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Fantasy Wrath of the Northern Kingdoms

Sub Genres


Lucky Laki Malakis
What do you expect from RP's? : Some level of writing competency and well-thought-out and creative brief with encouragement of participants to be creative as well with their characters and story.
Is the answer to the above question your expectation of this RP? Please Explain : It certainly seems so, developed lore and plenty of space for characters.
What kind of Experience do you have in Roleplaying? : Around a dozen years of rping in various genres whether in group or 1 x 1, a good knowledge of history which is always a good draw for inspiration in my experience, fair knowledge for fantasy and scifi fandoms
What genres of Roleplay do you like? : I dabble in pretty much all genres
What times are you available? : Mostly late afternoons and evening (GMT)
How long on average are you on? : a couple of hours of writing but keep track of RPs almost constantly
How many posts a week do you think you can make? : Attempt to do at least once daily if factors permit.
Are you willing to contribute in World building? Please Explain : Sure, i find its one of the most fun parts of doing such things.
Would you be willing to play a role already setup? : Yes
Would you be willing to play an Antagonist? : Yes
Would you be willing to GM certain events? : Sure
Would you like to participate in character points system? : Sure
Would you to battle with the RP battle system or no? Sure

General Traits

Character Picture:

Character Role: Offensive Caster
Character Name: Phera Imrae Pentacost
Meaning of Name: Roughly "Crown Jewel of the Five Eagles"
Alias: Lone Eagle (TBD open to suggestion)
Race: Elven blooded Human
Age: 23

Height: 6ft 1in
Body Marks:
see pictures.


Birth Place: Locations provided soon.
Date of Birth: Current year is 997 CYAD, you must count back from it LINK
2 Positive Traits:
2 Negative Traits:
Life Skills:

Material Possessions

Clothing and Attire:

Personal Items:

Combat Section (Optional for those who wish to combat using the game system.)

Character Class:

Mages always guard your back. Although not on the frontlines Mages support their allies with great prowess in support and showering the enemy with grand Artes from long distances. Count on them to use specialized artes and healing to turn the tide of any battle.
Elemental Affinity: Fire / Ice / Lightning / Wood
Types of Artes: ATK / SPT / HEAL / FLD
Base Stats: HP: 4 / SE: 25 / CCA: 3 /

Special Ability: An ability that can be used outside of combat and is another facet of defining your character.

Personal Artes: For a detailed explanation on Artes please go to this
Arte level : Level of your arte
Name of Arte: The name so that you can mark in down in the IC when used. Can also be what you yell in battle.
Type: Choose one of the types that are made available by your Class
Description: Please describe what it may be like in IC, as well as what happens OoC
Elemental: Choose from the ten elements
Price: The amount of Token points needed to unlock this arte and use it in battle.
Cost: The amount of SE ( spirit energy ) that is required in IC to use in battle.
CCA: The amount of CCA ( Combat Character Actions ) that is required in IC to use in Battle
* Please do not change any of the numerical values on the sheet as they are fixed for all players.

Arte level 1
Name of Arte:
Price: 5 Token points
Cost: 6 SE
CCA: 3

Arte level 2
Name of Arte:
Price: 10 Token points
Cost: 12 SE
CCA: 6

Arte level 3
Name of Arte:
Price: 15 Token points
Cost: 18 SE
CCA: 9

Arte level 4
Name of Arte:
Price: 20 Token points
Cost: 24 SE
CCA: 12

Arte level 5
Name of Arte:
Price: 25 Token points
Cost: 30 SE
CCA: 15

Would it be possible to play the last line of family that once ruled one of the northern kingdoms but were dethroned in a War of the Roses type scenario? The family once great and heroic losing fame and members by constant war to regain their throne (which may or may not be part of the 500 year war?

Shin Positron Laser

Guardian of the Old Ways

Hey everyone OOC is up for your use. The first post has a bunch of links regarding lore information you may want to check out to fill in some blanks with your characters.
Also any character discussion/approval can be done over there.


Since you all have posted CS already I'll address them in the OoC now.

Shin Positron Laser

Guardian of the Old Ways
@Fred Colon

This is a message for everyone that showed interest in the last few days.
Thank you so much for your support and interest! Currently we have exceeded my expectations but there is still room to grow.
If you are still interested in joining whether its now or at a later date, please feel free to let me know in this thread or by PM.

Just to let everyone know, the OOC thread is up.
The IC thread is up today and ready for people with approved CSes.
Currently there are 6 Approved CSes and 2 pending from what I can tell.
Several of the Lore threads have been linked to the Main OoC page. This includes everything from Races, to places to powers.

This Interest check will remain open to new recruits.


Rodent Ruler
Things have gotten busier than expected for me with school work as of the last couple of days so if I join in it will likely be at a later date, but thank you for checking in on my interest.

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