Story writing challenge (time limit until bus arrives)


For here I come to kill the rotten heart.
"Haven't you dreamed about that before?", she asked.
'If she would have asked him this the first time they'd met he probably would have said that she's crazy. But now, now everytime he saw her. Her with those beautiful navy eyes.'
She caught him staring. "What is it?", she giggled.
"Nothing, I just. You know, actually I started dreaming."
"Really? I'm happy."
Dreaming every time he looked into her eyes, not only then but everytime he just noticed her presence. But this is something he will take with him to his grave.
"So what are you dreaming about?" she asked sheepishly.
"The blue sky, the fresh grass the wint. All the things you told me about. I wish to see them too, experience them."
"Len it's called wind, not wint."
Now he's the one feeling caught, blushing slightly, hoping she wouldn't notice.


The Destined Undestined
Nice job thus far in what I assume to be rather limited time! It takes me probably twenty minutes to put words to parchment, so well done!
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For here I come to kill the rotten heart.
"Do as I say.", an ugly smile formed in his face. "Do as I say and all your deepest desires will come true. Trust your whole being to me and I'll get you the world.", whispering these lines temptingly into his ears.
The muscles in the young mans body started to relax.

Yes and another victim was captured in his fangs.
Oh, how much he enjoyed the feeling of triumph when they surrender to him after struggling so hard.

"Feel the relaxation. Feel how the blood in your veins starts to slow down. Isn't it a freeing feeling?" A small chuckle escape him. A slight tensing up in the body of his victim but it was already too late. "Oh, don't worry my dear, I'll take good use of you."
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For here I come to kill the rotten heart.
"I followed you until my own decaying to fullfil your dreams. Because I believed in your vision of a peaceful world. Why would you ruin it all so close to this goal?"

With quivering eyes he lay before the abyss his best friend towering over him. An expression on his friends face he never believed to see from him.

The same face he saw on all the man they slaughtered to reach their goal.

Why, why would this happen to them. Why to them?

"We where friends since our childhood, I've given up my own dreams to fullfil your vision. I believed in it, I still do. Why wouldn't you??"

His friend kneeled down, while doing so his foot which pinned his wrist to the damp earth applied more pressure.

" You know...I thought just getting rid of the bad people would bring peace..but I realized soon that this doesn't solve the problem. So I decided to cleanse the world from all evil and stay atop to make sure it'll stay so."
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For here I come to kill the rotten heart.
"Let the world burn for me, will you?? "

Sweating Ilya woke up. Still having the vivid pictures of his dreams burned in his mind.

He stood up, needed to do something, anything. Just forgetting those pictures, these memories.

It has been two months since Freya passed and while everyone around him starts to get back to normal life, Ilya is stuck in his abyss. Stuck in those memories, these lifetimes he spend with her together.

He didn't visit the grave that others build for her. He didn't want to see it, see what they did to her. Telling himself no grave on earth could give her life, her being justice.

He knew that wasn't what she wanted, but how, just how should he keep going on without her.

Freya always was the one with the brain and guts. He just followed her and made sure her path was free of obstacles that could be eliminated with force.

He wasn't worth anything more then that.
He just knew it.

They will fail now that Freya isn't here anymore.


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