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Fantasy Wretched Gears of Time


Can I have your magic weapon ppppplzzzz
Wretched Gears of Time

Mythos and Character Sheets
IC Thread (unless more want to join)

Ruros, year one in the new Age of Enlightenment
Bayfrost.jpgWar rages between wielders of magic and the men of science. The city state of Bayfrost is the center of of scientific innovation. Their elite intellectuals, the Council of Mavens, saw magicians as arcane charlatans who used their magic tricks to con the people of Ruros. Where as magicians, known as The Children of the Stewards, saw Bayfrost as a threat to nature. Their machines poisoned the water air and earth to which all life was connected. For decades they struggle to make the Council see reason.
To herald the new age, the intellectuals of Bayfrost found a means of creating enough clean energy to power the nation. As a means of dispelling the people's environmental concerns, but not the Children. There was something wrong with this new energy that made the core of the world shift. Greater still the celestial signs of the Stewards, that marked their present path in Ruros, vanished from the skies. Some in their number began to openly accuse the Council of killing their gods.
Tired of the ignorance that had held back cultural evolution. The Council sought to bring all of Ruros into an age of true enlightenment. To do this the Children needed to be silenced. Their kind taken in darkness and with each disappearance the energy that fueled Bayfrost grew.
The city expanded and its citizens prospered, and enjoyed the comforts of technology centuries ahead of its time. Food no longer needed to be farmed. Air ships traveled faster than wagons. There were even talks of soon being able to traverse beyond the moons. Such wonders and security waiting to be embraced made it easy for the people of Ruros to turn their backs on the old ways.
Magicians were hunted and killed along with anyone that preached religion of any kind. The bodies secretly fed to the core under the great city. The Children of the Stewards were reduced to a tenth of their numbers. What few people still held to the old faith, fallowed them into the harsh wastelands.

843 A.E. Outer space planets earth destruction artwork impact hurricane wallpaper.jpg
Bayfrost, a city that reached beyond the clouds, is suddenly engulfed and vanishes is a flash of blinding light. Its people, its technology, and its secrets vanishing with them. The resulting quake causes weather patterns and the constellations shift. What people remain struggle to live without their precious electricity. Unable to effectively communicate and trade the people gradually go their separate ways.


940 A.E.
Nearly a century since the great cataclysm, all that remains of Bayfrost is a giant crater. Fragments of its technology are scattered all over Ruros, but the means of powering them is lost. Children of Stewards are blamed for the destruction of Bayfrost. They are despised and hated still risk death if they are exposed, but at least there is no empire hunting them. Others are stubborn and try to decipher the old tech, content to forget the Stewards and their horde of children.
Suspended over the Bayfrost crater a new city state struggles to rise above the old, Rol-dul. Excavation of the ruined Capitol revealed what may have been the sorce of energy. Crystals when unearthed gave off a faint light. The crystals were used in the construction of Rol-dul's tallest tower. It's completion seven years ago was marked by a flurry of red lightning storms. Since then time bends here and there. Strange people and things have appeared and disappeared. The earth cracks and storms bring black rain. Ruros teeters on the edge of destruction, neither science or magic has the answers. there is yet some hope. The night sky speaks of the Stewards' return to this life after nearly eight centuries of absence.

The Children of the Stewards send out their strongest mages to find the ones born with clockwork eyes.
The scientists help dying civilization adapt to change with steam and gears.
Both must work together before the Void has its meal.

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Looking for literate and interested parties. I am flexible in most cases. If you wish to add something or create something feel free but I may ask for alterations just to prevent god-modding and to keep with the general plot of the story. I tried this a while back so much of it has already been written up and can be finished for quick posting
Also any questions can be put here for the time being. I want to get at least two more interested parties before I pull the trigger. But you can always send a private message too.
All Magicians are direct descendants of the stewards, but some non-magicians are as well. The gene to be a magician can sometimes skip a generation or several, much like red hair in our world.
Yes fee free to get started on CS and I'll start pulling stuff together
Crystals are like batteries n this universe. Only they cannot be synthetically made and so extremely hard to find. (Like trying to find working batteries decades after the zombie apocalypse.) Because of this hydro and wind mills are an effective substitute for communities with out influence or money
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I just wanted to see if everyone who expressed interest is still up for it and if anyone needs help with CS
I'm still interested, just working through the cs, going the medical and mechanical route

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