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For here I come to kill the rotten heart.
"Haven't you dreamed about that before?", she asked.
'If she would have asked him this the first time they'd met he probably would have said that she's crazy. But now, now everytime he saw her. Her with those beautiful navy eyes.'
She caught him staring. "What is it?", she giggled.
"Nothing, I just. You know, actually I started dreaming."
"Really? I'm happy."
Dreaming every time he looked into her eyes, not only then but everytime he just noticed her presence. But this is something he will take with him to his grave.
"So what are you dreaming about?" she asked sheepishly.
"The blue sky, the fresh grass the wint. All the things you told me about. I wish to see them too, experience them."
"Len it's called wind, not wint."
Now he's the one feeling caught, blushing slightly, hoping she wouldn't notice.
Nice job thus far in what I assume to be rather limited time! It takes me probably twenty minutes to put words to parchment, so well done!
another writing challenge, because why not
"Do as I say.", an ugly smile formed in his face. "Do as I say and all your deepest desires will come true. Trust your whole being to me and I'll get you the world.", whispering these lines temptingly into his ears.
The muscles in the young mans body started to relax.

Yes and another victim was captured in his fangs.
Oh, how much he enjoyed the feeling of triumph when they surrender to him after struggling so hard.

"Feel the relaxation. Feel how the blood in your veins starts to slow down. Isn't it a freeing feeling?" A small chuckle escape him. A slight tensing up in the body of his victim but it was already too late. "Oh, don't worry my dear, I'll take good use of you."
second one of the day wooh let's gooo
"I followed you until my own decaying to fullfil your dreams. Because I believed in your vision of a peaceful world. Why would you ruin it all so close to this goal?"

With quivering eyes he lay before the abyss his best friend towering over him. An expression on his friends face he never believed to see from him.

The same face he saw on all the man they slaughtered to reach their goal.

Why, why would this happen to them. Why to them?

"We where friends since our childhood, I've given up my own dreams to fullfil your vision. I believed in it, I still do. Why wouldn't you??"

His friend kneeled down, while doing so his foot which pinned his wrist to the damp earth applied more pressure.

" You know...I thought just getting rid of the bad people would bring peace..but I realized soon that this doesn't solve the problem. So I decided to cleanse the world from all evil and stay atop to make sure it'll stay so."
and once again I'm back here
"Let the world burn for me, will you?? "

Sweating Ilya woke up. Still having the vivid pictures of his dreams burned in his mind.

He stood up, needed to do something, anything. Just forgetting those pictures, these memories.

It has been two months since Freya passed and while everyone around him starts to get back to normal life, Ilya is stuck in his abyss. Stuck in those memories, these lifetimes he spend with her together.

He didn't visit the grave that others build for her. He didn't want to see it, see what they did to her. Telling himself no grave on earth could give her life, her being justice.

He knew that wasn't what she wanted, but how, just how should he keep going on without her.

Freya always was the one with the brain and guts. He just followed her and made sure her path was free of obstacles that could be eliminated with force.

He wasn't worth anything more then that.
He just knew it.

They will fail now that Freya isn't here anymore.

I'm back
"How about a drink? You seem to need one.", Allan walked behind the bar and started mixing liquor skillfully.
So I plopped onto one of the chairs at the counter and watched his dance as a bartender blankly.

After a while he placed a beautifully decorated drink before me, which I downed in one go.

My body just needed the alcohol. In contrast to that my mind pitied itself for not savouring such a drink properly.

Allan gave me a swift worried look. Or did he not? Within a second he gave me a little chuckle. Following that he slicked his hair back and gave me the most dashing smile I've ever seen.

I babble: "God, you look devilish when you do that.", and pass out in an instant.

The last thing I noticed was a faint scent of rain before falling into a deep slumber.
10:09 (⁠^⁠^⁠)
"If eternity would last like this, would you want it?", he gave a weak smile. A smile that seemed so tired. So full of tiredness.
What happend to him to give a smile like this? What has he been missing to see his friend in such a state now?

"Such an easy question, still so difficult to answer."

A long time of silence followed.
He rested his head on the wall, closing his eyes. Maybe he wanted to ease his tiredness. After a while he picked up the crumbs of a conversation again.
"You know if I would have to live until this worlds end, I always thought I'd like to have you by my side."
Looking him straight into his eyes he kept talking: "Those eyes, hahaha...I think they where the only thing that kept me dreaming. But at some point I wondered what's worth the dreaming, imagining when I knew they weren't looking at me."

He wanted to speak, to comfort his so tired, so lost friend. He wanted to give him a thight embrace.

But he couldn't.
His own thoughts consumed him, choked him.

"I'm sorry Zeno, but here ends eternity."

A smile, the final bright grin he saw. Nothing to be seen of this so suffcating tiredness, not a single trace.

And then, just, just gone. In one single moment. Like this so beautifully tortured soul never existed.

He stood there for barley a minute.
Then he went home, like nothing happened.

Though in this short moment eternity changed drastically, and he hated it.
another try
"Well, well, well, look how cute you look like this.", he gave him a swift kiss on the cheek.

It was disgusting. Why exactly this guy. Why him of all people. He'd rather die than going through what this maniac was about to do with him.

He didn't know what he had planned with him but being tied up on his knees in an absolutely sterile room wasn't the best kickoff for any situation.

He tried to sound as intimidating as possible in his position and cuffed:
"What do you want from me, freak?"

"Ahahahaha, oh my you are even more lovely then I thought. How delighting!", he paused,"but to answer your question...I'm not sure yet, but you have fire so I'm certain to not waste your potential. Darling."

* planning on writing further some other time*
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Who would have thought that this ever be his life.

But he knew, he just knew that he was meant for something better, something greater than the rest.

He shot a smile in the direction of Tyler, his now Butler.
"Tyler, dear would you be so nice and bring me the Brandy?"
Professionally the answer came: "Of course sir. May I bring a glass as well?'
"No need, Tyler."
So Tyler went across the room and brought the bottle from the shelf. And placed it on the little table besides the big wing chair his master sat in. After this he moved to his original place beside the high doors. To always be ready for any wish the sir might have.
"Ah Tyler, would you be so kind and bring me a glass as well."
Now in a slightly more harsh way he answered with a still calm voice.
"As the sir wishes.", and went to get the glass as well. Just to place it again on the small table.

He loved it! That feeling of superiority! That's why the people who tasted it once don't want it to end.
first time after holidays
"Urgh please end me....!", was the only thought he had roaming in his mind while staying highwaisted in one of the sewers. He thought back on how he got in this situation. And cried internally out of frustration. 'Ten minutes, you kidding me?? Ten fricking minutes. He was out for ten minutes and ended up with this crap!'
~ day before yesterday

He remembered how hesitantly he went outside. If he just gave in to his actual plan. The canned food would have lasted him surely for still another week. And drinking water for once and not his favourite energy drink wouldn't have killed him. And sunlight, he left his curtains open for the last day. But no, he just had to go outside for that fricking parcel, which the mailman was too stupid to lay onto his doorsteps just as always. He didn't even plan to play this game for surely three more weeks. Was he such an addict? No what he did was still in a healthy way. After all he was right to stay at home for most times. Proof of this was clearly this situation right now. If he'd ever have the chance to, he promised himself to never leave his flat again. No one would be able to get him out of his comfortable, save shell.

But right now, right now he was in a sewer tagging along behind a damn psycho he didn't even know.

~ yesterday
post x0xx001
People fear the battlefields.
They know that the glorious stories once told are hollow lies, broken promises of lunatic people.

People fear the battle.

They don't tell you how difficult it is killing someone full of adrenaline fighting for life just as yourself. It's immense hard work pinning someone down to have enough time grasping for a knife desperately in the mud. Or trying to slash someone vitally while trying to hinder them getting you in the same way. Soo difficult. They tell you it gets easier with firearms, with guns and pistols. But they don't tell you about the recoil of those weapons how, heavy it gets on you over time if you hold them wrong.

No one wants to fight these fights. Still they happen.

Here as well. Two months already. All the horrors imaginable and more are seen, heard on a daily basis in the camps. It's weighting gravely on everyone.

Everyone except one. There can be found on single imposter under the thousands of people fighting in occasional battles. Sometimes it's just fights over range throwing granades, snipers getting one by one the scouts from the enemies, of either mechanical or human nature. Sometimes engaging in direct combat with hordes of man and few women running into a wall of bullets. Throwing themselves knowingly into their death. Each one of them fighting their internal horrors.

Except for one.

In the beginning, probably two weeks into the armed conflict the first mental breakdowns and terrors were overcome and a general lowering of moral was seen among the fighters. But over time this moral scared people as well.

He was alone again. Alone with his euphoric thoughts amongst all beings fighting at the fronts in this war.
writing for today
"Turn me on.", he muttered with an absent look.

I nearly spite out my drink as I overheard those words from my seatmate. Confused I glanced into his direction. 'Did he mean this? Was he talking to me, just now? TF, what kind of freak would say this during a physics lecture?!' I'll just pretend I haven't heard anything. He probably didn't even mean me with this. Probably he's just daydreaming, undeniably weird stuff tho.

It was my first period of the day, physics. Like any Wednesday morning. But damn today started really, differently. It was already weird enough that my partner for this course actually appeared once.

For a third of the semester he now has been skipping classes. And let's be honest, it's not the greatest feeling never being able exchanging any info with your assignment partner, neither having a phone number of them.

But that he's sitting down directly besides you without asking for permission or anything is even weirder. He didn't even feel the need for a greeting. Just sat down, put down a notebook and a black ballpen. And then only staring into some distance without any intention following the lecture.

You caught him once or twice glancing at you with a bare minimum of interest while the professor in front has been talking about the current topic.

The Prof came to an end, and the students started packing up their things. So did I of course, while the guy beside me just lay down his head onto the table seemingly trying to sleep. And without looking at him again I left the lecture hall.
morning practice
His deep voice echoed throughout the hall. You could get the feeling he wasn't even using a microphone, so pure was the sound. But of course in such a huge place singing without any electronics would be impossible. The whole audience was strucken in their place, not a single sound was heard except their hypnotic vocals. Only when they started to sing the second refrain with all their hearts, the audience woke out of their trance and screamed their souls out with their idols on stage. It was an intense experience, one they wouldn't forget for life. As the song reached its peak their voices seemed to resembled a howl that ignited the whole crowd to get even louder. Like wolf's howling at their moons.

After the event ended people slowly started to move to the exits wanting to get home into their warm beds and reliving this evening in their dreams one more time.

When all people where long gone, four beings wiggled up onto the stage. To someone not knowing what's been going on, this scene might have looked like some teenages were just about to start a crime. But it was quite the opposite. Those four figures now standing on stage where to be exact the four who held this concert just hours ago.

However now without fancy outfits, or accessories. Neither were mics seen or any other tech materials you'd expect when giving a concert.

Just four boys in comfortable clothes, standing on a stage looking at each other, and they started to sing. Singing songs no one ever heard before, singing with all their might, still no one could hear them just they themselves could. Shooting out harmonics, as well as counter voices and echos while another one sany some strong melodies.

Until early in the morning this kept going and as the new day started nothing of what this night happened would be seen or remembered about this place.
written to be forgotten XD
"Wanna bet?", she laughed mockingly. Toichi adjusted his glasses, "How many times do I have to tell you that I have no interest in gambling with you? Do you are really that slow on the uptake." With a sigh he stood up to his full height from kneeling and now looked straight into the eyes of the cocky girl standing circa five meters from him.
The girl now filled with new vigor, put her hair into a ponytail and stretched out her hand. "Still the same answer, how sad, you really are absolutely no fun. Do you think that looks attractive in front of them? Well sorry to disappoint you but that's a absolute turndown. ",she winked and just wanted to start her speech like ramble again. But the guy dashed forward without warning: "You talk too much." And with that a heated battle began.
and here we go again
It's been a week since the change. People still haven't gotten used to it, only the most adaptable ones started to feel comfortable again.

Dante, always had the open nature of a blossom during prime. So this new world he was forced to live in, didn't seem quite as bad to him as it did to others.

While others still tried desperately to reach their loved ones, Dante went shopping at the small store at the corner like nothing ever happened. He read the news every morning online, because the normal news paper stopped to come after this.

~08.02.23 morning
damn when did I write this; donno
"Ever thought of just disappearing?", asked Mefisto, without turning back to you. While you two keep wading through the swamps that surround you.

In contrast to the odd name the guy in front of you is giving of huge dad vibes not all, ill willed intentions.

Mefisto has been with you for over seven years now. Back then you just turned 17 and had no idea what to do with your life. Not that there where any good options. Mainly three big paths where left for you. First just staying at your hometown trying to keep everything at bay and just focusing and solving everything on your own with the other inhabitants of the town. Or one of the other two more proactive paths. Which would be one studying hard core for the rest of your life becoming a renowned scientist, or last option joining the army.

You never wished to join armed forces and your reason was way more selfish then the reasons for the others who joined with you.
here I go again, on a missed bus at the first day of the semester ✧⁠◝⁠(⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠)⁠◜⁠✧
"If rats could fly would they really become pigeons (called the rats of the sky, at least where I'm from)? And if so, why would some of them exceed over the others like carrier pigeons did in the earlier ages?

Not rats nor pigeons are the real pest of the world but humans who forced a declaration, a race upon them. They even judged themselves. But in truth they are only lying to themselves."

Raelh jumped down the pillar he's been sitting on, landing like a feather on the grounds of the hall. Not making a single sound after he finished his little monologue.
Vraak gave a little chuckle as a response, leaning on one of the same pillars his companion just jumped from. "You give them way too much credit and thought, Ray. They are extinct for over 1500 years now. I guess you are even the only one reading about them."

It's part of the curriculum Raelh hissed, he hated it when Vraak called him Ray. His name is already short, why shorten it even more. But he was right, he's the only one getting mad about this part of history. No one else reads about these times, even though they are part of the curriculum it seems that even the teachers are gald about how this situation is handle. Or rather, not handled. What's left of the human kind is a tiny word purposely forgotten in a curriculum.

With a waving gesture Raelh forgot about these thoughts and strolled to a door and Vraak catching up to him without another word but a wholehearted laugh.

Later that same night Vraak turned and twisted in his bed. "Fuck Ray, can you please put the lights out and sleep. And if not sleep, maybe start learning how to read without lights. We have a physical examination tomorrow and you know what sleep deprivation does to my natural rhythm." Raelh who gave Vraak in his bed a look of deep disappointment, closed his book theatrically and switched of the lights. With three swift moves he's in the upper bed of their bunk bed and mumbles a short, "Night.", to Vraak who seems pretty out of place in the lower of the beds. His face showing the opposite tho with a content smile on his face, eyes closed, finally ready to embrace a long deep sleep.
26.04.23 physics I'm coming lol
"Touch is a quite interesting ability. The ability to touch something can be very pleasant, but to a devastating amount very painful as well.

You can touch someone on a mentally sphere as well. Something that can shake the core of a being sometimes so deeply that it changes completely.

Touch is an ability we still haven't quite grasped completely until now.
And I want you all to think about touch until the next lecture.

And with this ladies and gentlemen today's lesson will end."

That was Tareks qué to wake up from his halfly pretended light sleep. Slowly rising from his seat with a bag he didn't open for the whole lecture. Now stomping straight up to the professor who is busy answering the last questions of his students. Tarek waited patiently for his turn and then asked his question. "If the human has been granted such a life-changing ability and uses it. How should someone cope with the consequences this might have for their own being in your opinion, sir?" The prof packed up his things, taking his time really pondering over the question.
Tarek let him do his things.
Both of them left the hall in silence on the hallways the professor begann his answer with a sigh. "For me personally, the answer would be accepting the impotence the human being plays in all this. Embracing this heavy burden; not being scared of it but always remembering that the things we might say or do can be way more grave than we think they might be.", he came to a short halt. "A very vague answer. However I'm assuming that I wouldn't have the answer you might have been looking for anyway."
And with a weak smile the professor opened the door to one of the offices and disappeard with a slight wave.
sometime last week, can't remember lol New
Lorenzo looked up from his phone. A little to the right, the outside world slowly passing by him. Somehow driving with a bus had something calming. It was like watching a movie. Way calmer than any movies played in the movie theaters, but that's one of the things to appreciate about them. On such sunny days Lorenzo felt even stronger about this. With a faint smile he kept watching the scenery. For a little time the popping up notifications on his phone became irrelevant. Giving him the feeling of being able to breathe properly. The other passengers lived in their own little orbits just like he did too.

His own world could never devour this mass of individual little worlds and this thought gave him comfort. It gave him the courage to roam this world, living it without fear.

He glanced onto the screen of his phone.
09.05. Getting home! ✧⁠◝⁠(⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠)⁠◜⁠✧ New
A field of Lillie's was all he wanted for her. Actually it wasn't, he wanted a sea of Lillie's for her. Lillie's that would never wilt.
All those flowers for her, to see her smile. Her beautiful smile. Never had he seen something more beautiful. But he didn't have to see anything more beautiful because that's all he would care for anyway.
Her smile. That smile which was a little wider on the right side of her face. It made it just more perfect in his opinion.

It was a cold December morning, but just like every other Friday he stood up and disappeared for the regular two hours. Synthia stopped asking at one point to where he always disappeared. She learned that if Yivan didn't want to tell her something he wouldn't.
It bothered her horribly, but after countless failed attempts to get him to spill the beans she just gave up.
So after she stood up to go to the bathroom, noticing Yivan was gone again she just went to bed once more and disappeared herself, in a mountain of cussions and blankets.

Two hours later boredom let her finally stand up and a huge brunch was set up on the dinning table by her. Soon after she buttered up her first toast the front door got opened and Yivan was back.
Something from last week...I think?? I just want to start a new one. lol New
Where I come from there exists the custom, that if you shake a chimney sweepers hand you'll be lucky. It's a custom I've never really gave much thought, but recently I have been seeing one in the area I live in. To my surprise the guy really doesn't look like his profession, alway walking around in pure white clothes. And the thing that won't leave my mind is, that even though he does his work diligently. Which all my neighbours told me with a smile on their face. His clothes are always a  pure white. Anyone I know who's wearing white in their 9 to 5 jobs gets at least one stain on their clothes per day. And this guy wears pure white while sweeping chimneys and has not a single particle of ash on his clothes?!

Last week I saw him again. It's really peculiar, honestly. And every since then I seem to see him everywhere. Even though I've only seen this guy three or four times from quite a distance!! Like really everywhere, on my way to university, when I go grocery shopping, while I walk the dog of one of my neighbours for a little quick extra money, while doing something good for myself.
I'm starting to wonder if I have a stalker or if I'm just going crazy. Later option wouldn't even wonder me.

Anyway, to prove my theory of me gradually going insane, I decided to try and shake this guy's hand the next time I see him. And then we'll see if he's actually there and if so hopefullz my hallucinating will stop with that.

Five days. It's been five days since I last saw him. Maybe they have been really just a streak of very weird coincidences and I won't have to worry about a very awkward talk in my doc's office, I thought...
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