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Realistic or Modern world on fire . interest

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theme - world on fire
our world is
on Fire
Rever City, WA, better known as the “City of the Lost,” is home to many different types of individuals. From big city dreamers, the young and lonely, and to some of the richest men and women in the country, it seems like the perfect place to live. Beneath the pretty paint is the ugly truth, however. In the heart of the city is Sanctum, one of the most powerful gangs in the nation. Because it is so powerful, most have never even heard of it and those that do believe it’s another myth like the Illuminati. It rules the city, controlling officials and other influencers alike, and there is nothing that it can’t do. At least until people in the city start disappearing. One by one, names from across the country are appearing in the black market, where people are sold as slaves or offered a price for a head. What’s worse is people from Sanctum are on the market. Soon, relatively normal lives are turned upside down as the gang tries to find the perpetrator. Gang wars erupt, civilians get hurt, and for what? A sick game?
Notes - i. This will be a semi-detailed to detailed roleplay. If you are incapable of posting at least one well-written paragraph, then this isn’t the roleplay for you. ii. Discord is a must for communication and information purposes. iii. I’m a GM that’s very interactive with my players and I always try to let them know what’s going on. iv. The roleplay is basically about a powerful underground gang, civilians, and trying to take down the perpetrator while dealing with every day things. v. Sanctum isn’t like those cliche gangs. It’s more of an underground crime organization with a lot of rich people. Rules & Expectations - i. Be nice and follow all RPN rules. ii. While this roleplay will have many mature themes, fade to black when necessary and indicate possible triggers. iii. Be able to post at least once a week per character. If you can’t post, let me know. iv. Communicate with me and I can’t stress this enough. If you let me know what’s going on (ex. You can’t post), I’ll know how to adjust the roleplay. If not, I may have to ask you to leave. v. More to be added as I see fit.
Boss - The Boss has the highest position in the organization. He makes the major decisions and income goes to him. The Boss of Sanctum tends to keep a low-profile and uses an acting Boss in his place. This is to ensure the Boss’s safety. Underboss - The Underboss is the secondhand of the organization as well as the acting Boss. He is one of two people in the organization that may communicate with the Boss directly. He is to become the new Boss in the event something happens to the current. Adviser - The Adviser is the most trusted after the Underboss and is one of two people that may direct may contact the Boss. He is never really involved with the actual criminal operations or related-business but he’s still respected. Captains - The number of Captains in the organization may vary but they all possess equal amount of power. They lead their own groups within the organization and usually operate within a certain location. Their career relies heavily on how much control they have over their respective groups and locations as well as how much money they bring in. Soldiers - Soldiers are at the bottom of the organization. They report to their respective Captains. Civilians - Civilians are normal people that are not part of Sanctum.
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