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Other Wow no one even welcomed me when I made an introduction..

And that's very rude. Therefore I really do not feel comfortable here. I guess no one likes me. This is just not right. What do you guys think? That you're better than me? I feel highly offended.


Rain-Barrel Ivy
Huh? Not everyone goes into the introduction part of the forum, I don't visit it, for example. Honestly, why should I? I don't really see why you are offended over..., well, that. And not feeling welcome just because no one greeted me? I dunno man. I've joined several active forums, introduced myself and never got a reply. I didn't mind. Didn't join the forum to be overwhelmed by Welcomes. I joined the forum to talk, or to roleplay.


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If you join a forum (let alone browse the internet,) with the mindset of "everyone will pay attention and greet me," you won't find much success, I'm afraid.


Just because they haven't greeted you on the forum yet, doesn't equal people not liking you. Like some have pointed out, they don't visit the welcome forums - many just skip into the whole finding other roleplayer section of the forum. From my own personal experience, I've had someone say to me that if that's all you have to worry about in the world - then you're pretty lucky.


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Gratification is not something you should seek nor expect to come immediately, nor does the absence of it mean that others find disdain for you. Please, do take this to heart and mature a little. The people on this site are not here to grant your every desire. You will not always have your desire granted.


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I'm not sure if this is a joke or not. I think it's a joke, guys.
Even if it were, Poe's Law is something that's taking effect in the world. I've been finding it increasingly difficult to discern jokes from serious statements... Which is honestly frightening. Unless it was made obvious, of course.


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I'm not sure if this is a joke or not. I think it's a joke, guys.
I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. The thing is, there really are some people who get upset when they aren't put at the center of attention, so they'll act out dramatically just for all eyes to be on them.
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I know of a few people like that, yeah. But then again, this could also just be making fun of people like that, it's difficult to tell. It's hard to show that you're joking by being over-the-top when people are starting to actually act like that in a completely serious manner.
issa fat joke

I mean, I went and found the introduction, and it had no comments on it so.. I have no reason to believe it's fake
Even if the intro has no replies, it doesn't mean they were serious. People make jokes out of things that have actually happened to them; it's not uncommon.
I mean...I barely got a reply on my introduction either, but that's just kinda how some forums operate. As some said, not many go into that part of the forum, and it doesn't mean you're not welcome.

I think it's good to brush it off, and not take it so serious. How about start participating in other topics and roleplaying?

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The most terrifying part is that I'm not sure if this is a joke or not.

But as we await the truth, remember me as part of this thread. It's like Reddit all over again.

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