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Fandom Wysteria's Reach (Fairytale/Disney)

Sub Genres


Shadowed Hearts
Wysteria is a strange land, home to witches, werewolves, zombies and more. Scarlet has awoken amongst others none of which remember who they are. They awaken at Wysteria Academy, a school which has been divided into two sections dedicated to training both good and evil.
Slowly uncovering their memories they are forced to train to overcome the challenges held inside the storybook which holds everyone's past, present and future.

Wysteria Academy
Those who have been fated to become heroes, princes and princesses of their stories.

Those who have been fated to become villains and villainesses of their stories. They are to be trained in witchcraft, trickery, and evilness.​

This is a semi dark fantasy themed Disney RP. It is set in a world where all the fairytales took place in simultaneously or are occurring. There may be some changes to characters due to the different world but most of our characters are going to be either fairytale/Disney characters as students attending Wysteria Academy, a strange academy in which none of the students remember anything but their names and faint glimpses into their pasts.

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