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He sighed quietly but smiled at her and kissed her gently. “I love you... but that won’t work anyway babe. Believe me. Been there done that tried many times.” He mumbled and kissed her again.

Scarlett smiled and sighed. “Well I can’t wait to see him either. You gotta take him to get a hair cut tomorrow don’t forget. He’s got your hair and it’s gettknf out of control” she mumbled tiredly
Max kissed him back and pressed her body close to his "We'll find a way." She murmured against his lips before running her fingers through his hair

Colby chuckled and nodded a bit "Poor kid, I feel sorry for him." He murmured with a smile before callimg his mom who had just come in for her monthly visit so he could see Jackson.
Scarlett smiled tiredly wriggling a bit to sit up some more just listening to Colby and trying to stay awake until he was off the phone “Come here handsome.” She murmured reaching for him.

He smiled and kissed her gently. “Mmm What’s would I do without you?” He murmured swaying gently with her. “Are you ready for the meeting?” He asked her quietly.
Colby smiled happily at her and hugged her close to him before kissing her lovingly "I love you so much." He whispered

Max gave a small laugh and pecked his lips again "Oh I bet you'd still have a messy house." She said with a wink before giving a small sigh as he brought up the meeting "No I'm not...but for Troy I will try to make this work."
She smiled and kissed him back exhaustedly. “How long before they demand you go back to work? What was the excuse they gave the media again?” She asked him quietly, taking his glasses and putting them on. “Oh good lord you’re blind Colby.” She giggled and passed them back.

He chuckled some and lifted her up over his shoulder so her head was by his butt. “Well then we better get through it quickly then.” He chuckled and took her upstairs to their room putting her on their bed.
Max laughed loudly and smacked his butt before he placed her down on the bed "Mmm I like that idea, but for now come here." she murmured curling her finger to usher him over as she smirked at him.

Colby laughed some and kissed the top of her head "Vicious assault by Strowman, said I was in the hospital and will be out for a couple weeks recovering from it." he explained with a shrug as he placed his glasses back on
She nodded and just watched him some til they brought her some lunch and she sighed quietly. “What I wouldn’t give for a greasy fry up.” She grumbled a bit but tucked in anyway. “I’m sorry you had to come home to that.” She mumbled.

Bobby smiled and kissed her softly as he held himself up over the top of her. “Mmm I love you max.” He murmured between kisses.
Colby held her close as she finished up shaking his head a bit "Its okay,Im gald I came home." He murmured kissing the top of her head repeatedly "Finn says he hopes youre doing better, along with Alexa by the way."

Max smiled happily and kissed him back "I love you too Bobby." She murmured before getting down to business with him.
She frowned some and nodded yawning some. “Well I’ll hopefully get out in a week or so... I’m falling asleep Col. don’t go just yet though please. Stay a little longer.” She murmured and fell asleep cuddled in close to him.

Bobby rolled over and lay next to her when they were finished kissing her cheek and got up, getting dressed when he heard Troy crying for attention. “Just in time.l he chuckled and went to get him.
Colby nodded some and kissed the top of her head "Ill be here babe." He whispered

Max gave a soft laugh and smiled at him before she got dressed herself. She smiled as Bobby walked Troy in making her smile widely "There is my handsome baby boy!!" She cooed picking him up and spinning him around
Holly got sat down with Jackson on her lap so they could face time Scarlett for him because he’d been begging all morning. He didn’t understand why he still couldn’t go see his mom yet but he was happy as long as they could face time.

Troy squealed happily and wriggled around, waving his arms around and reaching to try and grab her face.
Max smiled widely and hugged him tight to her giggling as he hugged her back "Oh I love you sooo much Troy." She murmured kissing all over his face before turning to Bobby who had his phone out recording them

Colby answered his phone and smiled widely as he saw Jackson's face pop up "Hey buddy!" He exclaimed waving at him some.
Jackson squealed and tried to grab the phone. “Daddy! I wan Mommy!” He giggled and cuddled his grandma at the same time.

Bobby finished it up and put his phone in his pocket, slipping his arms around her and pecking her cheek. “We better get going babe.”
Max nodded some and got Troy's diaper bag ready before she placed him in his carrier. As they arrived at Tom's place she took in a deep breath and closed her eyes trying to calm her nerves

Colby smiled some "Shhh not so loud, mommy is sleeping." He told him quietly before he showed Scarlett sound asleep next to him.
Scarlett started waking up several minutes later frowning some feeling cold and shivering some looking around the room disoriented. “Colby.” She mumbled coughing a little.

Bobby gave her hand a squeeze before they got to the front door and waited until tom opened it
Max took a deep breath as he opened the door keeping her grip tight on the carrier still keeping it faced away from Tom so he didnt see Troy yet.

Colby pulled the blanket over her smiling some "Hey beautiful, Jackson is on the phone." He said softly pointing the phone to her so Jackson could see her.
Scarlett smiled tiredly taking the phone and chatting away to Jackson for a while until he got bored and ran off to play with the dog and she passed the phone back to Colby laying down and starting to fall asleep again not feeling very well

Tom smiled and nodded. “Hey... thanks for coming over. Come on in both of you. Hey Bobby.” He smiled some and stared at the carrier.
Colby smiled some and said goodbye to his mom putting his phone down "How are you feeling beautiful?" He asked softly kissing her temple

Max nodded some and walked inside holding Bobby's hand some. She got to the couch in the living room and took a deep breath before putting the carrier down and getting Troy out. She held him for a moment with her back towards Tom and what felt like forever actually only took a couple seconds as she turned around to face him.
She frowned some and just leaned into him some more. “I don’t feel good at all.” She mumbled rubbing her face some breathing a little heavy.

He smiled and stared at him taking a deep breath and reached out wanting to hold him. “That’s our son.” He whispered.
Colby frowned and pressed the call button for her "Whats wrong babe? Is it your chest?" He asked gently

Max nodded some and looked at Troy "His name is Troy." She said quietly hestitantly handing him over watchong as he stared at Tom in confusion looking at Max whining some scared because he didnt know who Tom was.
She frowned not answering him and just closed her eyes right curling into him some more struggling to breathe a little.

He smiled and gently bounced him to calm him down, starting to sing a Dutch lullaby to him quietly hearing him go quiet and just curl up closer and stare up at tom while he kept singing to him.
Max took in a deep breath glancing at Bobby for assurance that this was the right thing. As she saw him nod some she bit her lip turning to look back at Tom "He is healthy as can be, and is very energetic." She said softly not knowing what else to say to him.

Colby looked at the nurse as she came in and frowned some "She seems to be having trouble breathing." He explained trying to move some so the nurse could look her over.
She frowned waiting til she heard that it was fluid build up from the surgery but that she would be fine as long as they could drain it and she would still be able to go home in a couple days.

Tom smiled and watched his son still crying some. “He’s perfect. You’re doing amazing with him. Not that you should need to hear it. You know it better than I do.” He murmured smiling a little. “I want to get visiting custody... just on the weekends... if I have to do it with you both there then that’s fine but ... my mother kicked some sense into me... I should be a part of my sons life.” Herold her quietly
Max listened to him and frowned some "Oh....well um....we can work something out." She whispered watching Troy reach for Bobby getting a bit more fussy in Tom's arms. As Bobby took him she biy her lip looking at the two men "Bobby, can you check his diaper?" She asked hoping she could speak with Tom privately about this.

Colby nodded some and held Scarlett close "Alright how do we get it out?" He asked
She frowned again and gripped colbys hand tighter when they said they would need to put another drainage tube in but she wanted desperately to see Jackson so she didn’t say anything and just let them get on with it.

He frowned as he watched Troy look happier in bobbys arms not taking his eyes off his son as they left the room. “Please... I know I screwed up and I know that you and I have no chance but I need to be there for my son.” He begged quietly.

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