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Vincent Theodore Beckett

The outdoor quad at Recuerdo Community College was more lively than ever on the evening in late spring when Vincent Beckett put his plan into motion. He had been putting things together for a week and a half, getting permission from staff and hanging flyers around campus, but the day had finally come.

The campus was mostly deserted by that time, the sun hanging low in the sky. The stage in the outdoor quad was usually used for special events, guest speakers, things like that. This evening however, a surprise donation from Beckett Fashion had convinced the college’s self-centered president to grant use of the stage area to a group of ‘driven young students’ in the pursuit of the musical arts.

Equipment and flyers lay in a messy sprawl around the stage area, the task of setting up all but abandoned for the moment as two students sprinted around the square. Franklin Price, a lanky young man with golden blonde hair, watched as his boyfriend Lucas chased their friend around the quad.

Lucas was fast, he had run track for all four years of high-school, but Vincent managed to keep him at bay by ducking around and hopping over obstacles. “You’re not getting me with that cupcake, Luke!” the dark-haired bassist taunted, immediately before slamming into something and landing flat on his back.

That ‘something’ turned out to be a short redheaded girl, one he recognized from his math class. “Sorry about that, Ember” he quickly apologized, scrambling to stand and help the girl to her feet.

“It’s Amber, you dingus” Luke corrected as he smeared the white frosted cupcake in his hand down the back of Vincent’s head. Amber’s eyes scanned the area, confused by how unprepared everything seemed. Then her eyes drifted to Vincent’s hands around hers, and her face began to flush.

“Amber? Oh, I just saw her hair and thought of Embers” Vincent murmured, earning a face-palm from Lucas and a roll of Franklin’s eyes. Vince and names went about as well together as water and oil.

“Am I early?” the young woman in question asked as Vincent released her hands and picked up her guitar case. “I can help set up if you need me to”

Vincent shook his head, eyeing the scattered equipment guiltily. “You’re not early, we’re just… a little behind schedule, but we’ll have everything up and going in no time!” he reassured the nervous girl. “We could definitely use the help though, there’s a lot to do and more people could show up any time now”

Together the four of them hurried to get everything set up for the auditions, the frosting in Vincent’s hair easily forgotten in their rush. They would still be mid way through setting up when the next person arrived to the auditions.

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Kat swore under her breath as she struck through another line of lyrics and drummed her fingers against the pick board of her guitar. She threw her notebook onto the bed as far away from her as possible before she flopped back into her stack of cushions with her guitar letting her fingers glide around the strings mindlessly.

She stared up at her ceiling light, wondering why everything she tried to write was so awful, tired and cliché lately.

This place…it wasn’t home. She disliked the incessant cheeriness of the sun. It was mocking her. She wanted to be with Caleb and Autumn and most of all, Archer.

Archer. She spotted his name appear on the screen of her phone from the corner of her eye and reached for it, trying to plaster a smile on her face before she answered the incoming video call. No need to worry him.

‘Freckles, what’s up?’ Archer’s mop of curly brown hair was the first thing she saw, although granted, it usually was. His expression was one of immediate concern.

Great, good thing I’m not an actor I guess, Kat thought.

‘I’m good no worries, Archie. You’re not insisting on eating oatmeal for dinner again are you?’

Archer tried unsuccessfully to hide the bowl of oatmeal next to him on the kitchen counter. It sent a twinge in Kat’s stomach to see the familiar background surroundings; the fridge filled with some of the siblings’ most crude pieces of childhood art, her mom’s lime green whistling kettle and other things.

Kat tried to keep her attention on her brother, which wasn’t hard to do when he spoke again.

‘My eating habits are not the topic of conversation. Dad told me you’ve got a band audition today.’

Kat’s face fell and she let out a deep sigh as she placed her chin in the palm of her hand. ‘Ugh he told you about that? I don’t think I’m gonna go. It’s not a big deal anyways…’

Archer stood up straighter and gave her a reproachful look. ‘Kat you have to go. It’s what you’ve literally always wanted.’

‘Yeah…well maybe not anymore,’
she muttered, ‘I haven’t been able to write anything good since I got here.’

‘Who cares? Just go audition and at the very least you’ll have fun. C’mon, Freckles. For me?’

Kat was silent for a long minute before relenting. If there was one person in the world she didn’t want to disappoint it was Archer.

‘Okay I’ll go, but I’m gonna have to leave now if I want to make it there.’ She paused, hesitating before adding, ‘say hello to mom for me, okay?’

After they exchanged goodbyes, Kat packed up her acoustic Taylor guitar and headed off to campus, much to the delight of her dad.

Recuerdo Community College was not far from their new home, and she did not need to rush. She found that when she arrived she was not the only one there, which was perfectly fine with her.

There were already a fair few people at the quad, but it seemed they hadn’t finished setting up yet. She approached them apprehensively.

‘Uh hi I’m Kat. I’m here for the band auditions. I’m gonna guess I’m in the right place. You need any help setting up?’
She asked the person closest to her, who happened to be a very tall , dark haired guy. She adjusted her guitar case awkwardly before tucking her purple hair behind her ear and running her fingers through it as she often did when nervous.

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River, vigilant as ever, was taking a nap in a pile of cabling between two amps he had set up for some band something something move the stuff. He often worked for the music teachers, moving amps and setting up for concerts and the like, getting paid the meager scraps of a teacher's assistant. He was slumped into a space between two amps, which where currently unplugged, his shaggy dark brown hair hanging limply in his face, arms crossed over his chest. He wore a simple red cutoff tank top for some metal band, black torn and tattered jeans with various patches and dirty black converse sneakers, the intricate design of the tattoo on his left hand clearly visible to the chagrin of many higher ups in the school system.

He had already done everything he needed to, fed his tiny monster, the honourable Darwin Bongwater, he had filled the fridge for his roommate Teddy, and he had settled all the equipment to be used for the auditions. Now, it was naptime. The few people who took note of him in this school knew of his penchant for naps, often conserving his energy for... something, probably. None were quite sure for what, as there had only been a few times he had actually seemed to commit himself to anything, and it was always his own art. River was a kind person, but not the most personable by any means. As more and more people wandered up to ruin his nap, he figured it was nearing time for the auditions to begin. He decided to make the most of his time, laying in the coils of cable for as long as possible before being interrupted.
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the gentle buzzing of his phone caught the painists attention. lifting his head up he stares at the phone blearily before realizing it was a call from his younger brother jeffery. barely even hestitating he swipes to accept hearing the loud sound of his younger brother's voice on the other end. "keefie! you got your audition today don't cha?"

sighing eric sits up in his chair with a yawn. he had spent most of his day yesterday pouring over sheet music for the door's light my fire to the point that his fingers were starting to ache with the amount of time he spent pressing against the ivory keys. running a hand through his hair blue hues eye the screen with a tired grin, "i'm surprised you even remembered,"

jeffery didn't always have the best memory after all, things considered. the man could barely even remember his own birthday so the fact that he remembered a mere audition meant a lot more than he'd realize. the grin on his brother's face was worth the unsolicited interruption. besides if had woken up any later he might've been late to the auditions. looking at the clock sitting atop his desk by the computer he took note of the time. he had a good hour or so before he could show up so there was plenty of time. maybe he could learn a bit more of the sheet music along the way. could be a good idea.

"oh come i ain't that bad am i?" jeffery says the grin still plastered on his face. it was almost comical to think of the contrast between the two brother's all things considered. after all eric hadn't always been the most outgoing of children at least when compared to his boisterous and social brother.

how they were even related it was beyond him. shaking his head eric merely chuckles, " well dad begged to differ i suppose," jeffery seems to frown at that looking almost hurt that his brother thought that of him.

" oh fuck off, what do you know?" he huffs

eric rolls his eyes at his brother's childishness despite being 21 at times jeffery could be quite the toddler, " don't take it personally jeffie. how are things holding up over there?"

" the usual, lo's still up my ass about things. though 'nuff about me, what song are you doing for the auditon?" pressing his face close to the screen eric swore he could almost feel his brother breathing on him.

" well-,"

"jeffie! did you leave the oven on again?"

the sound of their older sisters voice in the distance interrupted their conversation, "oh fucking hell-- talk to you later keefie! good luck with the auditions,"

with that the call abruptly ended and eric was left in the silence of his own dormitory. standing from the chair he rummages through his closet. with any luck perhaps he'd be able to find the right outfit to make a good impression. a few hours later the young man eventually arrives at the outdoor quad of recuerdo community college. there was already a bit of a crowd forming but it didn't appear they were quite ready yet. awkwardly approaching the stage he smiles in an effort to appear more welcoming. "do you need any help with anything? i'm here for the auditions,"

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disco! in the panic room

Where was this horrid light coming from? Addie excessively yanked the covers over his head. A feeble laugh broke the dead silence that had filled this room for weeks. "What are you a vampire Ad's?" The voice belonged to his boyfriends twin sister. Nirvana's eyes scanned the room in disgust; empty beer bottles were strewn about on the floor, dirty clothes hung on every surface of the room, bandages covered in blood discarded on the nightstand, the room smelt of body odor, heat, and weed. Her eyes even happened to fall over a pool of stale vomit.
"Fuck off Nirv-"
Addie's eyes snapped open and he lost his words as Nirvana yanked the covers off of her friend. "Yeah, Yeah, I know Addie. Fuck off, right? Not going to happen bud." She strolled over to his closet, stepping over anything that she could end up killing herself on. It wasn't hard to find a outfit and chuck it at him with the small amount of clean clothes he owned. "We got shit to do today, get ready asshole. You need your guitar and your person." She flicked him off before stepping out.

Addie stared at the door blankly, palming his eyes. He ran his hand through his matted hair. Nirvana was being mean so he figured it would be best not to test her. She usually shows a few weeks of patience during his depressive episodes, but whenever she came in with all seriousness he knew he leave his room before she dragged him out herself. He looked around his room in disappointment, Addie was more then aware of the way he lived. He gathered the clothes Nirvana threw at him and headed to the bathroom.

Vinyl was pacing while Nirvana got everything ready. "Vinnie everything will be fine! I promise!" She tried to reassure her twin. "It's not that Nirvana He sighed. "It's just I haven't seen him out of that room in weeks. Every time he walks out from one of his episodes he tries to act like he's okay and nothing happened. I just want to see him get better.... I want to see him happy again. I-I don't know how to make him happy, or at least I c-c-can't like I used to. He scratched his arm harshly. Nirvana stopped what she was doing in her tracks to pull Vinyl into a big embrace.

Meanwhile Addison managed to sneak his way out of his room without the twins knowledge. He cleared his throat,
"We ready to go?"
He appeared freshened up, ready with his guitar case thrown over his shoulder. The twins jolted away from their embrace. They choose to pay no attention to his fake behavior and nodded. Help us with the bags, will you love? Vinyl crept over to the bags, clearly avoiding Addie. He only hummed in response and picked up some bags. Keys jingled in Nirvana's hand. "Alright get those bags and yourselves out to the car," She ordered.

On the car ride over each twin explained what was going on, leading to a very reluctant and pissed off Addie. He hated interacting with strangers more than anything. When the trio reached the quad, Addie shouted the stuipidest thing that came to mind;

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casey stradlin.

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Rolling out of the mattress the dark haired male lands onto the dormitory floor with a soft thud. Groaning Casey pulls himself off the carpet crawling towards the drawer. Managing to reach it, he haphazardly pulls out a few clothes not even bothering to check if they were clean. With his habits they probably weren't. Sitting up onto his thighs he pulls off his shirt replacing it with the new one as he tried to hunt for a pair of useable jeans. Finding his usual pair of ripped up denims he struggles for a few minutes to put them on. Standing up he eventually realizes he didn't have a belt. Grumbling he grabs a nearby scarf looping it through the belt loop and tying it in a messy knot. Hopefully that would be enough to keep his pants from falling down. Sitting on the edge of the bed he pulls on a pair of scuffed up black sneakers. Looking into the mirror opposite him he doesn't really bother cleaning up to much, he never really put much care into how he looked anyways. Old habits die hard he supposed.

Glancing at the nearby clock he could see he just had a few more minutes until the auditions. In the back of his head he could almost hear the harsh snarl of his step father's voice telling him how he could never amount to much. That he could never be a musician. Brows furrowed Casey shakes his head pushing dark greasy strands out of his face. Fumbling in his pocket he feels for his lighter thumbing his fingers over the metal notch. He shouldn't be smoking, it'd probably wind up killing him one day. May his poor mother be ashamed of him. But he really couldn't help it. Was the only thing that calmed his nerves, well that and skating. Shoving the lighter back in his pocket, he grabs his guitar by the door along with his old skateboard to head out to the audition site.

Skating through a crowd of mindless students he eventually makes it to the outdoor quad where there were people already gathered for their auditions. Setting his board off to the side, he takes a breath itching to light a cig but there were far too many people. So he'd probably have to find time to do it after class. Sighing he unpacks his guitar checking the strings and the tuning, before turning to his side to the person nearest him. "You here for the auditions too?" he mumbles reeking of tobacco smoke and another ungodly scent. Not that he really cared that much anyways.

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Vincent Theodore Beckett

Two sets of eyes turned on the nervous purple haired girl as she spoke. The duo glanced at each other, eliciting a small flustered squeak from the redheaded girl, before looking back to Kat.

Amber eyed the other girl curiously, immediately thinking that she was very pretty. Her colorful hair in particular was very interesting, catching the eyes of both she and Vincent immediately.

The tall boy offered a cheery grin, excited to meet the first person auditioning that he didn’t already know. “Nice to meet ya’, that would be awesome. Think you could help Amber and I get the drums set up on stage?” he asked, giving a drum a slap for emphasis.

Vincent looked over his shoulder as someone else showed up, a guy with long auburn hair. He couldn’t help but think that the guy looked as though he had stepped right out of a Beatles album or something, real old school. “Hey, welcome! Help would be great, could you grab that keyboard and move it onto the-“ his sentence came to an abrupt halt as a concerning shout came from the other direction.

His eyes shot to the trio entering the quad, one of the three obviously reluctant to be there with the other two. He wasn’t the only one to have taken notice of the shout either, as Lucas, Alex, and Amber all stared at the trio as well. Vincent raised a finger to Kat and Amber, eyes not leaving the three newcomers. “just- just a second, let me…” he trailed off, striding across the quad to meet the three that had arrived.

“Hey uh, welcome to… are you three here for the auditions?” Vinnie asked. His eyes met with those of the guy who had shouted, some concern showing. “Is everything… alright here?”

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