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Multiple Settings World's Worst Magical Girls [FxF]


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Ten years ago, an event occurred, one that changed everything. An interloper of sorts, a creature, who has only shown its true form to a few, made ten percent of the Earth's female population into 'perfected' beings that have a duel form. One form is human, while the other better in every way: The Magical Girl.

What they were put on Earth to do, the reason they were here, still remains a mystery. Contrary to what one might think, there was no big bad evil for them to face down, rather it seems there was absolutely no purpose for their existence. Ten percent of the female population one day woke up with fantastical abilities and free reign to do whatever they wish - no direction, purpose, or cause to use them for good.

What could go wrong? Everything...

At first, many were hesitant, afraid to use their abilities, but eventually a few 'forward thinkers' demonstrated they could get away with whatever they wanted: theft, murder... jaywalking... sudden superiority was intoxicating. All of those little things in the back of your head that you thought about doing, all those little bad things, now were possible.

An underground society, one with many factions and groups of magical girls, formed over these ten years. It was much like an elite upper class that had formed, desperate to try and regulate itself. Despite being able to obliterate swathes of armed men, magical girls were not immortal, so attempts were made at organization, but things were dubious at best.

You and I, we are two magical girls, perhaps lifelong friends, or brought together by strange circumstance. We share a trailer in the rural United States, laying low, or perhaps wreaking havoc by night. At one time, we were both part of a small enclave of Magical Girls who wanted to protect humanity from their own, but that dream has gone and went. I'd say we are both pretty washed up, strung out on perhaps drugs, alcohol, and a diet of fast food. But that old flame in us, a spirit that wishes to protect, rather than harm, might be exactly what we need when a new threat came from the stars...


Hey there!

I'm looking for a partner to do a 1x1 with me that goes beyond romance and is a bit more meaty. But romance can certainly be included!

In-case it was not obvious, this is a plot about magical girls, but downright rotten and horrible ones! Ten years of running amok has been cut short by a new threat that has came from the 'stars...' what is it? I don't know! We can come up with that together! Aliens? God's wrath? Lovecraftian horror? Other magical girls? This will be the driving force, but we can have the threat be subtle at first to give us room for fun.

I am looking for a partner who is not too squeamish, able to find the funny in dark things, and is not too politically correct when it comes to humor (within RPN rules of-course).

x One post a week requirement. Can do multiple a day.

x Post length not a concern, but no one liners. Go with your judgment.

x Must be able to write side characters (we can write a lot of magical girls! that sounds fun, right?)

x Is 18+

x Can RP here, or discord!

This was inspired by a bit of writing I did last night! Take this as a writing sample and a general thematic 'primer'...


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