of sex or gender.

- I've been roleplaying off-and-on ever since high school.

- I don't currently work or go to school, however I do live with my parents and I have to run errands quite a lot. You can expect a reply from me anywhere from once a day to once every two days (this depends on how busy I am IRL, how invested I am in what's going on, and whether I have to reply to other RPs).

- Nowadays I prefer to use Picrew to create my OCs, so I'd prefer if my partner did the same. If that's not your cup of tea, I can deal with anime or cartoon pics - I'll still use Picrew myself. Absolutely /no/ real life face claims, I've never liked that.

- I'd prefer to RP through the private messages, I'm not a fan of public forum roleplays.

- I LOVE OOC chatting. Planning, plotting, silly AU ideas, sharing videos and music and pics and stuff, I find all of that helps keeps interest and motivation alive! I even like silly nerdy things like giving our RP opening and ending theme songs, or making music playlists of songs that remind us of our characters/relationships/roleplays/etc.

- I love Canon X OC. OC X OC is fine, I guess...but with so many awesome existing characters, I just think it'd be more fun to use them and pair them with our OCs. I don't care if it's cheesy or dumb or fanboy/fangirl-y or wish-fulfilment, I love it and I'm more than happy to do it for you if it's your thing! The ONLY thing I've gotta ask is that you be alright with any canon characters not being totally 100% in character because I've never been good at playing them PERFECTLY. I'll do my best, for sure, but please be okay with a little bit of wiggle room and leniency.

- In terms of literacy and length, as a general rule I try to mirror whatever I'm given by my partner. However, you can usually count on a minimum of three paragraphs from me. I /do not/ do one-liners or 'text speak' and I ask the same from my partner.

- For my main OC that I plan on using, I'm strictly looking for m// romance. However, I'm more than fine with doubling to give my partner whatever romantic pairing they want. The only one I don't have any experience with is f/f, but that doesn't mean that I'm not willing to give it a try if that's your thing!

- Romance is an absolute must for me. It doesn't have to ALWAYS be going on at all times, but it has to be in there in a major way. This includes the super cheesy stuff like love-at-first-sight, soulmates, destined-to-be-together, super mushy/lovey-dovey stuff, all of that stuff. I live for it all.

- Speaking of romance, all romantically involved characters need to be AT LEAST 22+. Preferably older.

- I am NOT ditch-friendly (if we're defining 'ditching' as leaving all of a sudden, without any warning or explanation, after initially agreeing to something or showing interest). If you're the type who likes to ditch out of nowhere, please don't even bother posting or messaging me about a possible roleplay. If we're going to proceed forward and start something, PLEASE. DO. NOT. GHOST. ME. This has happened to me more times than I can count and frankly, I'm sick and tired of it. If you lose interest, or hit a wall of writer's block, or want to stop, or want to change things, or something comes up IRL, that's perfectly fine - just please tell me.

- If you're interested, please post in this thread OR send me a private message.


What I'm Looking For

- Okay, so! I'm currently on a bit of an X-Men kick. Another partner of mine got me interested in it over the past few weeks, and I'd never really done an X-Men RP before. I tried it out while simultaneously bingeing some X-Men cartoons on Disney+, and now I'm fully into it. The cartoon versions of these characters are amazing and awesome and I love them.

- When it comes to superhero stuff, X-Men has always been the franchise that I liked the most and had the most experience with...though that experience is quite limited. In the past, I watched the first live-action film in the early 2000's, and in my youth I watched X-Men: Evolution a lot on television. Besides that...there wasn't much else. I never read the comics, I missed out on the classic 90's animated series (outside of always hearing that awesome kick-ass intro theme), and I know nothing about the modern day MCU. So for all intents and purposes, I'm still pretty much a n00b about a lot of X-Men related stuff. That being said, I DO have several Wiki's related to X-Men and Marvel favorited and ready to pull up if I need to look up some famous character or plot point or whatever I might need in order to successfully roleplay!

- I've currently finished watching Wolverine & The X-Men (loved it!) and am currently working my way through all of X-Men: Evolution (which I'm also loving!).

- I don't have any plot ideas off the top of my head outside of one, and it's not really fleshed out. More of just a general idea/framework. I'm thinking some big bad guy OR bad organization is trying to create and release a virus out into the world, a virus that kills normal humans while leaving mutants alone. Sort of a mutant-supremacy thing, get rid of all of the 'lesser beings' so mutants can take their rightful place at the top. Lots of drama could then ensue as the X-Men have to figure out what's going on and stop it while being unfairly blamed by humanity.

- I love brainstorming and collaborating on plot ideas, so if the above one doesn't interest you, I'd love to toss things around with you and figure something out that we'll both like and have fun with! Any ideas you have, I'd love to hear!

- In terms of themes, I'd love a roleplay with lots of romance, of course, but also drama and action. I'm not looking for a slice-of-life thing with this particular fandom. Give me all of the fighting, powers, mutant-hating, angst, end-of-the-world, all of that good stuff.

- For my main OC's romantic pairing, I'm very partial to Nightcrawler, Gambit, or Wolverine. If you play either of them for me, I'll give you fistbumps for days and days.

- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be alright with to occasional time-skipping and occasionally taking minor control of the other person's characters (when it comes to things like having them walk or move somewhere, not controlling what they DO or SAY though). If we get stuck somewhere or things get boring because we're trying to walk them through lots of mundane things one after another, I find that just skipping things ahead to the next point or to a more interesting point can really help! That's not to say that we should abuse this and do it whenever there's something we have to work to get through for the sake of plot though - if we just breeze through everything, there won't be any time for interesting plot developments or twists-and-turns.




What I'm Looking For:

- X-Men universe, AU, canon storylines
- OC X Canon
- 25+ age partners
- M//, M/F, F/F, trans, nonbinary, whatever you want
- Romance
- Action
- Angst
- Drama

Who I'm Willing To Play For You:

- Gambit
- Storm
- Rogue
- Cyclops

Who I'd Like You To Play For Me:

- Nightcrawler
- Gambit
- Wolverine​
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