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Fantasy Wounds Of One's Tainted Faith - Always Open


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I'm a 25 female looking for a roleplay involving an OC of mine!
I am a literate roleplayer and anything that isn't a one liner or novella is welcome for length! I also want it specifically literate styled, meaning no *'s to separate actions. Also please be over 20.
The setting would be a world essentially the same as ours, but with the presence of supernatural creatures such as angels and demons, and more if that's something we want. Though angels and demons would be a common theme.
* I'll note here that I'm not a religious type and all of the Christian lore I'm using is for the sake of what I want for my character and such, so I'm not looking for critique or criticism there. That being said, I'm flexible so depending on what your character is you can add lore to the world that works for you!

So, before I go any further here is the bio for my OC I'm interested in using
Note that minor things can be changed, and he can be played at any point in his history not only after all the described events!
(also if the font is too small, just ask and I'll send it in a larger font)
Name: Ezra
Age: Appears about 19-21 y/o True age is 240 y/o
Race: Angel / Fallen Angel
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Powers: Quick healing, immortality(to an extent - he wont die of age, illness, or natural causes but he can be killed, flight, invisibility(only when on duty as a guardian angel).

Personality: Ezra while a free angel before his capture was like most angels, a very cheerful and friendly being who cared most about keeping any evil at bay and protecting the humans on Earth despite having no true connection with them. And as he was one assigned to work on Earth directly, he had an admiration for the work of humans to advance their society and despite the evils that existed in some of them, he always saw humans as a whole to be good natured. Ezra would typically keep his distance from humans but when he could, would speak to them even when not necessary. No one could ever consider him to be shy, though he didn't speak to everyone he got along with pretty much everyone he spoke to.Of course, he hides his inhuman features when speaking to humans.

After his capture, naturally he wasn't as happy or optimistic, but he kept his hopes up that he would be rescued or would have a chance to escape. However, those feelings and hopes gradually faded. He became closed in, timid, frightened and after a while quite bitter. Though he wanted to keep his hopes that humans were good, having the humans all watch with rare sympathy or pity but never doing anything caused him to begin hating them. While earlier he would likely not mind taunts, mocking or jabs of any kind, he has no patience for such things an is quick to snap.

Appearance: Ezra stands at a height of 5'6" with originally flawless, pale skin that after his capture often has visible cuts, including a permanent scar on his left cheek. His eyes are a shining golden shade, and his hair a medium length that falls lightly over his shoulders is blond, though after his capture is often messy or dirty in appearance. He used to be clad in clean, white robes however now has been since changed into normal human attire, consisting of a simple white shirt and white shorts. Though he used to have golden accessories; an ear piercing, necklace, and bracelets, those are long gone.

History: Ezra was a typical angel, not one that was high ranked or particularly stand out, but just the average. However he was proud of what he was and was happy to help the kind humans he would always see, with rare exceptions. So when he was chosen to be one of many who were stationed on Earth to generally attempt to keep the peace and occasionally have particular missions, he was happy to do it. And for years, he happily continued his work with little to no issues. As something quite out of the ordinary, there were always those on Earth, be them demons or humans who would aim to hunt beings like him to simply kill, capture, or any other number of reasons but he never ran into them too much. Any humans who meant harm were usually easy to avoid, and though demons were quite difficult...He supposed he was just lucky.

However, the luck ran out at one point. After about 100 years of being on Earth, Ezra was assigned to protect a child for a period of time. The child was from an unfortunate home and was abused. He would be invisible to most, following the child and helping as he could until he was no longer needed. However it was around that time when he came across a demon - leaving the child's side, they fought and though he managed to get the demon to flee, but by that point he was already too injured to move too far. He stumbled into the forest to find a place to rest where there was cover and he wouldn't easily be seen. Unfortunately, by the time he awoke and was healed, he found himself in a cage, wrists and ankles shackled to the bottom to allow movement within the cage but was unable to reach far outside of it. From that day on he was essentially a lowkey circus attraction, however one for the more wealthy as being too accessible would be risky.

After a few years of that life, hoping and praying he would be rescued from his hell, being nearly starved, and constantly in a cage, he lost faith that anyone would rescue him. He lost faith that God himself was almighty. Ezra had always served as he should, he did all he could and all he was told, yet not even a single angel could be sent to rescue him? The loss of faith and bitterness towards humans and other angels caused him to lose his status, and the natural process began, his perfect, snow white wings gradually changed color from gray, to darker gray, and finally to a jet black, his halo cracking and eventually falling to the ground of his cage in pieces, pieces which were eventually swept away during a cleaning. With that, his ability to ever return to Heaven was naturally revoked.

Alright! So you should have a good idea of him now. Like I said, an RP can take place at any point, just note how his personality will be at each of those points. EX: First landing on Earth being kind and a bit ignorant vs after everything where he is colder and more cautious.
The tone of my roleplays with him can range from soft to being quite dark, just depending on what we'd like to do. It could be angsty, lean more to romance, healing, etc. I have very few limits on content so I'm very open there. Please let me know if you have any though!
For Y/C I'm super flexible. Any gender or gender identity is fine, and the species is quite open. Be they a human, another angel, another fallen angel, demon, or something like a vampire? Be another captive, maybe Ezra escapes and finds Y/C or Y/C finds him, maybe they help him before he's captured? Maybe they were that demon, or you could even play someone who works at the circus-esque freakshow. Go wild!
Also, if you don't have an OC in mind, I'm more than happy to discuss some options about an RP while you decide, however please keep in mind I'm not interested in doing all of the work and would prefer if you help during the discussion and not make me decide every element of the RP :' )
If you're interested, just let me know by interacting somewhere! Here, DM'ing me, etc! Either way ofc I only discuss roleplays in DMs so we'll end up there either way.
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