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Hey mambo, mambo Italiano.

Trigger Warning!!! Please be advised that some dark. grit, gore, abuse, language content, and themes will come up in this RP. You have been warned.

The invitation to the Fundraisers Ball was sent via the Black Web. Posters were placed at colleges, and storefronts like the Butcher Shop, Hope's Books, and Crafts. The patrons from establishments like Dal and the Dark Side were welcome, regardless of whether you were dead or alive. The Black Badge made sure to place posters on street poles and other areas around New York. The invitation would read, "Come and help change the lives of the starving children of America. Where we can come together and help change the lives of today. And take steps to build a future of harmony, along with changing the lives of our future generations. Hosted by the Black Badge. Location: The Pierre A Taj Hotel 5th Ave & E 61st St, New York, NY" Lucus realized by putting their organization name on the invitation, they were making themselves known, but also putting a target on their backs. However, it was a risk they had to take.

Tensions were high; subliminal attacks were made on all sides. Nonetheless, nothing on the atomic bomb level. It appeared to be a cold war. But there was no face or name to blame. The event was disguised as a charity ball and to make strides towards peace. However, it was really an excuse to collect intel.
What made the invitation stand out was the address to the location wasn't visible to everyone. The head of the Black Badge’s engineer department developed a chemical-based inked that sends signals through the retina, to tiny cells, rods, and cones. Once the rods and cones capture the signature, the signature gets converted into electrochemical impulses located in the neurons. Working together, the rods and cones stimulated impulses through numerous visuals that entered the brain and the optic nerve.

The signature sent to the optic nerve; is equivalent to the reaction one would experience if they had personally witnessed a supernatural event. It mimics physical emotions, the body's response, and the chronicling of what's being seen from the eyes to the brain. The chemicals in the ink replayed the experience. It's like seeing a sunflower for the first time. Once you understand and know what you're seeing. The next time you visit a sunflower, you already know what it is. This is how anyone living, or dead could see the address. Of course, there were outliers, and someone could have seen the signature and told others of the address, which was plausible. However, this was the Black Badge's only way to put names to theories. It was tested at base camp from people who have never seen a supernatural event and those who have. And with flying colors, it was a success.

Nonetheless, Lucus made sure the NYPD was stationed a block away from the event. He didn't want to frighten the guest. The Met Gala was today, and Lucus wagered that the modern world of the sheep would be more entertaining and placated by Fashion Week.

About 40 percent of the Black Badge occupied the space inside and outside the hotel. Some were in rooms monitoring the ballroom. At the same time, two vans occupied the street entrance to the hotel. One on each corner monitoring the cameras that were stationed outside the hotel. They looked out for license plates and anything they could trace to link the guests to their homes or business. Some agents were told to interact with the guest. While two agents stood at the emergency exit and another pair stood at the entrance of the ballroom.
If this was going to be a success, Lucus had to have his team on board. However, some were not pleased with the special accommodations of blood. The open bar was located towards the back of the room, on the left side of the black grand piano. The blood or Bloody Mary could only be requested with an "ID", the identification being fangs. And only then would the real blood be given. Lucus didn't want there to be a slip-up. And some unsuspecting human asking for Bloody Mary off the menu and getting real blood and causing a scene. If they didn't show the proper “ID”, they would get an excellent ol' fashion Bloody Mary.
Although most of the crew rejected this notion, they had to pacify their hungry guest. Or a Vampire could possibly throw an attention tantrum. For guest that could consume food, an assortment of appetizers was on display. Numerous waiters walked around carrying the food on trays. While white and red wine in flute glasses was carried on trays as waiters offered them to guests. The ballroom was packed; everyone that was currently here was dressed fashionable for the event. Lucus stood by the bar, surveying the crowd. Towards the right and left of the room, there was a limited number of tables and chairs for guests. There was a band playing jazz music. The band consisted of a woman playing the piano, a man playing saxophone, and another woman singing.

This was a big event, and it had to be successful; they were renting out an expensive 5-star hotel ballroom. The FBI agency was coming down hard on Lucus to produced results. They funded this event, and they fund the Black Badge. The Black Badge wasn’t making significant strides in eliminating any threats. Lucus tried to argue that these sorts of things took time. They didn't care for excuses. Lucus' mind started to wonder, had it not been for Noah would he have been able to uncover and solve his family case. Lucus did a mental shake of his head. He couldn't think like that. Thinking that way was how people got killed. Now wasn't the time for those memories to creep out from underneath the bed.

With a heavy British accent, Lucus spoke as he leaned closer to the bartender.
"Give me two shots of scotch…." Almost forgetting. "Straight, No ice, please."
The bartender handed Lucus his drink, and the small corners of Lucus' facelifted in a smile. "Thanks"
Taking a mouthful, he chased back the memories of his family. Taking a final swallow, he blocked the last lingering negativity out of his mind. Tugging on his blazer jacket, he made his way through the throng of the crowded greeting people as he went until he made it to the center of the floor.
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Everest Thiess
Location: Pierre A Taj Hotel- Ball
Interactions: None​

The scrutiny of her mother's gaze was a hard thing to look past. One didn't simply walk away from that gaze. It was more like, if one were to be graced with such a look, they would then have to endure a long thirty minutes while she nitpicked over every little detail. Although, Everest supposed that was a mother for you. The young witch shifted uncomfortably as her mother finally gave a small sigh and rushed over to fuss over a wrinkle in the thin fabric of her new dress.

"Mom, please."

"Don't mom, please me, Eve. I detest that tone from you. You know good and well how important this event is to the coven." The absence of her nickname "Bug" that her mother so often addressed her by made Everest fall silent. Of course she knew. It was the only thing the woman would talk about since learning about the event! Resisting the urge to point out that the coven seemed to be much more important than her daughter's happiness (Oh what a childish argument!), she instead focused on the thin blond hair that had been perfectly done up. One strand had made its way into her eye, so she moved it carefully, nervous that if she did too much they would have to spend another half an hour in this room.

"Are you wearing that to the ball?" Everest asked innocently, pointing at the cross necklace around her mother's neck.

"Yes dear, why do you ask?"

"Vampires, mom. Won't some be attending?" The point fell moot. Of course there would be vampires there. And shapeshifters, ghosts, and any other ghoul that found this treaty to be of importance. However, her mother simply laughed. It wasn't one of glee or even mockery at the stupidity of the question. There was pure mischief- A trademark mask of hers.

"Of course there will be. I'll be waiting for you in the car dear. Make sure to grab your coat! You know how cold you always get." And with that semi selfless remark, she left Eve alone. The young witch huffed as she glanced over herself once more in the mirror. She had never thought of herself as a pretty girl, but tonight she could make an exception. The black dress went so well against her pale white figure, outlining what little physique she had. In a word, she looked elegant. If her mother had anything going for her, it would certainly have to be her fashion sense.


The ride there wasn't one of interest. Mostly her mother rambled about what changes she wanted to propose to the council of the coven. Ever since she had joined the ranks of their leaders, she had not held back in her opinion of how things were ran. Everest was surprised they hadn't kicked her out the moment she had opened her mouth! Thankfully it was only twenty minutes until they arrived at the ball. It would've been a shorter trip, but this was New York and the traffic was exceptionally hazardous tonight.

Everest had to admit, she was pleasantly surprised at how extravagantly tasteful everything seemed. It was dazzlingly bright, and everyone held such an air of sophistication. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, she stuck close by her mother until finally she was shooed away.

"Please Bug, you must go around and be friendly. Go make friends! Have a drink or two, talk to people! Show them we mean well." Eve rolled her eyes.

"Says the woman wearing a cross."

"Everest." The tone was hushed but strict. Pursing her lips, Eve merely nodded and turned to make her way in the opposite direction. As she was making her way past a group of people, a slight touch on her arm made her shiver and glance down.

"Why, hello there. Did you follow me?" A beautiful white moth had found its way to her, deciding that was the best place for refuge. Being careful not to touch its wings, she let it crawl onto her finger where she stood and watched it for a while.

"What say you and I make our way to the bar, hm? I have a feeling tonight might be longer than I'm hoping." And with that, Eve took the pair there, already mentally preparing a list of drinks.


Avan Jogia by Michaela Winstone.jpeg
Caesar Blackleg
Location: Ball Room​

Newly united with the Black Badge once again, Caeser sat in a monitoring room keenly observing the event from afar. The monitor he was watching had astonishing graphics; in addition, it allowed him to zoom in and out, with access to all cameras in the building. He had high hopes for his new position as a field agent, although he had plans of becoming more than just that. His left index finger gently tapped on the table, his nerves were starting to get to him. This was his first assignment as a reassigned member of the Black Badge. Letting out a sigh, Caeser rubbed his hand down his face, regaining his calm state. By order of the team who set the positions of the Black Badge members for this night, it was Caesar's duty to be out in the ball hall, however he felt it was of importance he got a look at his prey before he made his next move.

Pushing himself from under the desk Caeser stood up and walked to a mirror where he would survey his looks. He gave himself some little touch ups, adjusting his tie, grooming his beard, and adding a touch of cologne to his neck. With the jolt of his heel, he turned and faced the two other stationed agents. "I suppose I'm departing now." He smirked at the two of them and walked past them, rubbing one on the back as he did. As his hand was on the door handle, a look of seriousness came upon his face. As he twisted the doorknob, a deep breath followed.

The room he was leaving was set upstairs so in order to get to the ball room he had to take a hallway, then eventually some stairs that led directly down to the ball room. As soon as was in view of the people, a bright smile was painted on his face to look inviting to the guest. He had previously seen the place empty, nevertheless, it looked way prettier now. It's bright glow along with the gold like walls was complimented by the attire being worn by the invites. 'Lucus outdid himself this time.' He thought.

On the ball room floor her exchanged a few smiles here and there, some with waves included. He knew where his first stop would be....the bar. As he made his way there he pasted a women with pale skin and a black dress. When he first was coming down the stairs he noticed her earlier with who he could only assume was her mom. He took note of the cross necklace she wore, bold of her he thought. It drew him to her. He walked to his stool where he would settle himself for now. "Two shoots of Sauza Silver if you please" He said to the bartender in a friendly tone. As he washed back the two shoots back to back, threw his peripheral, he caught the women he passed earlier coming upon the bar. He was eager to get into a conversation, now he just had to find the moment to start it.



Hey mambo, mambo Italiano.

Early in the week

Alex was sitting in the back of Southview University's library. Books litter the table. Different folklore books and sci-fiction books. She was trying to understand more about who she was. It has been two years since the incident… Alex was trying to understand what happened? Why it occurred to her? That was the most critical question she wanted to answer, why her. However, that seemed like a lost cause. She was trying to readjust back into society. She re-enrolled back into college and was even attending AA meetings regularly. She had to start somewhere.

Her head jolted as she overheard the laughter of two college students. The two female students were at the checkout desk in front of the library. Alex was concentrating---trying to focus on their conversation. One of the two girls spoke, "This is stupid. What iodic moron throws a fundraiser and doesn't have an address printed on the poster." The other girl grabs the poster, then speaks, "No way, let me see Cassie. ---- Wow, your right. That's hilarious." Cassie takes the flyer back and throws it into the trash. "Let's go; we have class in a few."

Something about that poster not having an address seems odd. It seemed unusual; she was the unusual. She got up from her chair and walked to the front, to the bulletin board. She couldn't find any posters on the board about a fundraiser. She moved towards the trash where the poster that the girls had thrown away was in.
"Miss, Miss excuse me miss."
Alex heard her the first time. She knew it was the librarian, Joan. Alex had noticed Joan's name tag when she made her way to the front.
She just didn't want to be caught in the act. No harm, no foul. All you were doing was looking at the posters.
Alex reluctantly turned around. And awkwardly spoke. "Uhm, hey, how's it going."
Joan spoke with a southern accent. She was an elderly woman in her late sixties. "Are you looking for that fundraiser poster?"

Alex had interest and curiosity in her eyes. How did she know? "How did you know?"
Joan smiled and touched the brim of her glasses. "Well, I saw you sitting all the way over there. And soon as those ladies left, you came marching up here with a purpose. You looked at every poster on that there board. Once you looked at the trash can--- it was only logical." She paused to laugh. "Almost like you heard them girls' whole conversation."

If Alex's heart could drop, it would be right now. But that was impossible. Alex spoke with reassurance laced through her voice.

"Oh, no, of course not. I just didn't want to intrude on their personal space, that's all. I had no idea what they were doing over here." She was getting good at lying about who she was.

Joan grinned. "Well, dear, I have a couple posters if you're interested."
A small smile played on Alex's face. "Yea."

Joan handed her the poster. "You know what's so funny. There is no address on this paper."
Alex finally having the piece of paper in her hand. Eager eyes looking over the poster, she raised her eyebrow. "Hmm, your right; that's odd." Giving the poster an awkward shake. "Thank you, Joan."

Turning around and walking to the back of the library towards her table, Alex took a seat. She stared at the poster in amazement. There was an address. At that moment, she knew she was going to attend.

Present-day Evening

Alex made sure she fed. Above the average amount, she permitted herself to have animal blood. This was her first time being in an ample space full of people. And she wanted to make sure she could control herself. Step 1 in SMART Recovery 4 Point Program. Obtaining and maintaining motivation. Being here was her motivation and seeking out information on what she was. It had to be connected, right?

Walking to the entrance of the ballroom, she looked at all the people that were in attendance. She was getting a little anxious. She took a deep couple of breaths out of habit. Her lungs no longer worked. She walked through the crowd and decided to stay close to the entrance if she had to make a speedy escape.

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Hey mambo, mambo Italiano.


Lucus was conversing with a senator about existing legislation that would be used to create a potential bill; he was trying to lobby the bill to become state law. The Senator had one too many drinks. Which might work in Lucus' favor. Lucus placed his left hand on the Senator's shoulder while shaking the Senator's right hand.

A big smile formed on Lucus' face. "I'm sure I can count on your support, Senator."
The Senator spoke in a thrilled tone, "Absolutely, of course, why don't ----"

Lucus' attention was drawn to the young woman who just entered. Leaving the Senator's words to fall on death ears. The young woman looked stunning in the black dress; not only did it compliment her features, but it also brought out her pale skin.
Bring his attention back to the Senator. Lucus nodded and put in filler words into the conversation so he wouldn't offend the Senator. Lucus spoke with a lesser amount of enthusiasm. "Of course, I wouldn't have any other way." Lucus removed his hand from the Senator's shoulder and released his hand.

Drawing his eyes back to the young woman, he noticed the woman that accompanied her was leaving her side. Lucus wasn't sure of the relationship. There was some resemblance between the two. A family member, he supposed. What shock him next, was her interaction with a white moth. Lucus' cold blue eyes trailed her as she moved through the crowd and made her way to the bar. He was astonished by her connection with the moth. It was still with her.

Lucus spotted Caesar sitting at the bar. Looking at Caesar's line of eyesight, he noticed he was looking at the young lady as well. From Caesar's sitting down position on the stool, he looked fetching in his black suit. Lucus remembered a file coming to his desk, and it was about Caesar being reinstated as a field agent. He was glad one of his agents was going to make contact.

"Lucus, are you there? Are you listening to me?" The Senator spoke with a hint of annoyance and a chuckle.
With the sound of his name being called. Lucus' attention moved from the bar towards the Senator. Lucus' blue eyes glared at the Senator. He put his right hand on the Senator's shoulder, and this time he squeezed a little excessively. Hearing the Senator's nervous chuckle. He released his grip. Lucus gestured for the waiter with the wine tray to come over. Once the waiter approaches, he grabs two wine glasses.

"Here, Senator Chuck Wilson." Lucus passed Chuck a wine glass. "I want to make sure you're being treated like a king."
Senator Chuck Wilson laughs wholeheartedly. "You are a good man."
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Levi Thiess
Location: SU Uni Library
Interactions: None
Five minutes into his studies and the words were already beginning to swim on the page. Levi was tempted to blame it on the three hours of sleep he had gotten the night before, NOT the fact that he simply did not want to study. No, couldn't be that! Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he turned his attention instead to his cellphone sitting right beside him. The screen helpfully displayed a text from Ryan, his roommate, and three missed calls from his dad. Two years and he still wouldn't stop giving Lev shit about moving all the way to New York. Biting the inside of his cheek in frustration, he clicked on the text from Ryan.

Hey man, me and a few of the guys from Alpha Chi Rho are going to some bars, wanna come?

Levi huffed. Didn't Ryan know he wasn't old enough yet?

I'm 20 bud... Did u forget? If u could tho stop by a liquor store on your way back and pick me something up? I'll pay you back!

Just as he sent the text message, his brain had subconsciously locked onto a conversation between a pretty brunette girl and the librarian. Pretending to still look on his phone, he listened carefully as they talked about some flyer that had been listed on the bulletin board about a fundraiser. He wasn't one for going to stuff like that, but no address? It seemed to be the center of attention out of everything, and for good reason. If they wanted people to attend, why not make it easy for the potential attendees? He couldn't help but lock his icy blue gaze on the girl as she walked back to her seat. His curiosity had piqued, and not just because of the poster. In New York you were bound to meet a ton of interesting characters, and this girl seemed to live up to those standards. She held an air of confidence and mystery that Levi couldn't quite place. Plus, it helped that she wasn't bad to look at.

Levi realized he was probably staring for what was probably an inappropriate amount of time, but he noted how her face changed from one of curiosity (Much like himself), to confusion and resolve. The change left him behind. What was she so interested in?

He waited for a few more minutes before the mysterious girl got up to leave before he went to talk to the librarian.

"Excuse me, do you have another one of those flyers?" The woman glanced up at him over her glasses and gave him a small smile.

"Are you interested in the flyer, or...?" Levi scrunched his nose.

"Yes, of course I am. That's why I'm asking you." He didn't mean for it to sound harsh, but the implication wasn't one he wanted to discuss. Thankfully she didn't seem to take it personally, giving a chuckle as she shifted around to locate another flyer.

"Oh don't you worry. An old woman like me who sits in a library day in and day out tends to see more than most. She was pretty, wasn't she? Here you are." Levi cleared his throat uncomfortably and took the poster, thanking her before returning to his own seat. He could feel his face growing warm, but he did his best to concentrate on the fundraiser poster. There was, in fact, no address. So what had caught the girl's attention? Picking up his phone again, he took a quick picture of the flyer and sent it to Ryan.

Also u wouldn't happen to know anything about this fundraiser, would u?

It shouldn't have mattered so much. It really wasn't of any concern to him, but something about it seemed off. Perhaps it was just his curiosity getting the better of him again. Once there's something that can't be explained, he had a tendency to latch onto it. This fixation on unanswered questions was how he had found himself in New York in the first place.

His phone suddenly lit up, breaking him out of his stupor. Looking down he read the message from Ryan.

Lmao sure I'll get you something. Better have cash on you tho, I'm not waiting to get paid back in two weeks like last time. And yea, I've seen that thing around town. They're everywhere. Why, feeling generous?

Levi smirked, but didn't reply. He would have to ask more about it when he got home.
Everest Thiess
Location: Pierre A Taj Hotel- Ball
Interactions: Minma Minma
Thankfully the bar wasn't nearly as crowded as the rest of the room. Although it wasn't exactly barred off from the ballroom, people seemed to mostly be avoiding it. Everest assumed it was simply to look the part of being polite. She was sure half of them would be ordering drinks by the end of the night anyways, so it was better to order now than later. Giving a small smile to the bartender, she took a seat at one of the cushioned stools, moving her moth friend up to her shoulder (For safety reasons, of course!), and requested to be surprised with her drink. As the bartender quickly whisked away to complete a drink, she couldn't help but move her attention over to a guy two seats over who seemed to be downing shots like it was the end of the world.

"Hm. You know, my mother always said taking shots that fast brings out the devil." She couldn't help but let the comment slip. The feat was pretty impressive! Once she had tried to do the same thing and ended up nearly choking to death.

"Oh, right... Forgive me, I'm Everest Thiess. It's nice to meet you."

"Here you are, miss." The bartender interrupted, laying a blue colored drink in front of her. Retrieving the money in her jacket pocket, she slipped him a five and returned to the stranger.

"I don't mean to intrude but... My mother says I have to start talking to people. I hope you don't mind if I pick on you for tonight? I promise I won't be offended if you tell me to leave." Half of her was hoping he would, while the other half begged to just let her stay to appease her mom. As she waited for an answer she moved over a seat closer to him, still leaving one open just in case things went awry.

Feeling a bit awkward starting such an interaction, she took a small sip from her drink, hoping to loosen her nerves. Instead she nearly spat it out, covering her mouth to prevent another embarrassing moment with alcohol.

"Oh God. Ok, so we'll just suffer through this without the liquor then." She whispered to the moth. It fluttered its wings in response.

"So! What brings you to the ball then? I assume the same reason most of us are here?" Might as well start talking! Everest hoped the man would be truthful enough to let her know he wasn't interested in conversation than to let her just keep blabbering. She had never been one to pick up on subtle social cues.


Avan Jogia by Michaela Winstone.jpeg
Location: Ball Bar
Interactions: Pipsqueak Pipsqueak

Caesar moved his two shot glasses aside and left a ten dollar bill sitting below them. He watched out the corner of his eye as the girl he had his eyes on earlier came and sat two seats away from him. His analysation begun. He noted the pale skin of the women, along with the black dress. What caught his eye the most was the moth that had took liking to her. A witch. That was the conclusion he came to. It explained her style, not to mention the moth.

Caesar was thinking of a way to break the ice when the lady had said something. "Hm. You know, my mother always said taking shots that fast brings out the devil." A quick chuckle came from Caesar as he turned his whole body in the stool and was now facing her. "Oh, right... Forgive me, I'm Everest Thiess. It's nice to meet you." He made sure to keep note of her name and not forget it. That was part one of gathering Intel. "Caesar, Caesar Blackleg at your service. Everest that was? That's a pretty name." As the bartender dropped the drink off and left Caesar prepared to continue the conversation.

Caesar smiled harder than the normal smile when he heard what she said next. She wasn't intruding on anyone, moreover, Caesar craved conversation tonight. After all, he had a mission to fulfill, although he wasn't planning on letting anyone know. Before he could answer, he was focused on her as she got up in moved in closer. That made things simpler for the both of them. Now he wouldn't feel as he was shouting just having a normal conversation. When she sat down again, Caesar waited for her to take a sip of her drink before he'd continue the chat, but her reaction to it had him almost let out an audible laugh.

He lifted his hand and requested some orange juice and a cup off ice. He planned on using that as a balance to the harsh taste of liquor. "When that comes it will help with the taste. Don't won't you not getting the best of something you payed for." When she asked about the reasoning for attending the ball, Caesars thoughts ran through his mind. Of course, this really was a secret plan in disguise to gather Intel on different factions; with that being said, he adjusted the ends of his sleeves and began to speak. "Well if your reasoning is to kick back and have a good time then I suppose that's true. Although I'm also here on business, you see I'm a member of the black badge and I'm supposed to see through that this ball doesn't have any incidents."

The subtle click of a cup hitting the table had Caesar turn and take the orange juice with the cup of glass. He poured the orange juice into the cup and then set it down on the bar, sliding it to Everest. "Try pouring your drink into it, it will nullify the taste, and if it's still too strong then will add so more." He took a moment and waited for her to move forward before speaking again. Want he was going to say might have been a wide jump of topics, and maybe quite formal, but Caesar wasn't one to be afraid. "So being a witch, what's that like? I've always been fascinated in your kind. I actually had a wife who was a witch, didn't turn out so well, she tried to kill me." He paused and rolled his eyes. "That's a story for another time." He didn't feel as if he was being forceful, beside he had already told her who he was.

Shadow Alpha

Senior Member
Ares Knight
In all honesty, this couldn't have been a more uncomfortable situation for Ares. He had just been called in by the elders of both clans for what he thought was another long drawn out speech on how his lack of involvement in political matters was hurting how others viewed them. Technically he was half right seeing as how those old tabbies had told him of some sort of ball thing occurring and that it was important for him to go and represent them. A heavy sigh that didn't seemed to fit someone of his age escaped and before he could complain his mother quickly twisted a piece of his arm while still smiling as if nothing happened, ''It's not a problem at all Elder Tay, my boy would love to go and represent the best of what we have. It is also good moment to show the others that we do not lack strength. I would personally like to ask that Kara of the lions and Trixie of tigers go along as well. They are only 3 years his senior but they have performed well in social settings and will keep an eye on him.'' A few nods could be seen and the joint counsel agreed, the surprise of a hybrid would be a good show of power while the 2 women accompanying him would be focused on gaining updated intel on how the other sects have been doing lately.

They opted on travelling most of the way in their shifted forms through the dense woods that separated the primary location for clan meetings. A tiger, lion, and liger would garner entirely too much attention so as they approached the end of the brush they reverted back and put on the clothes they had brought with them in satchels that wrapped around their torso. The outfit his mother picked out was so uncomfortable and fitted that Ares continued to tug at the suspenders the whole way. He rolled the sleeves up to his elbow and felt a small sense of relief. The two women behind him continued to roast him for how stuffy he looked and that he was really just a 6'7'' baby in their eyes. This behavior was to be expected seeing as how they were first cousins, the elders seemed to have forgotten that they were nothing but trouble when put together.

Another sigh before Ares felt Kara slap him on the shoulder, give a thumbs up, and disappear off into crowd to mingle. Trixie didn't give any sort of farewell before making her way towards the assorted food spread. ''...I thought they were suppose to be here to help, not to go off and have fun on their own. This seems like such a pain in the ass when I could be looking after the young ducklings that came in yesterday.'' It reeked of various human scents, some other shifters, and the strangely odd scent that lingered around those that were essentially dead. Ares realized that his instincts were playing with his mind, they bounced between telling him that this space was not safe while another part wanted to force him let his presence be known to test the strength of those around him. A random human server had walked up to him with a tray of various drinks, Ares gently took the tray from the man that reeked slightly of fear and placed the entire tray by his side on a table. ''Thanks for that, saves me the trip of walking to the bar and it's a variety.'' The man quickly dipped away and it was only then that Ares noticed the girl standing beside him that had also chosen to linger near the entrance. He awkwardly tugged on the now loose suspender once more and gave her a wide smile hoping to seem less intimidating, ''Um....hello, I'm drink. Would you like a Ares?'' The silence seemed to crawl as the realisation hit him and his mind could only process 3 things, '1. I was not the man for this job. 2. I'll stick to fighting, politics are not for me, and 3. I regret being born. what kind of representative messes up this bad, now she probably thinks I'm just big and stupi- Oh shit, how long have I been talking to myself in my head. Have to make a smooth comeback from that.' '' I'm Ares, not the drink.'' Ares could hear Kara and Trixie basically doubled over with laughter as his face turned a reddish hue. Yup, this was definitely the reason he never wanted to come to these things, his nerves were his worst enemy when he has to act as the figurehead for the clans in front of non-clan members.

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Everest Thiess
Location: Pierre A Taj Hotel- Bar
Interactions: Minma Minma
A small smile played on her lips. Everest always felt awkward when given compliments, but it wasn't so bad this time around. She couldn't help but feel a strange sensation of relief that he hadn't pushed her away. It seemed to make things a bit easier.

"I'll have to come to you the next time I order a drink. Truly a connoisseur." She accepted the glass of orange juice happily, raising the unknown blue drink to Caesar as a thanks before pouring in into the other cup. She mixed it before taking a sip, deciding this was certainly more tolerable. Things seemed to be going well until her acquaintance happened to mention his affiliation to the Black Badge. Oh, that was just her luck to pick one of the members to talk to! If she blew this her mother would be furious.

"Oh! Forgive me, I didn't realize..." Everest was acutely aware of how many times she had apologized by now, and her face flushed red. She was quiet for a moment, lost in thought about how to approach this conversation. It wasn't that she wanted to treat him differently, but who knew if this interaction might change how the clans operated! Thankfully the rest wasn't left up to her. Caesar's sudden curiosity about witches had saved her from most likely embarrassing herself.

"Well, I can promise not all witches are murderers," She chuckled, taking another sip of her drink, "It certainly beats being human. N-not that there's anything wrong with that!" She quickly corrected the unprompted statement, pursing her lips tightly. So much for not embarrassing herself.

"I just mean... It's wonderful, having powers beyond what most could imagine. It's easy to take them for granted, but feeling such a deep connection with magic is... well it puts a perspective on things. My father and brother were- uh, are human. I don't remember much about them, but my mother always said that they moved too fast. They never really slowed down and just listened to the world around them. For witches, you kind of have to in order to make things work. I couldn't imagine losing my connection to the earth." Her eyes seemed to gloss over for a moment. Even now in the midst of the city, the beckon of mother nature wasn't far.

"I have a talent for connecting with nature. Especially white moths," Everest let the moth crawl back onto her finger, showing it off to Caesar, "Not all witches have an elemental connection. When their powers manifest it often shows as a contradiction to seasons, but it doesn't always mean they have an affinity to change them. There's so much you can learn and so many branches to take interest in, so it's a bit difficult to explain them all. Each of us are connected in a sense that we still have to listen to everything around us, much more than others." The moth fluttered its wings as if knowing it was being put on display. Again there seemed to be a bit of silence, but it didn't feel unnatural.

"So what about the Black Badge? Do you enjoy the job? Honestly I don't really know what all goes into it other than being the peace keeper tonight." As she spoke the music seemed to swell, taking over the whole room. Some moved to take a dance while others moved back, not wanting to draw attention. It seemed to snap Everest more into the present after her monologue, and she carefully began watching her surroundings with minimal interest.


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Location: Pierre A Taj Hotel
Interactions: Shadow Alpha Shadow Alpha
Alex realized she could probably do this all day. Stand here watching people move about and socializing with each other. Although she was starting to realize the word people wasn’t an accurate description of everyone in attendance. Alex didn’t just watch the attendees with her eyes; she used her hearing and sense of smell. She was trying to decipher who or what these beings are. Being able to tell the humans apart by their bpm was helpful. Alex is working on becoming a board-certified psychiatrist, the human anatomy that she was once familiar with, she had to reprocess through different methods. Reductionism helped bring out the emergent properties that she overlooked when she was human. By analyzing the human anatomy at different levels and how they interact, allowed Alex to make observations on who was human and who was something else.

The other attendees had a smell that emitted off their skin. She couldn’t put a name to it, but it was different. Not to mention their bpm were either over or under the normal standards. This fact had Alex thinking maybe the books she was reading were true. Maybe there were more creatures of the night than she expected. No… it was becoming quite clear that there was no such thing as maybe in this situation. It was true. It dawned on Alex that the librarian or the women in the library couldn’t see the address because they were human.

As Alex stood there concealed in her thoughts, she was startled by the abrupt interruption. Her face remained stoic until he introduced himself as a drink. Subsequently, Alex raised her eyebrow, not sure where this interaction was going. Was he serious? Alex thought as silence existed between them. This gave Alex some time to take in the man that stood in front of her eyebrow,, slowly falling. Looking at what she presumed to be Ares standing at an astonishing height. She wagered 6’6 or 6’9; she couldn’t be sure. His outfit complimented his physique. He’s handsome. However, what was a latent observation was an aroma that smelled more pheromones than a stench. There was definitely more to Ares than his outward appearance; she was curious.

Again, Alex was interrupted in her thoughts as Ares confirmed his name was not Drink. This time a grin played on the corners of her face. Then her grin turned into a slight chuckle. Because the laughter, which was so profound, came from the two women nearby. It was contagious, and she couldn’t help herself until she noticed the red hue that brightened his face. A grinned, the last lingering memory of his introduction, played on her face.
“You know, despite your mishap. You defiantly left an impression already.” Alex had a gentle smile playing on the slender features of her face. “I’m Alex. And yes, I’ll have a drink.”







"How upset would you be if I threw up on your shoes?"

The cat only stared back, not a flicker of regret for its actions. The traitorous feline had committed a crime, vomiting a hair-ball on his chosen footwear for the night.

If you had shoes, you would be very upset!” Vladimir held the cat at arms-length as the reprimand continued. “Treachery is punishable by painful death.”

Instead of this cruel damnation, Vlad placed the cat down and nudged it away with his leg. “You get no Tuna for your act of impudence.”

If speaking with his cat wasn’t enough of an indicator, Vladimir wasn’t a companionable individual. It wasn’t as if he hated others or that he was antisocial, the vampire just didn’t prioritize it. Of course, he had his fellow vampire acquaintances. When they all lived immortal life spans it was impossible not to expect encounters. While some unrest brewed amongst them at the arrival of this so-called, ‘Black Badge’ organisation, Vlad was interested.

‘Come and help change the lives of the starving children of America,’ urged the poster. How could Vlad resist something so gloomy? If a Vampire loved anything, it was an invitation.

He took another pair of shoes from his closet, casting a look to the cat in wariness of more disloyalty. Didn’t want another gift, another hair-ball.

"If you misbehave for just one minute, cut you I will." Vlad farewelled his cat with the empty threat and a scratch to the chin, leaving the fluffy Bartholomew to guard his home.

It’s not like vampires got given a nice reputation, some contributing more to that than others. Vladimir, for one, was not what somebody considers a vegetarian vampire. And why should he? As interesting as humankind was, their blood was more interesting. When cursed to walk a long lifespan, the price of a few humans was just damage control. It’s the least he deserved. Not to mention, animal blood had a certain tang that he didn’t like. He wasn’t going to live his life in squalor.

Vlad had an appetite for luxury, The Pierre A Taj Hotel unable to bring much of a wow-factor to the vampire. Bit snobby, he was. Chandeliers and bubbling champagne flutes were nice, but materialistic items were not to spark his interest for the night.

After coming into this situation blind, the curious Vlad was yearning for a bit of recon. Some harmless wandering through the areas he was allowed in. There was staff stationed at the exits, and one guard turned him away from a hallway, in which Vladimir just acted like he couldn’t speak English, rambling in Romanian about sweet bread to avoid suspicion.

His nosey ways were not without distraction, stopping to look at a few artworks, a few vases, all fun stuff. And upon returning to the ball-room, a piano! Vlad should buy his own. Or, another thought arrived, maybe Vlad should stop being impulsive with his money. There weren't many fun things to do when you’re immortal.

He could pick up on a variety of species in his midst, and he had no doubt they could do the same. Being undead was quite a significant thing. Bit awkward, rather intrusive too. His appetite and whether his skin was warm or not was none of their business. Perverts.

As much as he loved blood, Vlad certainly wasn’t cheap enough to flash his teeth at the bar-people for a… Bloody-Mary.

He was not amused by that.

Amused or not, he was cautious of this environment, and wasn’t ready to reveal to the staff that yes, he liked drinking blood. It was accommodating but equally as suspicious. He’d seen Game of Thrones, he knew how these things could go. Vlad could only ponder if the Legion would be present and what their intentions were behind coming. At times like this he almost wished he was more in the loop on their silly shenanigans.

He whisked a flute glass of white wine from a travelling tray, giving it a hesitant sniff. As undesirable as expected, yet at least it’d give some illusion of normalcy.

Vladimir was not into small-talk. His topics of interest were not going to go down well with businessmen trying to, assumedly, network. Some guests attempted conversation, attempts that were quickly finished once receiving a strange answer from the vampire. One pot-belly man that approached prompted a distasteful lip-twitch from Vlad. Someone obese might have more blood, but the levels of cholesterol left much to be desired from such a picky diner.

The man greeted him, Vlad had no interest in this XXL meal. Instead of doing the charity of holding a conversation, the vampire gasped and pointed to something behind the man.

“What is that?” Vladimir asked, and used the opportunity of distraction to skitter out of view, ducking his way under a tray of drinks and through the crowd of people.

Aged 209 was young for a Vampire. He didn’t have to act mature.

Instead of naively disclosing himself to the bartenders, he’ll just find another Vampire that already had a ‘Bloody-Mary’. Or snoop around for someone to schmooze for information.

And then after this night is finished, he will buy a piano. That is a nice plan.

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Location: Ball Bar
Mentions: Pipsqueak Pipsqueak

A slim smile remained on Caesars face as Everest took a sip of her drink. He was happy he could help with her drink. After all, he didn't want to see it go to waste. After his mention of his involvement in the Black Badge he watched for any sign of reaction to the statement; nevertheless, he couldn't pick up on how Everest felt about it. When she mentioned being human, Caesar gave a quick chuckle. A bold statement he thought; he could also tell that Everest didn't mean it and was embarrassed. He didn't push any conversation, not wanting to make her any more flustered.

Caesar kept both his hands one on top of another under his chin, with his elbowes rested on the bar while he observantly listened to Everest speak. Although he was on a job to gather Intel, he actually was interested in what she was saying. When she showed off the moth to Caesar he moved his face a little closer to it and said, "yeah, I saw this little guy earlier." A bit of silence fell upon the two individuals before Everest asked a question Caesar was expecting. He readjusted his posture, moving in slightly closer to Everest. He didn't speak for a few seconds, allowing the music to fill the silence.

"The Black Badge. The highest of the highest elite special agents, doctors, scientists and more. Only 200 active members at any given time. Honestly it's a pretty entertaining job, it definitely keeps you on your toes. A mistake in this line of work is more than likely a fatal one." He stopped speaking for a second and observed the room around him. "I myself am a agent. An agent has multiple ranks, as of today, I've reinstated as a new agent trainee. I previously was enrolled as an agent and was a senior special agent....Not to worry, it won't be long before I make it back to my rightful position."

That reminded him, he was supposed to be giving a toast here soon. He hadn't wrote something yet. The two shots he took earlier were also kicking in. Caesar wasn't worried about it. His public speaking skills had been developed to a high standard, mostly to the Black Badges requirements. "I actually am supposed to be making a toast here soon. I wonder where I should have it. I'm thinking....the middle of the room. That way everyone can hear me." He rubbed his hand through his hair and gave it a slight scratch, preparing himself for later.
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?



Achlys H.


Well fuck all this


Pierre A Taj Hotel




These sticky balls intrigued him.

You throw one up and then it sticks for a couple seconds before falling again. He had very many of them. Easy to focus on and didnt require much brain capacity, did good to his pounding forehead. Achlys flicked his wrist, the smooth ball sailing up and landing with a satisfying plop. Then falling back down again and as he reached up to grab it, he misjudged it. It hit his eye instead. "I bring your doom tiny rubber sphere!" He hissed before throwing farther out of his living, breaking something in a nearby room with a loud crash. "Justice served."

He swung his leg back onto the couch and propped himself up on his elbow, the curtains were drawn closed to the windows that surrounded the room, he despises the sun. Hates the day. Too bright. His eyes couldnt handle it. He rubbed his mouth, his throat dry from the previous nights attempt to live his "life" up a little... by going to the graveyard and drinking.

Before you judge- it was his friends idea. "Water the throat." He mumbled as he staggered his way to the kitchen. A glass cup being brought out of a cabinet, shaking slightly as he placed it under the ice dispenser. "Water pour command I." The light came on and water came out. HE WAS VICTORIOUS ONCE AGAIN!! HE WAS MAGIC! MORE POWERFUL THAN A WITCH!

He brought the glass to his lips and took a sip before downing the whole thing. "VICTORY CALL ME! HAIL ME ACHILLES!" His voice bellowed out and his neighbor next door slammed on the wall and he shrank back. Oops. "Pooper Party." Achlys grumbled before heading back to his room, he needed to get ready for the so called "party" the Black badge was holding.

He knew what they were doing. And it was not to help save starving children in America. When he spotted the poster it made him scoff. Also not because of the idea- but because of how basic it sounded. Couldnt they try something else? Plus why help humans? Though he assumed there would be free drinks there considering how many species would be there and sober them is not a good match.

He pulled out the outfit he had set aside for the nice. A sheer white shirt that was cut off mid abdomen and had a high collar, with long poofy sleeves. Paired with a pair of tight black leather pants. Sliding both on and quickly stepping around the corner of his apartment into the bathroom. It was small but made do. Glancing into the mirror he almost flinched in disgust. WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH HIS HAIR??

He took the brush to his curls trying to tame it even only slightly. After a moment the hairbrush got stuck in his hair. "SMITE YOU I COMMENCE HAIRBRUSH!" And with that it was ripped out and sent into the wall, a hole there now. He snorted before giving up and stomping out of the bathroom. A heavy weight had settled on his shoulders and he looked down to see his snake. "Greetings Vasuki of Green Ones." He reached a hand up and ran it along the snakes emerald green body. Lined with white and red and bright red eyes. Poisonous Emerald Green Pit Viper.

Vasuki slithered around Achlys' shoulder before settling down and wrapping his body around his bicep. "You come charity with me? Loud boom noises, may no like." He asked and though he got no reply but a flick of the tongue he clapped his hands once. "Good good. Jolly. Despise word jolly."

He threw on his shoes and grabbed a bottle of vodka. As he placed his hand on the door, he hesitated for a moment. How important was social image tonight? He wasnt big within the whole Legion but he wasnt exactly out of it. With a sign he placed the bottle on a small desk near the door and walked out. He didnt care about the Vampire Reputation, all Vampires were different. Some were vegetarian which made no sense to him because why did it matter where the blood came from? Some were firm believers that even as a Vampire they shouldnt exist. A few humans in this life meant nothing, plus they are booming more than they should be. He considered himself controlling humanities population.

He tipped his head up, a hand shielding his eyes from the sun. "Damn thing- I pluck light then smother existance." He growled and someone gave him a weird look, he didnt care. He made his way to The Pierre A Taj Hotel where this horrid event was being held. He stepped into the building and while it was fancy it didnt surprise him or wow him. Hes been around for a long time.

So he did what he thought was best- scope out the place and mingle with people. Someone had a cross around their neck and thats all it took for him to physically recoil from them and stagger backwards before ending up in a hallway. The guard did not look happy. Something about the second person to wonder down here. So he acted like he didnt understand this guy and yelled about something in German and Russian. Angry languages. Enough not to be questioned.

He spotted the bar in the corner and made his way over there. Someone had screamed when they looked at Vasuki. Thats right. Hes so pretty all your plastic inserted into you cannot compare. Achlys tilted his head up proudly and took a seat at the bar, across from what he picked up to be a witch and another who was apart of the Black Badge. Be careful lady. They then asked if he wanted a Bloody Mary but he knew what they were doing- well maybe.

Were they trying to count how many Vampires were in the room? In case something happened? He decided not to flash his teeth and just ordered straight up vodka. A couple minutes later he had a shot in his hand and left a tip for the bartender, downing the shot in one before placing it back on the counter. Another glance at the two figures before shuffling off.

He got dragged into a conversation with someone who was human. It was written all over him. In the way he talked from saying "yall" to the stomach hanging out of his tux. A wrinkle of his nose. He didnt like obese people or ones who let themselves go- it wasnt healthy for them. Achlys moved his head making it clear that Vasuki was there who was hissing. The man quickly shut up and walked away.

"Good noodle." He whispered and walked around some more. He hasnt seen much of the Legion yet and he wondered if they would show up. And if they did- why? Then he collided head on with someone, making him tip backwards. He staggered before catching himself, brushing off his shirt. "I smite beings who perish already- Oh. Salutations Vlad." His voice was quickly rising in anger before dropping when spotting the Vampire.

"Your appearance seem mortal. Less blood drinking I assume you do? Dont tell me you vegetarian. Oh shame you bring us." A click of his tongue as the words rolled out. Hard to tell if it was a insult or if he actually seemed to be sympathizing. That was how it normally was for the two of them, backhanded compliments and insults that were never really insults. "How been you?"

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Location: Pierre A Taj Hotel
Interactions: Gao Gao and XxCelloxX XxCelloxX

Lucus had finished up with his lucrative conversation with the Senator. Lucus walked away from the conversation, knowing that he at least had an ally. He moved around the ballroom, greeting and mingling with guests. Now and then, he would look at his watch while he socialized with the guests. That was code for the BB members operating the cameras to investigate a character of interest.

Surveying the room, Lucus just spotted a man ducking underneath a tray and vanished within the coward. Odd, was the single word of thought that sprung to his mind. In a room full of people standing and sitting, it was easy to spot the irregular movement. Intrigued by this, Lucus followed through the coward until he could spot the vanishing man at the bar.

It wasn’t long before the man was accompanied by another in leather pants and a white cut-off shirt with poofy sleeves. The new arrivals outfit was eccentric. Yet again, you had someone else standing out in a room filled with socially dressed individuals for the event. And here they stood together in conversation.

Lucus was already establishing assumptions; however, he had to be specific. Lucus didn’t get this far in life without using his intelligence and especially being a human existing within the supernatural world. He had real-life experiences with an array of individuals that hid their true selves from the world. Lucus was taught how to distinguish humans from an assortment of the creatures of the night. By a vampire, nonetheless.

Moving through the multitude of the crowd, Lucus began to approach the bar. Once closure, his eyes darted towards his agent and lady that held the moth. He glade their inaction last this long. Lucus made a mental note to approach the two before the night was over. Icy blue eyes observed the two men he now stood in front of, catching the tail end of the conversation. Not waiting on the man’s reply to his well-being Lucus interjected. A thick British accent emitted from Lucus. “I hope you gentlemen are having a pleasant evening thus far.”
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Everest Thiess
Location: Pierre A Taj Hotel- Bar
Interactions: Minma Minma
As Ceasar had drawn nearer, she couldn't help but be pulled in by the unspoken promise of a good story. She leaned in further as well, attention being stolen back to the conversation at hand. As he spoke her eyes lit up with certain interest. So it seemed her mother hadn't been exaggerating when she said they were important! Thoughts running wild, it took Everest a moment to snap back to reality. Doctors, scientists, and special agents? All in a high risk operation with seemingly huge influential status as well? It was the most intriguing thing she had heard all day. Suddenly her arrival didn't seem so irrelevant.

"Ok I admit it, your story was much better than mine." She conceited, taking another sip of the mixed drink. Beginning to feel more at ease, she glanced at her acquaintance with a smile.

"I believe you'll get your position back. I can't imagine what it'll take to get there, but you seem like you've got the stuff." Resting her hands modestly in her lap, the movement caused her little friend to flutter off to some hidden corner of the ballroom. While she had enjoyed its company, there was a mutual understanding that it wasn't needed. Her anxiety had died down now, replaced with a calm and dare she say happy feeling. The witch turned to face the ballroom now, spotting her mother just a few feet away trying to charm her way through some human. It seemed to be working well enough, the poor man's nervousness felt from where they sat. Rolling her eyes, she continued.

"The stage would be en excellent place as well, although a bit overdone. Everyone would expect that." She laughed at her own sarcasm, finding it oddly humorous that it hadn't been his first choice for a toast.

"What are you toasting to anyways? I hardly think this party is worth the shout out. Not that you asked," She blurted, mentally slapping herself for yet another unwanted comment, "I suppose anything goes in a speech. Just make sure you add the part about getting that raise at the end. And if you attract my mother's attention afterwards, it wouldn't hurt to sprinkle in that I was charming and never once said anything detrimental to the future of our coven." She joked, hoping for his sake that the woman stuck with the human she had already locked onto. As she downed the rest of her drink in one go, feeling the sudden warmth spreading to her cheeks, she noticed the men at the other end of the bar striking up conversation.

Two of them were easy to pinpoint as vampires. They dressed lavishly, one in garments seemingly pulled from the 18th century while the other just so telling of a vampire's love of outlandish yet somehow trendy fashion choices. The third man was hard to place, dressed in a simple, slim fitting suit. Vampires were an odd sort. She had never personally talked to one, her mother being hypocritically judgemental of everything but humans and witches alike. They seemed nice enough though.

"I suppose you've met a vampire? Perhaps you could introduce me to one tonight, if you have the time." She turned back to Caesar with an exuberant twinkle in her eye. What was better than making friends AND making her mother irrationally angry? Two birds with one stone.


Caesar fc.jpeg

Location: Ball Bar
Interactions: Pipsqueak Pipsqueak

A genuine smile was plastered on Caesar's face. He was now sitting back straight up; when Everest mentioned that she believed that he would get his position back it made him feel good. He hasn't had someone say anything of the sort to him in years. His eyes followed the moth as it departed from the area; Caesar was sure he would be seeing it once more before the night was over. As Everest turned her attention to the crowd, so did he. He took note of Lucas before he turned back to Everest.

When she mentioned the stage he had actually thought of the platform as a place to make his toast. 'Why not.' He thought. Now that he thought about it, the height advantage that the stage granted would come in handy. He would have a view of the whole crowd, and be able to take account of their response. The next words that left Everest mouth made Caesar chuckle a bit. Of course he didn't feel that way; if a success the Black Badge would have gathered valuable information. Caesar observantly concentrated on the things Everest was saying; He thought that he could possibly do one of them and give Everest a laugh.

When Caesar watched as Everest turned his attention to Vampire's, he gathered that by just sensing them, his heart beat began to beat a little faster. He cleared his throat and sat in a defensive manner. When Everest asked about Vampires' and being introduced to one, Caesar began to think back to a time. 14 years to be exact. It was the last minute in the hour before 12:00 am; Caesar's father had not arrived from work which was unusual for him. As a 12 year old boy, Caesar's thoughts ran wild. He was to scared to go out and look for him, but he knew he was safer just waiting for him to arrive besides walking the ghetto at midnight. Caesar had no choice and he eventually just got some rest. When he woke up in the morning it was to the news that has father had been assassinated by two vampires.

Caesar snapped back to the real world, where his most hated race stood. He took a deep breath before turning and talking to Everest. ''Me and vampires......well let's just say we don't have the best history.'' He paused before speaking again. ''With that being said, I'm not scared to approach any of them.'' Caesar waved the bartender over. He requested a glass of ice water; it would help sober him up, just a little. It will also remove the tangy aftertaste. When he got it he took a sip then looked at Everest. ''So what's the coolest place you've been? I'd have to give that to an enchanted fortress governed by a majestic spirit. It was beautiful; full of flowers and birds.''
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Vlad was still manoeuvring his way through the room when one glance to check if the man was following resulted in blindly colliding into something.

Correction, someone.

The sudden knock sent a spill of white wine onto the floor. Vladimir was thankful he didn’t care about the drink. But taking the time to register this obstacle, he was met with a familiar face. Achlys, a member of the legion. Plus a snake. A purposeful glance to their hands showed no Bloody-Mary in sight. Darn. What did he have to do to get a drink around here?

Flash teeth, apparently. He’s definitely not doing that.

Vlad brushed at the black of his shirt and straightened, the first sign of mild distaste for the interaction. Were the vampires on good terms? To a degree, but to speak with Achlys meant catty back and forth remarks, and a formal event would be no different.

“Touched by your concern, I am.” He wasn’t, but forced a thin smile for appearances. It faded quickly at the nerve to question his diet. Achlys was ill-mannered, not a good blend with Vladimir’s sensitivity towards disrespect.

They asked how he had been, a question that would have to wait. A heavy accent had joined, British. If it was any other situation, Vladimir might have even tried to mimic it.

“I hope you gentlemen are having a pleasant evening thus far.”

Vladimir doubted his, ‘what is that?’ trick would work on two people at once. He could not spend the entire event ogling at paintings and darting around socialisation.

“It has been heinous.” The response was smooth, turning to engage the arrival in conversation. “Just moments ago, I was met by such an unsightly thing.” A hand raised, pointing an accusatory finger at the puffy white shirt Achlys had chosen to wear. “This.”

With retaliation now served, pettiness could pause to register the man. Observing the tidy suit and hair and how the exchange had been opened, the vampire concluded this must be the host. Mortal, with a hint of scotch. At the very least this was someone connected to a certain organisation.

“How amicable of the Black Badge to extend an invitation.” A grave expression left uncertainty to whether Vlad harboured a touch of aggression in his intentions for being here. “A noble cause, it is.”

Long eerie silence ensued from the Romanian, fingers slowly turning the stem of the wine glass.

“Curse my rude nature,” the arrival of a thin smile eased a layer of tension. “Vladimir is I, Vlad if you please. Making your acquaintance, pleasure it is.” No hand was extended, retaining distance with the suited man before them. Wariness lingered, careful with his actions. “The night is going to your liking?”

Being in an enclosed space with so many people, sensing the physical change of emotions would prove overwhelming. At the age of 209 it could be ignored, scents numbed and tuned out as static. Some guests were levelled, some nervous and some happy-- yet some of those probably had too much to drink. Overall, plenty of emotions that Vlad had zero interest in.

But it was the change of pulse, fastened blood flow to the brain and muscles, a quiet word of ‘vampires’ that had caught his attention. Head turning and eyes shifting to land upon the pair seated at the bar. Not subtle. Vlad wouldn’t describe himself as a nosey person, however having enhanced hearing often raised complications.

Chatting about others behind their back? Disrespectful. Could he hold mortal kind, young and uneducated, to their impudence? Vlad knew he shouldn’t make a scene, not in an environment he still had much to learn about.

After long contemplation, he broke the fixed stare to turn back to the prior conversation.

“And Achlys? You have been well?” Reminded of the fellow vampire, critical eyes travelled to the taller individual. “I see you are not dead yet.” Vlad was unable to stop himself from adding one last remark.

“Impressive. Surviving infancy, so rare for runts."

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Everest Thiess- RP.jpg
Everest Thiess
Location: Pierre A Taj Hotel- Bar
Interactions: Minma Minma
Caesar's thousand yard stare gave Everest pause. Had she said something wrong? Pursing her lips, she was tempted to break him out of whatever memory he had been in, but it hadn't lasted long.

"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that. I'm guessing you don't have the best luck with other species." It was meant to lighten the mood, but she couldn't stop looking at him with concern. Before she could apologize he was already off on another topic, probably a way to avoid the feelings the memory brought up altogether. She had been proud of herself for keeping the conversation going this long, but his next inquiry left her at a loss for words. The fact was she hadn't really traveled to anywhere. Her mother was always so insistent on keeping her close (As well as the other coven members) that she hadn't gotten the experience. It was a shame she hadn't even thought to ask before.

"Um, well... I've been to Montana before. A friend of mine from the coven took me there once to grab a very specific item for a ritual we were preforming that week. You see, my mother kind of becomes this nervous wreck if I go adventuring so... I try to stay close." She shrugged, a long sigh escaping her. She never really had the opportunity to talk about her life with someone else outside of the coven, so realizing she didn't have much to share was a bit disappointing.

"That forest sounds lovely though. I do miss seeing so many trees in one place. And listening to the flowers speaking put me to sleep. I wonder how I ever managed to make it here." Her voice droned into a near whisper as she fantasized about the time spent in Montana. Oh how freeing the experience had been! Suddenly hopping from the bar stool and almost stumbling into the bar before righting herself, she grabbed Caesar's wrist without much thought and tugged him along to a nearby fern. It sat neatly in a large pot, healthy and obviously content. Giving the agent a sly grin, she motioned for him to bend down next to one of the leaves.

"I know you probably can't hear it, but the flora have their own way of communication. It's a bit hard to hear at the moment," She motioned in the general direction of the public, "but it sounds a bit like music. This plant is taken care of and stimulated by everyone's energy in the room. They feed off of our energy just as much as we do theirs." Everest placed a slim finger on one of the leaves and almost immediately it seemed to react. The movement was minuscule, but if one looked hard enough the leaf seemed to rock back in forth in a dance of its own. Everest smiled happily, overjoyed that she was able to share a bit of her knowledge. After a few moments she stood up straight again, donning a more serious look now.

"You don't have to introduce me to a vampire if you don't want to. I may not be great at the whole "social interaction" thing, but I can tell when someone is uncomfortable. While you're doing your toast I'll scout myself a vampire and cheer you on at the same time!" Whether it was the drink she had taken so quickly or just her good mood she wasn’t sure, but Everest certainly wasn’t about to take her newfound bravery for granted.


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Montana, 'The Treasure State'. Caesar had been there just a couple of years ago. It was his resting point on a trip from Mexico to Washington DC. The mountains stretched for miles, and some even had as coat of white on their peak. When Everest talked about her mom Caesar honed in on her; he payed close attention to what she said. Part of the reason why he did this was because one, any knowledge of someone's family members is useful, and two, he never got to have the experiment of a mother so he was always curious to see what it was like. When Everest leaped of the bar stool Caesar watched her every move with a compassionate smile on his face. Once she grabbed his wrist and tugged him down, Caesar had a look of confusion but wanted to see what she was getting at.

Without any protest he followed her lead in put his face near the fern. 'I probably look ridiculous' he thought. As she explained the plant he really focused on trying to hear it; he didn't hear anything come from it but at the same time he could tell it wasn't silent. He watched as she demonstrated how the leafs react to being touched. Then, Everest reminded him of his toast. '''Oh yeah that's right. Toast.'' With one smooth motion he stood up from the bar and looked down on Everest. ''I've made up my mind....the stage it is.'' He adjusted his tie and coat. ''Definitely do though. Go talk to a vampire, not all of them are horrible i suppose.'' His face remained bland on the outside but inside he was grinning.

Caesar waved the bartender over and order a glass of any white wine with a spoon. He turned to Everest and spoke ''Can't make a toast without a glass and something to hit it with.'' When the bartender returned he retrieved his request with a smile and gave him cash; he looked to Everest. ''Okay. I hope to see you later.'' He did a full 180 and turned his body to the stage. Caesar grabbed Everest's hand and gave it a soft gentle shake then made his way into the populated crowd of guest.

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Even though Ares had fully embarrassed himself, he was at least happy that the tense mood around them had lightened around them. Alex wasn't the first vampire he met but she was the first under a normal and non-confrontational setting. Very few of her kind would cross into any shifter territory unknowingly because of the way beasts kin rely on scent marking to rope off territory. The younger vampires tend to ignore their instincts and assume it was just the home of a wild animal and too enraptured by their blood addiction. The looks on their faces when they come face-to-face with a towering bipedal animal is hilarious.

Compared to those idiots, Alex was a pretty good representative of what a normal vampire could be. Ares let out a deep breath as he felt all the random drinks that he had consumed finally hit his bloodstream. Nowhere near being drunk though as he didn't want to deal with another long drawn out lecture on how he should present himself in public. ''So...any idea what usually happens at these little Monster Mixers Alex? As much as I'd love to keep up airs and say I have experience, this is pretty much a first for me with this many different species.''

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