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Im the one who knocks'
6 months have passed. People of the world, has begun to notice that this isn't a dream. People have been forming groups, building bases, and some have mastered the dead. The apocalypse wasn't easy for anyone, well, not at all for an middle-aged man named Adler Brooks. He was once a happy guy, living the best life with his family. But it went downhill already at day one. Adler's wife called him while she were out grocery shopping with the kids. All he could hear were yelling, screams and his family crying. It broke Adler. He searched for them for days. Adler were only done with the searching, if he either found them, or saw them dead.

The first few months were very depressing for Adler. Not much social contact, only with his neighbor Gideon Wells, which he had a good relationship with. After 4 months of searching alone, he begun searching with a company. Him and Gideon decided to hit the road in Adler's black pickup Ford F-150 XLT. If the apocalypse were never ending, it shouldn't end by living alone, rotting to death in his own home. Gideon and Adler had been searching for the family for about 2 months. They checked a bit of the city, not much of it, since they have noticed that a lot of the creepy monsters are staying there. They've been more around small cities in Kansas.

They decided to hit the outskirts. The day was sunny, birds where whistling and the breeze were nice. They were driving past some undeads along the way, not too many though. It seems more peaceful on the outskirts, than in the cities. Adler were driving. ''I really hope they're gonna be out here. I mean, my wife is smart, and she would definitely go for the nature, with all its peacefulness'' he said as he stared through the front window of the car, thinking about his family. ''Where do you think Alice would stay out here? Where do we even look? Have you been out here before?'' Adler said, as he turned his head to Gideon who was sitting beside him.

Meanwhile, north of Kansas city. Gus Decker and Hayden Crowley, were sitting in an apartment. They have been together since the apocalypse started, and Hayden couldn't stand Gus. He was so weird. Gus didn't think that about Hayden. He was actually having fun, being with a young one. He feels like it's the old days. It's been two days since the two of them has been outside of the apartment, they heard terrible screams at night, which they haven't heard since day one. Frank, Gus monkey were jumping everywhere, screaming. ''Can you shut off that stupid monkey now? He's been screaming for hours! Can't believe the rotten people haven't gotten in here yet!''. Gus took a look at Frank and smiled. ''It is happy screams boy''. Hayden took a serious look at Gus ''Happy screams? We have been in here for 2 goddamn days with no food, and no place to pee! Why doesn't this stupid apartment have any toilets...''. Gus tilted his hat down ''There's a corner over there you can use, I've pissed there for about 7 times now. I've been thinking about doing number 2 there as well. Hayden gave Gus a disgusted face. ''Alright, we need to get out of here now. I mean, it should probably be gone by now right?''. Hayden walked over to one of the windows, scouting for any undead. There was barely none. He then got the glance of a screamer. ''We can't go out there. That bitch who screamed at us is there again.''. Gus came over to Hayden to look as well ''Oh yes, I've seen plenty of them. I always feel like singing when they scream, they have a nice tune''. Hayden gave Gus a weird look. ''We can sneak out the back?'' Hayden asked.

Permanent Exhaustion

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Gia Mancini

Gia hadn’t slept in days. Her stomach kept making weird noises, probably because she hadn’t eaten since she’d wiped out the pantry well over 48 hours before. Her eyes stung from keeping them open for so long, but there was no time for sleeping, and there was no way in hell she was going out to find food. She had emergency food in her pack, and she was thinking that the emergency had hit. She dug through her pack, hands shaking slightly, and found her food. A mushy Snicker’s bar, her favorite, a pack of gum with three sticks left, and two Slim Jims. A feast of epic proportions. She elected for a stick of gum, popping it into her mouth and chewing slowly. Almost no nourishment, but it felt good to at least pretend to eat. Back to work. She’d used what she had in the old house to board up the windows, do anything possible to prevent light or sound from getting out. She’d found a pretty small house with a couple bunk beds, clearly a small family home. No evidence of the family, but she couldn’t worry about that. She’d taken the mattresses from the bunk beds and stacked them against the windows, using some of the nonessential furniture available to barricade them in place. It wasn’t the best setup, but she couldn’t risk going to get actual materials. Other things she’d managed to do outside to make it safer for her, taking the empty cans that she’d been eating from and stringing them up around all of the entrances. It wouldn’t do any damage to anything, but she was a light sleeper, she’d hear the noise and be alert of anyone approaching. Anything dead, at least, the living would probably see it and know to step over it. But she couldn’t spare any fear for the living, they at least probably wouldn’t try to eat her alive. Then again, she’d watched The Walking Dead, who knows? The living might be as scary as the dead.

She stumbled to the door and checked the peephole, ensuring for the fiftieth time that day that the coast was clear. She’d never been so paranoid before, but she wasn’t built for this kind of life. She was built for planning, strategizing, designing, she wasn’t built for staying inside and waiting to die. Nothing outside, nothing around, no sign of life or death. That was a start, at least. The windows, she’d done everything she could to make sure nobody climbed in, with nails around the window sills and right below the inside of the windows so they’d jump right onto them without seeing them, alerting her to their presence. There was one more mattress in the house, from the master bedroom, which she’d put against the front door with the fridge from the kitchen shoved against it. That was only the beginning of her security measures, which included makeshift molotov cocktails made from bottles of vodka, which was the real loss. She’d never been a big drinker, but if she was going to die, she wanted to die hammered and out of her mind.

“But we’re not going to die. Because we didn’t sit in a locked room for over a month to die of being a bit peckish. Who the hell am I talking to?” She stopped in her tracks, looking in the mirror hanging from the wall for a moment. She hardly recognized herself. She’d always taken pride in her appearance, but her hair was frizzy and unbrushed, her cheeks slightly thinner than they had been before, bags under her eyes, clothes disheveled. She looked like shit, there was no denying. She would kill for a shower and a manicure, or even a fresh set of clothes, but it didn’t seem like that was going to happen any time soon. But the mirror gave her yet another idea, something she was running out of. She quickly made a trip around the house, gathering every mirror she could take off the wall or ground. It appeared to be a vain family, so there was no shortage. With that, she started setting them up as quickly as she could. She’d taken the risk of leaving one window partially uncovered that faced the front, and with the mirrors, she angled them so no matter where she was in the main area of the house, she could see the front yard and in front of the door, but it was doubtful anyone would see her, definite that they wouldn’t be able to get a shot on her. She felt the exhaustion weighing her down, too tired to even continue chewing her gum. What was it her mother had always warned her? Don’t swallow gum, or it’ll stay in your system for seven years? Well, if she died from gum consumption, she was doing alright. She painfully swallowed the gum, her mouth and throat dry, and took the slightest of sips from the last bottle of water. It seemed she was running out of options other than to go out of the house, but she was terrified. She had time to consider it, at least, time to sleep. She grabbed the gas can she’d found in the garage, filled with the gasoline she’d taken from the cars outside, and poured some around the front door and windows. If she had to resort to her molotovs, she was going to make them as deadly as possible. She’d shored up the place as much as she could, used various pieces of furniture to strengthen every entry point. If she couldn’t sleep now, she’d never feel safe enough to. Her eyelids grew heavier, and unconsciousness blissfully took over as she sat against the wall of the house, positioned to be able to check the mirrors as soon as she opened her eyes, which hopefully wouldn’t be for at least a couple hours...

Caelan Tatton/Kieran Buckley
“Go on, Kudo! Get the ball!” Caelan said in a hushed voice, tossing the tennis ball into the parking lot. Kudo took off after it, fortunately quietly. She didn’t know how he’d caught on so quickly that noise was a death sentence, but she’d hardly heard a peep from him since they’d taken off on their own, aside from his quiet snoring. An impressive feat from such a young dog. She’d gotten him just before everything happened, he was less than a year old and spent most of his life in their current lifestyle, which was fairly depressing for a dog. She watched as he sprinted after the ball before turning and running back, the only sound around being his paws on the pavement. It was risky still, but she’d noticed if she didn’t let him run around a little bit, he’d start getting antsy. She knew the feeling.

She still hated being in the city. Even as isolated as she felt right then, and even with no people to bother her, it felt unnatural for her. She’d spent most of her life out in the woods, where she returned after everything went wrong, but even out there was dangerous after six months. The zombies had spread everywhere, from the busiest cities to the most silenced of woods. Sure, they were rarer, but they also had better chances to sneak up on someone. She patted Kudo on his head as he dropped the ball at her feet, but she waited to throw it. She always felt uneasy out in the open, but this felt worse. “Let’s go, buddy.” She said quietly, starting to back out of the parking lot. At least in the woods, she had the upper hand. She’d feel better if Kieran were there, not that she’d ever admit it, but he’d told her not to expect him back until nightfall at the earliest, and it was only a couple hours past noon. But she’d feel safer if she was at least at the meet-up spot and ready for him, he’d told her they were going to leave as soon as he got back. She’d noticed about him that he didn’t seem to like staying still, not that she minded. When it came to the city, she didn’t much like it either, she felt safer on the move. She started heading back to the meet-up, a fairly messed up house on the outskirts of town that they’d been sleeping in for the past few days. That’s always the longest they ever stayed in place, long enough to clear out the pantry, let Caelan check out the surrounding houses, and let Kieran loot every single building that called out to him. She knew he hid a lot of the supplies he found, she knew he didn’t quite trust her, but she was confident that he probably wouldn’t kill her in her sleep. Probably. If he did, hopefully he’d at least take care of Kudo after she was gone.

She made it to the house well before dusk and dropped her bag off by the front door, looking around. The back door was cracked, but Kieran might have left it open, he might’ve been the forgetful type. But once she heard Kudo growling behind her, she knew she wasn’t going to get that lucky. She heard the shambling footsteps behind her and moved in an instant, pulling the bow from her back and drawing an arrow, loosing it without a thought. Thank God for her parents’ mistrust for modern weaponry. The arrow pierced the walker right below its jaw, poking out at the top of its skull, causing the creature to collapse in a heap. Kudo sniffed it cautiously before backing away, whining quietly. At least he was smart enough to not want to eat the thing. She made quick work of dragging it outside, hoping the smell wouldn’t attract more of them before they could leave. She managed to drag it about halfway down the block before giving up, returning to the house and sitting down with a heavy breath. It wasn’t the first walker she’d killed, not even close, but she didn’t enjoy it, she hated it. It felt like hurting a person, which was never something she wanted to do.

“Yo, what’s with the corpse, Katniss?” The sarcastic voice behind her made her whip around, instinctively reaching for her bow despite her previous hesitation. A much larger hand closed on hers, stopping her short. “I’ve got enough piercings, thanks.” Kieran smirked slightly, releasing her hand and bow. “You wasting arrows now?” He waved the gory arrow from the walker’s skull in her face and she recoiled. She took it unwillingly, knowing he was right about wasting. It’d be easy to wash, but she didn’t want any more contact with the gunk than she needed.

“I thought you weren’t going to be back for a while.” She said, feeling a bit of weight leave her shoulders. At least she wasn’t alone anymore.

“Looting was a bust. Got some food, a few bottles of water, but nothing life changing.” He shrugged, tossing her a bottle of water that she barely caught before it hit her in the face. “Too many people must be around here, I don’t like it. You get anything from the houses?”

“Food and water, some clothes. A toy for Kudo.” She said quietly.

“Oh, the dog has a toy, we’re saved.” Kieran scoffed, pausing for a moment when he saw the offended look on her face. “I’m joking. I wouldn’t be feeding the damn thing if I didn’t like him.” He assured her, pulling a can of dog food from his bag and opening it, setting it on the floor in front of Kudo. “Fortunately dog food is still everywhere, most people weren’t worried about their pets when they made their run for it. I got a bag of food for him in the truck.” He told her, picking up her backpack.

“We’re leaving? Where are we going?” Caelan followed him outside, where his truck was idling, and watched him put all of their bags in the bed of the truck. “We’re taking the truck? What if people see us?”

“What’re they gonna do, pull us over? It’s not like we can get a ticket.” Kieran scoffed, letting Kudo get in the truck once the dog had finished his meal.

“Maybe we should look for other people.” Caelan suggested, and Kieran paused. They’d had this conversation before.

“Me and other people don’t get along. Me and other people tend to shoot at each other. You know this.” He reminded her. “I’m not forcing you to stick with me, you can go. I’ll give you supplies, you can find other people.”

“No. I trust you, I’m staying with you.” She said firmly, getting in the passenger seat before he could respond.

“A horrible idea, but at least we all know it was yours.” He shrugged, getting into the truck and starting to back out of the driveway. She never knew where they were heading, but she figured he had a plan. Despite most of her better instincts, she did trust him, she knew she wasn’t as useful as him, he would’ve dropped her like a rock if he didn’t care a little bit. She watched as the cityscape passed them by, but to her disappointment, they seemed to be getting deeper into the city. “Have a destination in mind?”

“There are a few hospitals in the city. We could use some medicine. Unless you’re going to use flower power to help a bullet wound.” Kieran said, smirking slightly. She neglected to respond, knowing he’d only use it to tease her more. It was a crime, really, to deny Kieran his mockery.

Avery Bentley

Avery was feeling good. Perhaps an odd sentiment, considering the world was over, but it was there nonetheless. It wasn’t much of a brag, but he figured he’d adjusted better than a lot of people to the new reality. Sure, the first few days were shocking and the fact that his fiancee was almost certainly dead knocked him off his feet for a few days, but it was just the kind of person he was. He needed to survive, to help people. Everyone he found in the first couple months were in so much pain, they needed so much help. And then he stopped finding people altogether. He stopped keeping track of how much food and supplies he’d given away to the people who seemed to need it more, because everyone needed it more. He’d had a cool gun at one point, but he gave that to a guy he found early on, who was trying to keep his kids alive. Avery had been on his own at that point, responsible for nobody but himself, they needed the protection more than him. He hoped they were still alive.

Things changed after he found a group, a small one. He had been scouting the schools and hospitals every day, in a pattern. Not for supplies, but he figured if people or kids were in bad shape, that’s where they’d go. He wasn’t much of a fighter, but he’d managed to clear out a lot of the schools over several months, with help. That’s where Gid had found him, about to get overwhelmed by a few walkers in the school gymnasium. He’d saved his ass, helped him live another day. Helped him look for his sister and fiancee, though with no luck so far. Avery had taken on some early scouting trips for other people, usually at the same locations he’d already been looking through.

He’d been scouting his sister’s old college, knowing chances were slim. He’d done it ever since things went bad, he hadn’t been able to get within a mile of his fiancee’s, Erin’s, last known location, a newly opened mega-mall, but the university had been on holiday when everything happened, his sister was among a small group that remained there. She had a chance. He went every couple days, checking her old dorm, every building he could find. He never found her, but he found something else. A professor, nerdy guy in the best way, and his kid daughter, Mel. They’d been trapped, and he’d managed to break them out, get them out of the university grounds. He’d offered them a better shot, a chance to survive with the help of other people. They were the first people Avery managed to bring back to Gid and the guy in charge, Adler. It finally started turning into an actual group instead of a little trio on the run.

Almost everyone had lost someone, usually multiple someones. Some people still had hope. Some people had given up. Avery figured he was right in the middle of that. Every day, he hoped he would find Erin or Andrea. But he knew the reality. A lot more people died than lived. Maybe Andrea had a chance, being more secluded, but Erin was more than likely gone. He would still hope until he found her dead or alive, but he knew what to expect. Still, every time he had to kill a zombie, he forced himself to look at the face, to see if he recognized the decayed features. A couple times, he’d thought he’d seen Erin from a distance, groaning and shambling around a cityscape, and it felt like a knife to the chest, but each time proved to be another dead woman with a few remaining strands of blonde hair still sticking to the skull. He almost hoped he’d never find out, if that was the likely option. He didn’t know if he could survive seeing her like that.

He shook his head, forcing those thoughts from his head. They didn’t help do anything but distract him. He would find out if he found out, and if he didn’t, there were more important things than false hope to distract him. The feeling of a wet nose against his elbow brought him back to the present, as well as the German Shepherd impatiently looking at him with a stick at his paws. “I’m sorry, did you have to wait three seconds for attention? Forgive me, please.” He said, picking up the stick and launching it across their makeshift camp for the dog to chase excitedly. He knew Gid and Adler were out and about, but he had nowhere to be. He usually went out into the town with someone else, for safety reasons, but that day he felt antsy. He scribbled a quick note with the notebook and pen he carried in his backpack and tucked it under some of the supplies, a simple message to Gid and Adler that he was going for a run and he’d be back soon. He left Shep there, knowing the dog would be smart enough to stay in place. He might’ve considered tying him up, but should a walker stumble through, he wanted the pup to be able to run. With that, he gathered his backpack, tucked the pistol he’d been given into his jeans, picked up his characteristic baseball bat, and started on his way towards the city, considering as he walked where he would start.[/font]
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noodles and nonsense
Precious, a 45-year-old surgeon, and her daughter Ivy, a 23-year-old former college student and basketball player, were walking through the Kansan streets in search of the nearest hospital, as they were running low on medical supplies and needed to stock up. The mother and daughter duo had been traveling together ever since the death of Theodore Thompson, Precious' husband and Ivy's father, to a dead one that fatally bit him in the shoulder. Combining their different yet equally useful skills, they've managed to survive.

The street Precious and Ivy found themselves in was fairly empty - there weren't any dead ones roaming around or attention-drawing facilities attracting unwanted company, so the pair decided that it wouldn't hurt to let their guards down for a little while. They slowed their pace, chatting and laughing together.

“Do you remember Michael? That one boy you dated in middle school?” Asked Precious with a teasing smile spread across her face.
“I sure do, what a loser!” Replied Ivy.
“Come on, be nice. He was a very sweet kid.” Said Precious.
“Mom. He gave me a frog for our one month anniversary.” Said Ivy while giving her mom a “Seriously?” look.
“Hey! What's the issue? Mr. Bubbles was a lovely pet!” Said Precious, giggling.

Ivy simply rolled her eyes playfully in response. The two continued to reminisce about silly moments from their past and discussing random topics, until danger approached, that is. The danger in question? About three or four dead ones walking in their direction, seconds away from spotting them. Luckily, the behind of a garbage container served as a hiding spot for the duo. Ivy was about to reach for her combat knife, with the intent of fighting the group of undead, when her mother calmly placed her hand over her wrist, signaling for her to not move. “Wait. They don't see us. You don't have to risk it, just wait for them to pass by us so we can sneak by them.” Precious explained in a whisper. Ivy looked at her with some uncertainty, but nodded - she trusted her mother's judgement.

Eventually, the group of undead did exactly what Precious said they would do, not noticing the two hidden human meals. Precious and Ivy snuck by them, moving quickly yet quietly and never taking their eyes off the now distant dead ones. After that encounter the walk to the hospital was relatively troubleless. What they saw when they arrived at the hospital's parking lot, however, was definitely trouble. “Get down!” Whispered Ivy as she grabbed her mother's arm and hid behind an abandoned car. The two peeped through the car's broken glass window and saw a car arriving, parking a few meters away from them.

“Crap.” Ivy swore under her breath.
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Triune Tales of Diminuitive Swine

  • Gid glanced down at his watch. The digital watch face had still functioned as it would normally; however, the date reminded him of how far this epidemic has gotten. In the beginning, he was almost certain that this was a hellish landscape constructed by his own mind to torture him from everything he’d done as a soldier. One day he was cruising along the city with his partner, the next he was at arms length to a zombie trying to rip his ears off. He couldn’t believe it. What the hell was happening? Those questions twist themselves into his mind as he tried to recall all that he had encountered so far.


    The first night had been the most taxing. He remembered going home in his jet black Honda Accord after dropping the squad car off from work. With the head lights turned up, he saw a woman standing in the middle of the road, hips swaying in the way an inebriated person would as she failed to walk straight. Gid didn’t hesitate pulling up to her and asking her what was going on. He needed to check on her. The closer he got, the more he could discern that something was off. There was red stains all over her blouse. Her pants were torn near the knees and she had some bite marks all over her legs. Something about how wide and circular the teeth imprints were on the flesh signalled that it wasn’t made by an animal. At least, not a domestic one. Animal bites usually were smaller. That wasn’t what he was looking at.

    “Excuse me, miss? Are you lost?” he rolled his window down, slowly down the car to run side by side.

    “Arghh.. Argghhh…”

    He could hear her groaning. Maybe she was sick. Maybe she didn’t hear him. He found himself repeating those words, “Excuse me, miss? Can you hear me?”

    That seemed to capture her attention. Her neck whipped to face him. He froze.

    That definitely wasn’t right.

    He drew his windows back up and raced on home trying to forget what he’d just witnessed. The woman’s eyes were milky white. Her skin still carried most of its colour, but it was a shade lighter, they way it would when people were low on blood sugar might experience cool, clammy skin. However, the biggest detail that quite cemented itself into his vision was the amount of dark red around her lips, stuck between the gaps of her teeth was some flesh. If Gid had to take a guess, it would’ve been part of someone’s ear. The way it curved out slightly suggested it might’ve been part of the pinna, however, he wasn’t going to stay there to find out.

    When he’d gotten home, he called his parents. No luck. He tried to reach his aunt and his younger cousin, but they didn’t pick up. He’d left multiple messages, all were some iterations of, “Hey, can you call me? I’m just checking up on you..” He was sure some of them sounded like he was a stuttering mad-man. But he didn’t care about that right now. All he needed to know was that they were alright.

    He tried to calm himself down, but he couldn’t eat. He couldn’t sleep. He didn’t sleep a wink that knowing what he saw. However, he couldn’t truly confirm what he saw. Going into a full blown panic attack wouldn’t help him so he stayed in bed, looking up at the ceiling for hours until the daylight came.

    That morning, he took his coup out and drove to his cousin’s college. The campus looked like someone had thrown a party with some of the students laying down on the ground. This wasn’t right.

    This didn’t make any sense at all.

    He kept driving to his aunt’s place. Hopefully, his cousin was still there and he could warn him not to go to school today.

    Their home was empty, but nothing seemed to be out of place. There were no signs of a struggle. All their belongings were in tact. Nothing was out of line. Maybe he was losing it. Maybe he just needs to go home and take a day off.

    And that was a phrase that he didn’t use lightly.

    Gid re-locked the doors with his key and went home.

    Eventually, he would come knock his close neighbour’s door when he didn’t see the kids and Alice carpooling to school. At least no one came to answer the door. With the cell service out of line. He couldn’t call Adler to check in with his family. He wanted to know if Alice and the kids were alright. But since no one seemed to be in, he assumed that they were living life as normal.

    He couldn’t have been more mistaken…


    Sitting shotgun on the passengers’ side, Adler drew him out of his daze. Gid could feel the breeze touch his fingers with his arms rolled down onto the side. It had been a warm and sunny day. The sky was the picturesque sort of blue that were usually found in paintings. There were even some bird calls in the air that morning. If he didn’t know any better, it was a beautiful day to go outside. Have a picnic, run around the park, eat in outside in one of those side restaurants. But that world seemed to be eons away. That reality didn’t exist anymore.

    Listening to his close friend’s concerns, Gid nodded while looking at the man with sincerity, “You’re right,” he started. His friend’s eyes still fixated on the roads ahead of them. “Alice is a smart woman. If anything, she would’ve figured out how to get everyone ready while still preparing their snacks.” He mentioned recalling how his wife was always prepared. Being a mother of multiple children meant she needed to coordinate everyone in the morning while still being on top of everything in the household. “I don’t doubt that she’s out there.” He looked ahead as the buildings began to be replaced with more trees. “We will find them, I promise you that,” he stared out at the greenery around them.

    He took the map out of his pocket. Danny, their navigator, highlighted some areas where they could start looking. From the looks of the map, there was a park nearby with a small elementary school for the surrounding neighbourhood. “How about we start at the park two clicks from here?” He followed the lines with his eyes and spotted the street that they were on, “If you take a right on the next street, we’ll be able to see a park that could lead us to a school.”

    The outskirts were small neighbourhoods. The houses were far enough apart for people to need to drive their cars to visit their neighbours. But the one thing that stood out was the central park and school that were close to the middle of everything. Even the kids that lived here needed to go to school. He remembered his cousin and he took a deep inhale. He needed to find him too.

    “I haven’t been around here. I heard there were farms close by. I know Danny and some people are going to try to see if they could catch some chicken or something there.” He laughed at the middle-aged professor squatting down and trying to capture some birds. “Yeah, that guy and his crazy plan. But hey,” he waved the map, “He was smart enough to give us this.” He kidded trying to light up the situation.

    “We should be pulling up close now. Do you think she would’ve picked the school or one of the houses, Adler?” he asked, referring to a place that Alice might have hunkered down with. “You know her better than I do so I trust you.”


Ooh ha ha
Ha-Neul Yeong

Ha-Neul woke in a cold sweat.

Just a dream.

It was always just a dream, she was aware of that. Of course, the last six months had felt like a never ending nightmare Ha-Neul couldn't escape. Even in her dreams. She sighed, allowing her eyes to adjust to the morning sun before rising from her bed. Ha-Neul pushed all thoughts of nightmares out of her mind, it was a new day and the last thing she wanted to do was dwell on the negative. Sure, they were in a zombie apocalypse, something no one even thought could be possible, but it could be worse. She had been fortunate enough to get a roof over her head, and even more fortunate to have a steady source of supplies.

Ha-Neul dragged her feet across the room to an adjoining bathroom. She splashed cold water on her face before looking at herself in the mirror. The day the world ended would be engraved in her brain until the day she died.

It had started off as a normal morning. Ha-Neul had woke up at the early hour of seven and went to class. The first thing she had noticed was how empty the room had been. When she asked her professor he shrugged, explaining a virus was going around. Ha-Neul had paid the response no mind, of course, getting sick was normal, and her class was small so naturally, it would have been empty. What she should have questioned was why almost the entire class was missing. They all couldn't have been sick.

No. They weren't all sick. It had been so, so much worse.

Ha-Neul didn't fully understand the dangers until she had run into one herself. He was just sleeping, that's what she thought. It was a college campus, after all, the students found the strangest places to sleep all the time. The closer she got, however, the more she noticed. Like how his skin was just a bit too pale. How his eyes were wide open and lifeless. How he had blood all over him. By the time she noticed the blood, it was too late to stop. The once college student sprung to life, lunging at her. Ha-Neul had just managed to dodge. She didn't stick around after that, instead, she had headed back to her parent's house to ask what the hell was going on.

The drive to her parents had been the longest drive of her life. The streets had been bumper to bumper with people trying to get out of town. Ha-Neul considered herself a very patient person, but after an hour of standstill traffic, she opted to walk the rest of the way. When she arrived her parents had been relieved. They asked if she saw anything out of the ordinary, why everyone was up and leaving, etc. When Ha-Neul explained her run-in with the student they turned the news on.

And that's when reality finally sank in. Ha-Neul could only watch as people were getting attacked on camera by, what the news anchors were describing as "zombies". They remained in the living room the rest of the day, watching as chaos unfolded from the windows. By the time the bus had stopped outside her parents had already made up their minds. They wouldn't be leaving town alive. Ha-Neul, however, would be. She had tried to argue with them, she really did. But they had convinced a couple of other survivors and she was ultimately dragged on. The last thing she saw of her parents was their smiles. Then they vanished around the corner, along with the rest of her normal life.

The bus hadn't lasted long either. Everything had been fine at first. And then someone got infected and chose not to tell anyone. Had no one learned from the movies?

Ha-Neul dried her face with an old rag. No matter what, she couldn't change the past. The only thing she could do now was live for her parents' sake. A knock at the door broke Ha-Neul from her thoughts. She smiled, remembering she had promised to watch Mel today.

"One sec!" She brushed the tangles out of her hair and quickly threw on normal clothes. The thoughts of the past melted away as Ha-Neul opened the door, "Hello your highness! I hope you're ready for a fun day!" She turned her attention to Danny, "Take your time! Mel is welcomed here as long as she wants."

Ha-Neul waved goodbye to Danny before shutting the door. She turned back to Mel, "What would you like to do first your highness?"

Elowen Booker

She was tired. So, so bloody tired. But Eillie knew stopping would only kill her. In the last six months, she had done nothing but run from those things- it's all she knew how to do. Sure, she could occasionally take down a regular zombie, but they were almost always in groups. And worse, it seemed every day another one of those godforsaken things evolved into something more terrifying. Taking one of those on alone would only end in her demise.

Still, Ellie pushed on, ignoring the ache that was forming in her leg. She'd been wandering in the woods for hours, sooner or later she had to pop out into some kind of neighborhood- that's what the map had said anyway. Well, that's what she thought it said. In truth, she was an awful navigator. It felt like hours went by before she spotted the neighborhood.

Carefully, Ellie emerged from the trees. She scanned the surrounding area, looking for any signs of danger. Only when she deemed it safe did she completely step out of hiding. It looked to have been a nice neighborhood once upon a time. The houses looked like they had been taken care of not too long ago, they all had a decent-sized yard, and, more importantly, no zombies in sight. For the now anyway.

Ellie walked slowly, careful to avoid stepping on any debris. The last thing she needed to do was trip over something and risk alerting anything in the area.

"It's okay El, you got this..." She mumbled the words of encouragement, hoping hearing her own voice would make some of the axiety go away. News flash, it didn't. If anything, her voice cutting through the too silent street only heightened her nerves. A noise to her right stopped Ellie dead in her tracks. Every ounce of her body begged her not to look, if she didn't look it wasn't there, right? She sighed, knowing that logic would get her nowhere. She reluctantly focused her attention on the noise. Her first thoughts were how off they sounded. Not human, but also not from any sort of animal. The best she could describe it was a sort of gutteral sound.

And than it clicked. That wasn't a human nor an animal. Ellie was just a couple feet away from one of them. The realization alone made her legs want to collapse, she couldn't let that happen though. She had to get to safely before whatever creature was near her realized she was there. With a shaky breath, Ellie inched her way up a driveway until she was pressed against the front door. What now though? She looked around, but it was impossible to see in the dark, not that she'd want to see anyway. If anything, she'd be better off in the house for the night, anything was better than being in the open.

Ellie pressed an ear against the cold door. Seconds turned to minutes as she waited for any kind of indicated someone or something was in the house. But the place was silent. Ellie placed the palm of her hand firmly against the door while the other began opening it. To her relief, the opened with little sound. Before she stepped in however, Ellie placed her backpack on the ground and began rummaging through it. She double checked her surrounding before pulling out a pen and paper. If she was going to be staying here for the night, she wanted to write a note. The odds of running into a living person were slim, but she'd rather be safe than sorry.


The note was lame, she knew that. But if someone came down this way she prayed they would see it. Ellie placed the note in between the knocker before finally entering the house. To her surprise, it was a nice house. Depsite being abandoned, the place still felt lived in, if that made sense. She allowed herself to explore the different rooms, while also checking the doors and windows before settling in what was once a kids room. Ellie didn't consider herself a very religious person, she had only been to church a couple of times with her family. But before she fell asleep, she said a silent prayer, asking for safety throughout the night.
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Im the one who knocks'
Adler and Gid had been alone for some time, but it changed when a few more people were met. One of them were one of the nicest guys Adler have met. Avery. When Adler asks him to do something, he don't stutter at all, and insists on doing it. Adler likes that about him, he does what he is being told, and it's not like Adler throws him around to do everything. They had some friendly conversations, but Adler still couldn't get his family out of his head. The thought swirled around in his head, every time he did something that reminded him of them, the thought came back. But he needed to get it together, if he wanted to find his family, he would need a group, and if he kept thinking about them, he would get drawn away from the group, or get the thought of his family at bad times.

They also met Danny and Mel. Two best friends who are also family. Father and Daughter. Adler liked Danny's intelligence and information, when Adler proposed an idea, Danny would always give some good information about that current idea. Mel was a sweetheart, but Adler hadn't talked to her that much. Reminds him too much of Leslie. Leslie also loved princesses, and Mel are obsessed with them.
Ha-Neul were the most newly addition to the group. It was nice to have a woman around, instead of men just talking nonsense to each other 24/7. Adler had also noticed that her and Mel clicked, it always put a smile on his face, when he saw these two together.

The group didn't have a main location to spend their time at yet, they'd been moving to different places, trying to survive. But when Adler sees Ha-Neul and Mel spending time together, he kind of wants a place where it's safe to have a good time together, a place that's safe to laugh and a place to clear your head from all of the undeads.
Their current location was a little house in the outskirts with 4 rooms, covered with bushes and trees.

Adler's stomach were rumbling a little, but it didn't stop him to do his daily family search with Gid. Gid had spotted a place with the map, so they decided to look there.
''Do you think she would’ve picked the school or one of the houses, Adler?” Gid said.
Adler thought about it while driving slowly into the neighborhood.
''I'm not sure man, I don't even know where to look anymore Gid...'' Adler let out a sigh, deciding to drive and park just outside of the school.
''Let's check out the school, I mean, It could be smart. There's a lot of stools and chairs to block the doors with''. Adler grabbed his rifle and closed the car door not too hard. Then he took a really good and long listen, taking a glance of the whole location ''But Gid... Let's-.. Stay together, it's almost too quiet here.'' He turned around and walked up the front school stairs with Gid, giving him a clap on the shoulder, and a smile.

''Frank come here''
''Sshhhhh!!! Are you crazy?'' Hayden let out with a yelled whisper
Gus ignored him, crouching just behind a city bench, with the screamer at 13 metres away.
Hayden and Gus had discovered a screamer before. They were looting a gas station, and it was almost not looted at all. That made Gus very happy, and he looted it really loudly. A screamer then came through the front door. They both stopped looting, looked at eachother, then it came out with a scream so loud, they nearly got deaf. They both covered their ears, rolling around on the floor. But Hayden wasn't ready to die, he threw a bottle at the head of it, then grabbing his cricket bat with nails in it, smashing the screamer's head only one time. They were both completely shocked at that point, couldn't almost hear anything. Then a lot of screams begun, normal undead screams, coming closer and closer, some were coming faster than others, and that would probably be runners.
The both of them panicked a lot, Frank as well. He hid behind Gus. They decided to hide in the drink fridges. The gas station were filled with walkers, and they had a perfect view of them all, since the drink fridges windows are see-through. They stayed in there for half an hour, and were almost all blue when they came out, due to the coldness. At that point, Hayden and Gus agreed they would never get close to a screamer again.

Frank ran over, jumped up at Gus shoulder. ''You ready little poo?'' Gus asked him as he smiled and tickled him.
''Not now Gus! It's coming closer! This is not happening again!'' Hayden said whispering.
''Jesus, why don't we have any guns. We are amateurs at this Gus..''.
''I think we are pretty good. Right frank? Yes you little poo! We little professionals!''
Hayden rolled his eyes, and sneaked away. Gus then stopped tickling Frank, and followed him.


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The Wolf Pack
(Zoey, Grace, Nataliya, Victoria, Victor, Jake, Charlie, Puma, Lizzie, and Sammy)

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Zoey Gently stroked the hair out of Charlies face as she gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Stay here with Nat okay goofball? I'll only take a minute." Zoey said with a warm smile, hugging Charlie and then letting her platinum haired baby run over to Nataliya, sitting down beside her with chalk as she began to start a drawing. Zoey gave a serious look to Nataliya who returned that with an eye roll before Zoey shut the door to the room they were in. Zoey turned to the rest of her group, a bloody cloth in the center of the room with something inside it. "Okay... what're we going to do about Mads...?" Zoey asked with a sadness in her voice as her eyes avoided the bloody cloth. "There's nothing we could have done, don't feel like it your fault sweetie...." Grace said kindly, brushing the hair out of Zoey's face, the Victoria, Victor and Zoey cringed at this, Jake and Grace didn't know what actually happened.... "We have to bury her." Jake said as he gently picked up the cloth. "We don't even have the full body." Victor said realistically. "That doesn't matter, she still deserves a burial." Jake said strongly. All of them gathered around the cloth as Jake slowly unfolded it, revealing the dismembered bloodied arm of Madelynne, all that was left of their dear friend.

"How are we suppose to tell Charlie, Madelynne was her friend too.... she deserves to know." Zoey said as she thought of her baby being sad, she hated that thought. Then they heard the sound of Chalk dropping behind them as they all turned, Victoria quickly hiding the cloth and its contents behind her. "Mommy..." Charlie lifted up a bloody bracelet, it was the one that Charlie had made for Madelynne. "Maddie doesn't go anywhere whifout her bwraclet!" Grace's heart was breaking but she had to tell her the truth. Grace kneeled down in front of Charlie. "You know... sometimes our friends... they have to go up in the skies because god said it was ready, they have to go up into the sky castle..." "The unicowrn palace!?" "Yea sweetheart." Grace brushed Charlies hair out of her face. "so you understand right sweetheart?" "Yea! When is Maddie coming back? I wanna go up to unicowrn palace too!" Zoey's eyes filled with water, she hated this so much, she promised herself she wouldn't let anyone close to her daughter unless she knew that had what it took to survive, because she didn't want her daughter thinking this was normal... then again... this is the new normal isn't it? The Vermin were after them, and more people were bound to die. "No sweetie... she isn't coming back." Grace explained softly. "Why not? She pwromised she'd dwraw with me yestuwrday!" "Grace closed her eyes for a second. "I'll draw with you sweetheart." Zoey said with a small smile. "Just go outside for a second with Nataliya please? The adults need to finish talking." Charlie looked up at Zoey, then to Grace, then to Jake, Then to Victoria, Then to Victor, they were all liars! Charlie turned and left the room. Jake quickly closed the door and turned to Zoey who's eyes were watering. "Grace, Jake could you go keep a vatch on zhem?" Victoria said in her thick Russian accent. Jake and Grace obliged heading out.

Seconds after they left Zoey, Victor and Victoria all looked one another. "We. Tell. No Vun." Victoria said fiercely before Grace rushed back into the room. "Charlies gone!" Victor, Victoria and Zoey all rushed out, "Nataliya what the fuck?!" "WELL IM SORRY, she's so fucking tiny, how the fuck was I supposed to see her wonder off, Its not even my job." "you are such a bitch sometimes." Zoey said before turning, grabbing a silence pistol and running off to find Charlie. Jake looked at Nataliya with a disappointed look, which Nataliya returned with a middle finger. Jake grabbed a bat and ran off after Zoey. Victoria was already off, doing parkour up the broken Zoo exhibit bars, swinging from wall to wall like a Ninja, her daggers at a ready. Victor lifted Nataliya from her chair by her arm "Help us search." "Don't fucking touch me albino." "You liked it last night?" Grace gulped, looking from Victor to Nataliya with an awkward look. "Stop fighting, especially talking about that, we need to find Charlie." Grace grabbed a silenced rifle before picking up her Monkey and heading off to the find Charlie. Victor picked up puma, putting her into her crate before heading off after Victoria. Nataliya looked around for a second, then after she was sure no one was watching she charged off with her dual hatchets to find Charlie.

Charlie was Running off, giggling mischievously as Sammy chased after her playfully, eventually catching up to her and lifting her up by her dress with her Mouth, guiding Charlie onto her back, which Charlie happily got on, holding onto her fur with her chubby little baby hands. Charlie hadn't even realized that she worried the others, she just wanted to explore and maybe find Madelynne, she knew Maddie wouldn't just leave her here! Right? Charlie cuddled up against Sammy. "I'm on a unicowrn doggy!" Sammy stopped in her tracks, slowly turning to face something or someone that she smelt, Sammy got into a fierce stance, baring her teeth as she growled in that direction, knowing someone was there, someone who could hurt Charlie, her baby. Sammy wouldn't let that happen. The sounds of the other members of the group shouting for Charlie could be heard.​

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Gia Mancini

Gia's dreams were not good. It could've been stress or restlessness or simply poor luck, though most likely it was a mix of the lot. She hadn't had the worst life before shit hit the fan, but it hadn't been sunshine and roses. The loss of her brother, which had destroyed her family. She never said it, but she always thought that was why she got into engineering. With her career, the problem was there and fixable. The solution might be tough, but she was a pro at tough problems. But people, she'd never been as good with. She hadn't been able to put the pieces of her parents back together after they lost their favorite child, she hadn't been able to earn their approval when she sought out a career they disapproved of. Neither of them had attended her wedding, even.

It was her wedding that featured in her dreams, though. Odd, considering it was a happy day. She and Sean, wine-drunk and laughing at a Motel 8. She, still in her wedding dress, he wearing her veil, just to make her laugh. Still drinking wine from the bottle as they sat fully clothed in the hot-tub. A good memory. A bad dream, as it turned out. The laughter echoed as her dream-self took another swig of the wine before glancing back at her then newlywed husband. As she watched him, his smile grew to an unnatural degree. Before she could say a word, it hit her - he wasn't smiling, his skin was stretching his lips into a deformed grin as he went ashen and pale, his eyes sinking into his skull, hair falling from his head. She felt his hands close around her throat, saw his gnashing, rotten teeth get closer and closer to her face despite her struggles.

Cans rattle.

Her eyes flashed open, immediately going to the mirrors she had set up. Nothing. But she hadn't made up that noise. She blinked away the last remnants of her disorienting dream and grabbed the closest thing she had to a weapon, her hammer. It had been in her toolkit, in the trunk of her car, when she fled. She as sure she could make a better weapon from the contents, she had utility knives and screwdrivers, but the hammer felt more appropriate. She gripped it so tightly her knuckles went white as she crept toward the rear window, peeking out just enough to catch a glance at the person outside. She only saw him from the side, but she didn't dare attempt a better view in case he saw her.

He wasn't a particularly intimidating-looking specimen, though he did look awfully familiar. Quite frankly, at that point, it didn't matter if her long lost grandma came knocking at the door, anyone was an enemy. Her fear kept her on edge, it was the only thing that kept her alive, whether she liked it or not.

What were her options? Fight, but she didn't like her chances. Neither of them appeared to have a gun. He didn't look to be in the best shape, but she'd hardly been working out regularly either, her hand shook just wielding her hammer. Run, but as weak as she felt, he could probably easily run her down, he looked fairly healthy, well-fed. Taken care of. Her mind, her best quality, was going a mile a minute. Safety was more valuable than diamonds, there weren't many attainable ways to get it. Either this guy had a fully stocked, fully protected bunker that kept him in good condition... or he had a group. That last option was troubling. If it did come down to a fight, even if she won, she'd make enemies, and she couldn't afford that. What did that leave her with? She supposed she could hide, but the guy clearly at least suspected that someone was there. Which left one real option, one safe option.

"Stay back." Her voice was hoarse, unused to speaking beyond the occasional muttering to herself, but she forced herself to project. Thinking quickly, she held her hammer closer to her waistband, as if it was a gun, and stood up, revealing herself to the window. "I don't have anything worth stealing, there's nothing here." She said, mustering everything she had to sound firm. One glance at one of the many mirrors surrounding her reminded her what she really was - terrified. Even paler than usual, eyes wide and darting, poised and ready to sprint in the opposite direction if she saw a sign of danger. Like a deer in headlights. She never hated herself more than she did in that moment, seeing how weak and vulnerable she'd become. She'd spent her entire life, her entire professional career, working twice as hard to prove she deserved to be there. She'd never had time for fear or meekness, it wasn't in her blood. In her world, she wasn't some whimpering coward, she was the confident expert, the smartest woman in the room and fully aware of it. She was ready for challenges. If those challenges hadn't come from some bad television show about the dead coming back to life, that is.

"What do you want?" She asked, taking a deep breath to still her shaking hand, forcing herself to stand slightly straighter. Sure, she wasn't going to win an intimidation contest, but maybe she'd look just a little less like a malnourished coward in the dim lighting. Alright, she'd played some poker in her lifetime. This was a grown man who had a better weapon than her. She couldn't intimidate him physically. So back to her preferred methods - mental manipulation. "Fair warning, this place is doused in gasoline. If I don't like your answer..." She paused, pulling a lighter from her pocket and flicking it so the small flame lit up her face slightly. "Things might get a little heated." Did it sound like a line from a super cheesy action film? Sure. But it was genuine. So what if she died? A blaze of glory sounded a lot better than starving to death in suburbia.
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Avery Bentley

It was the raised voices that caught his ear. Nobody shouted these days, it was a death sentence. Nobody would shout unless they were in danger. What kind of danger was there at an old zoo, though? A runaway zombie giraffe? He almost smiled at the thought as he crept forward, doing his best to be quiet. It could be a ruse. He'd heard of groups feigning a dangerous situation to lure in survivors, rob them blind or even kill them. He saw the adults first, though he stayed hidden as he observed them.

Reading people had never been his area of excellence, but this one was simple. They were looking for someone, someone named 'Charlie?' He assumed it was a kid, both from the panic in their voices and the fact that they were worried at all. He might be concerned if Gid walked away from camp unexpectedly, but he wouldn't go full-blown panic. If it were his hypothetical kid, though, different story. Besides, end of the world or not, kids had a tendency to wander. He elected to not approach the adults, not yet, but instead went deeper into the zoo. Empty enclosures, some with bloodstains. Charming place for a kid, but who was he to judge?

He heard the growling before he saw the source. Fuck, that sound made the hair raise up on the back of his neck. He got a little closer until an extremely weird sight came into view. A dog - wolf maybe? - with a kid on its back. Definitely weird. The sight of the animal should've been enough to tell him to go home, hope that the parents found the kid, but that wasn't in his nature. He figured he'd rather die from a wolf attack than a zombie one. "You must be Charlie." He said, doing his best to keep his voice light and relaxed, raising his hands. His baseball bat was still in his right hand, so he slowly bent down and set it on the ground.

"You got some people looking for you, kid. Although you've got... one hell of a companion to keep you safe." He added, chuckling quietly. The dog was beautiful, and he figured very protective of the kid, so he kept his distance. What did he know about kids? He had a couple nieces and nephews, all he remembered was that most of them didn't follow orders well unless they came from their parents, if then. He distinctly remembered a time his brothers had been at his house, with their kids. It had been time for the kids to leave, but they didn't want to, so he'd turned it into a game for them.

"Could you show me around this place? You look like you got the lay of the land." Back in the day, he would've never approached a strange kid, wolf or not. That was how one got pinned a child predator. But kids on their own these days died, and he was gonna get this kid back to her parents.

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The Wolf Pack

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Sammy watched intently as he dropped the bat, she stopped baring her teeth and gently took Charlie of her, setting her down beside her, then turning back to Avery. Charlie was giggling and looking up at Avery. "This is my doggy sissy named Sammy!" Charlie said with an excited little smile. Sammy was examining the boy closely, making sure he wouldn't try anything as she slowly circled around him, looking at every feature of him. Sammy sensed this boys intention with her strong intuition, he didn't seem like he had any plans to deal any harm to herself or her baby Charlie. "Who's wooking fowr me?" Charlie asked unsure why anyone would be looking for her, I'm with Sammy!! Charlie looked at the boy unsure when he asked for help. "My mommy said I cant talk to srwangewrs!" Charlie said as she crossed her arms, giving a stubborn little look before Sammy began to bark very loudly, her powerful barks echoing through the Zoo before she jumped with agile speed onto Avery, using both of her paws to hold his arms down, she barred her teeth at him to warn him not to try to break free. Charlie quickly grabbed the bat and lifted it, it was really heavy for her but she managed to hold it up, although she was almost falling over. "Dont huwrt my Sammy or I'll gibe you a boo boo wiphf dis!"

Grace, Zoey, Victoria, Victor, Jake, and Nataliya all rushed in, looking at the situation before them. Charlie dropped the bat and hopped up and down excitedly. Zoey whistled and in an instant Sammy hopped off of Avery, Victoria was already by Avery with her dagger at his throat. "Check him for veapons." Nataliya quickly felt around, feeling everywhere for weapons, taking any she found and tossing them away from Avery, as well as the baseball bat. Zoey ran to Charlie hugging her tightly, giving her multiple kisses on the head. "Oh my god Charlie.... don't scare me like that baby...." "But mommy I caught a bad guy!" Grace aimed her gun at Avery as she tilted her head to Victoria, Victoria quickly backed away. "you can stand up honey." Grace said with the gun pointed still, her aim steady. "What was he doing Charlie?" "He was telling me you guys wewre looking fowr him and asking if I could show him awound!" "Did he try attacking?" "No! he dwropped his weapon!" Jake, the very tall muscular boy cracked his neck. "What's your name kid? and what were you planning on doing with the little one." "Probably some sick fucking pedophile, Lets burn this bitch till he's fried chicken." "No, Please stop talking." Victor said annoyed with Nataliya. "Don't tell me to shut you talentless limp dick, troll faced, albino beta bitch." "I mean I am albino, I don't get how that's an insult... its just the truth? Victoria is an albino too so you're insulting her too. and I am a beta, I like a tough girl to be my Alpha." Victor gave a flirty wink to Zoey, she ignored it. "Yea well I like Victoria more than you bitch." Sammy sniffed Avery, slowly giving his cheek a lick. "If Sammy trusts him I do." Zoey said looking to grace. "If you trust him... then..." Grace lowered her gun. Jake extended his hand to Avery to shake it. "I'm Jake, that's Charlie, Zoey, Na-" "-Dominatrix." "Nataliya." "fuck you Jake-" "-Grace, Victor, Victoria, and Lizzie." Jake said as he pointed to everyone.

"Vhat are you doing here?" Victoria asked with a serious look as she looked Avery up and down. "I'm surprised the Zebears didn't kill you at the front." Victor said with a small, slightly disappointed smile. "Have fun with this idiot, I'm going to go set camp up for night, Victor you coming?" Nataliya said with an annoyed expression, turning to look at Victor. "At least warm me up a little first darling." "Drop dead dirt bag." Nataliya said as she flipped him off, heading back to the middle of their camp, Victor following slowly after. "You know sweetheart, if you don't have a camp, or any food, you could stay with us tonight?" Grace said being the kind hearted woman that she was. Victoria cringed, she didn't trust this boy they just met, I don't care if they do, I don't. If he were to stay Victoria would always keep one eye on him. Zoey picked up Charlie, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for not, y'know, doing anything." Zoey said looking down as if she was implying Avery could have done something else. "There's some pretty fucked up people these days y'know?" Zoey said with a soft smile. Grace, Sammy, Zoey, Charlie, Jake, Victoria and Hopefully Avery too, began to head back to the center of their camp, Victoria making sure to grab each of his weapons so he couldn't use any against her.​
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Avery Bentley

Avery listened to the kid, making sure to keep a reassuring smile on his face despite his mild panic. He’d almost thought that he was good, the kid seemed pretty alright with him, enough so that she might lead him to her parents, when his life became very, very complicated. Now, a wolf jumping on him and knocking him to his ass? An uncomfortable experience. But add a small child threatening him with his own weapon, and it became straight up insulting. “Good dog.” He said, keeping his breathing even and staying very still. Shep’s ancestors were really screwing him over right then. He suddenly appreciated his very small, nonthreatening puppy much more.

His day got suddenly worse when way more people than he remembered seeing before were suddenly there, and a very sharp looking knife appeared at his throat. He felt hands patting him down and winced slightly, extremely uncomfortable. Even still, he remained a fairly acceptable and agreeable hostage. It wasn’t until he saw them take his bat that he flinched, having to stop himself from reaching for it. “Don’t—“ he began, panic in his eyes. He didn’t care about his gun, his knife. But he was getting his bat back. He could still see the writing at the hilt in small black lettering. ‘A.M.B.’

He hesitated to stand, even when he’d been given permission, but slowly rose to his feet, keeping his movements as slow and predictable as possible, and his eyes glued on his bat. He didn't care about the gun, he probably would've felt safer taking it in their situation, too, but he was getting that bat back. He felt a slight prickle of anger, a feeling that was unfamiliar to him, when they insinuated his intentions with the kid. The smarter move was to keep quiet, so he did, but that pissed him off. How dare he try to help a lost kid with loud adults nearby that were going to draw every predator within a mile to their location? Clearly, he was a monster. But still, he kept his face blank, eyes still fixed on the bat. The bickering of the... he couldn’t tell if they were sleeping together or hated each other, but the duo that seemed very hostile to one another didn’t faze him. “Avery. I’d say nice to meet you, but I’ll be honest, I’m not feeling very welcome.” He said, forcing a smile. Not sarcasm, but his weak attempt at a joke under pressure. “Listen, I heard you guys shouting, I found your kid. I was worried that the noise would attract some unwelcome company, I wanted to make sure she wasn’t on her own, save for her very protective, very... heavy friend.” He said, rubbing his chest slightly where the paws of the wolf had pressed down on him. He shook the man’s hand who extended it, and did his best to remember the introductions though he knew he wouldn’t. He’d always been terrible with names.

“I’m not one of them.” His brain started working quickly as they tried to lead him to their base. He didn’t trust these people, despite his normal trusting nature. He was massively outnumbered, and they had his only possession that he cared about. “I have a group, actually.” He kept his words vague, they didn’t need to know how many people might be looking for him should they prevent him from leaving. “Listen, I’m not a moron, I’m very clearly outnumbered and out-armed. If you want to hold my gun to feel safe, feel free, but I’d really appreciate getting that back.” He said, nodding towards his bat. “It has sentimental value.” He added, hoping they’d give a damn enough to return it. What did they think he’d do? Approach a kid only to try to take on six people with a bat? He wasn’t an idiot. “I get you have a kid and you want to be cautious, but I have no interest in starting a fight here. I came out here to try to find people in trouble, to bring them back to my group.” He explained. He knew Adler wanted more people, so despite the fact that he’d been insulted, threatened, and robbed without much of an apology, he kept going. “You’re more than welcome to come back with me. Our group is growing every day, and these days, safety is in numbers. She might be safer.” He finished, glancing at Charlie briefly. He figured, worst case scenario, they took that as an insult and got pissed, which would just assure him that the group was probably better off without them anyways. He'd put his neck on the line once today, he wasn't going to beg a group of slightly unstable strangers to go back with him.

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Caelan Tatton and Kieran Buckley

Caelan narrowed her eyes slightly as she looked out the window, straightening slightly. They weren't driving toward a neighborhood like they normally did, they always set up at a house before Kieran went off scavenging. "Where are we?" She asked after a minute, watching him decelerate.

"Hospital. As useful as your leaves and flowers are, if one of us gets hurt, we'll need antibiotics, medicine, supplies that we don't have." Kieran said, pulling into the hospital parking lot.

"You don't think there will still be anything there, do you?" She pressed, and he shrugged.

"Can't hurt to try. You'll have to help me clear it out if it's bad, but by now, I'm sure it's mostly clear. We might not find anything, but we might find..." He trailed off, hand straying toward his big gun that he kept within arm's reach at all times. He'd told her what kind it was before, but she never knew anything about guns.

Kieran kept his eyes peeled on the figures he saw in the hospital parking lot. They'd ducked as he approached, but he was always on the lookout for non-shambling humanoid figures. They were the more dangerous kind. "Stay down." He ordered, making sure Caelan ducked down. "Take this." He added, pulling his pistol from his waistband and offering it to her. She hesitated, but took it.

"People?" She asked quietly, and he nodded. "How many?"

"Two, looks like. Women." Kieran said, parking his truck a few hundred feet away from the figures and immediately stepping out of the car, lifting his Mossberg to his shoulder. "Ladies. I'd rather not get any blood on this very nicely paved parking lot, so why don't we have a chat?" He called, hearing the sound of Caelan getting out of the car and grimacing slightly. "Get back in the car." He hissed.

"They're not threats. Put your gun down." She muttered, pushing his arm down. "They're not threats." She repeated, giving him a pretty impressive 'mom' look until he slowly lowered his gun. "We're not going to hurt you." She called out, lifting her hands.

"Jury's still out on that." Kieran muttered to himself, but he behaved and kept his gun lowered. Still, he was at the ready, finger resting on the trigger. He didn't care if Caelan wanted to be buddy-buddy, he'd rather get some more blood on his hands than get shot. But he'd play nice for the moment.

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“Fuck.” Cursed Ivy under her breath.

Ivy peeped through the broken glass window again, spotting the two figures standing by the newly arrived car. The woman didn't seem like much of a threat to her - a nice girl with no apparent sense of stranger danger lifting her hands, she could easily take her out. The man, however, was far more threatening - with his finger resting on the Mossberg's trigger and ready to put the gun to use, she could easily get shot if she tried to do something.

Before she could assess the situation any further though, her mother's voice interrupted her train of thought.

“Give me your weapons, sweetie.” Asked Precious.
“What?! Are you crazy?” Asked Ivy in disbelief.
“We can't keep living like this Ivy! Wandering the streets with no place to call home, no place to go back to... this is our chance.” Replied Precious.

Ivy stared at Precious, her eyebrows frowning and her right leg nervously shaking. She knew she could protect her mother, but she knew she wasn't invincible either. All of the close calls they've been in flashed before her eyes, every time they were seconds away or inches away from being torn apart by the dead... and she knew her mother was right. Although still a little reluctant, she handed over her knife and her gun.

Precious smiled tenderly and gave her daughter a quick kiss on the cheek. “We're gonna be alright, sweetie.” She said reassuringly before turning around and sending their weapons sliding across the ground, which landed a few meters away from them. Then, Precious slowly rose with her hands raised and motioned for Ivy to do the same.

Facing the tattoed man and the blonde woman, she spoke calmly and gently. “My name is Precious, this is my daughter Ivy.” She said, pointing at Ivy with her head. “Do you have a camp?” Asked Ivy bluntly, causing Precious to sigh but follow up on her daughter's question. “I'm a doctor, my daughter can fight... we can help you. Please, we... we don't have anywhere to go.” She pleaded.

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Avery Bentley

Avery kind of figured asking for his weapon back wouldn't end in his favor, but he didn't particularly care. He was biting his tongue hard enough to draw blood, letting the rather grumpy women insult him without a single word. He tensed slightly when one of the women moved quickly, shoving the rude one, but he relaxed immediately when she offered him his bat back. He made sure not to reach for it too quickly, and kept his grip on it relaxed. He had no intention of fighting them, even if he had kept his gun. If they wanted to fight, they could kill him unarmed. His thumb lightly traced over the initials etched into the bat for a moment. Carved in, more than anything, the lettering was still impressively neat despite that. He remembered sitting in his garage with a pocket knife, holding the brand new bat in place with one hand and carving the letters in with his pocket knife. He'd given it to the proper owner the next day.

The mention of his group did exactly what he wanted it to, to a point. Some of them were immediately interested, but even the rude ones seemed a little less interested in killing him for a moment. He had to hold back an eye roll when the unpleasant one - Victoria? - was suddenly all too willing to play nice for information. Fortunately, before he could feel too comfortable, another one of the women, he was pretty sure her name was Nataliya, stepped in to continue insulting him. "Seriously? Troll?" He sighed, cocking his head slightly. "That's... really unnecessary." He wasn't even offended, just a little tired of the attitude. He felt he'd been extremely nice considering they'd been insulting him and threatening to kill him since the moment they'd seen him, but even he didn't have that much patience. The sudden emotional outburst gave him pause, but the sudden tension in the group, he knew too well. They'd lost someone. Probably recently, clearly it affected the rude one the most. Her girlfriend, maybe? Sister? He didn't bother asking, it was none of his business.

He listened to them debating it silently, knowing his own feedback would do nothing to convince them if they didn't want to hear it. Instead, he kept his eyes down, inspecting the bat as if he was afraid it was damaged, until the older woman grabbed his hand, making him jump slightly. He almost pulled away instinctively, but he held himself in place. "We're not in the business of hurting people. No matter how rude they are." He eyed Victoria for a moment, but there was no hostility in his voice. "If you play nice and don't threaten to kill anyone, if you pull your weight, we'll do everything we can to protect you. That I will promise you. But this? The threats and the snide comments? There's no place for that. We take care of each other because we care, because we choose to put our lives on the line for each other. If you're coming with me, you gotta be willing to do the same thing." Of this, he was firm. He was in charge of nothing, he had no interest in playing leader, but he knew exactly what people like Victoria and Nataliya could do. He'd known them for a solid five minutes and he was still fairly certain one of them would slit his throat the second he turned his back. That lack of trust, that fear, could tear the group apart in an instant.

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Kieran Buckley and Caelan Tatton

Caelan waited anxiously for a moment, a little scared that she'd misread the situation, that these women would seek out a fight. Kieran almost seemed excited, as if he wanted them to. Caelan sighed slightly in relief when she saw the weapons go skittering across the pavement, immediately turning to Kieran. "Your turn." She said, her tone about as firm as it ever was.

"I'm not dying because you decided they're our new friends." He scoffed, tightening his grip on his gun.

"Please. Give them a chance." She pleaded, widening her eyes slightly. He didn't seem particularly moved by her best puppy-dog expression, but he did lower his gun completely. She had figured he wouldn't set it down, but instead of being ready to shoot in an instant, he almost looked relaxed, his gun hanging off its strap at his back. He could still be ready before they could, most likely, but he was no longer quite as murderous-looking. "You can keep your weapons. We're not going to rob you." She called out, and Kieran gave her a slightly irritated look. She was sure robbing them was exactly what he had in mind. "My name is Caelan, this is Kieran." She said immediately when they introduced themselves. She didn't seem put off by the younger girl's abrupt questioning, instead smiling slightly and nudging Kieran.

"No. We don't. We've been moving from place to place." He said begrudgingly, though his eyes remained on the daughter. Caelan had almost become like a sister figure, she was off limits. Nobody else was.

"We've been trying to find people. With more of us, we would have better luck finding a group." Caelan piped up, smiling hopefully. Not even a year before, the idea of a charged interaction with strangers would've been her worst nightmare, but of all the things she'd seen in the past six months, suddenly strangers seemed a little less scary. She noticed Kieran eyeing Ivy, and did her best to give him a 'no' look. She didn't want to say anything out loud, but the last thing she needed was his testosterone making stupid decisions. She was sure he was smart enough to not even try. Probably.

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Zoey giggled "Don't worry you aren't a troll, but you know that." Zoey gave Avery a flirty look as she looked at him suggestively. Victor rolled his eyes and went out into the hallway after Nataliya. Victor looked at Nataliya, picking up the polaroid that was crumbled thrown a little bit away from her. "Hey Nat, are you alright?" "Go away." Victor didn't listen and sat down beside Nataliya gently brushing his fingers through her hair. "Come here..." Nataliya looked up at him with sad eyes, reluctantly leaning into his arms. Grace looked at Avery for a second, letting go of his hands, she didn't appreciate the way he was speaking about her family, but it was understandable, they were a lot to deal with. When Avery implied Victoria was rude she wasn't even phased, she wasn't being rude but she knew some people wouldn't like her protectiveness of her family. Victoria kept silent as she had no desire to argue with this boy she had just met.

"We can pull our weight but what about Charlie, will she be safe there?" Jake asked, turning to Charlie as he spoke. Jake felt like he could get along with this boy, given he gets along with almost everyone, Jake trusted him. "I truly apologize for Nataliya, we've all just.... we've been through a lot and I know everyone has but... still..." Grace said as she cringed, she hated making others feel obsolete. Charlie got up running over to Avery and tugging on his pants lightly. "Is thewre any other tiny people like me!" "Its called kids goofball." Zoey said with a soft smile. "Oh okay is thewre any other kids!?"

"How many people do you have?" Victoria asked as she crossed her arms. "Do you have stable Valls? Clean Vater? Medicine?" Victoria stepped closer, but not too close. "I don't have a problem vith you, I'm just trying to keep my family safe." Victoria was used to people not liking her, but she felt as if she needed to explain herself, if she was going to be surviving with this boy, staying with him and his group she knew she needed to get along with him. "Ve have some medicine and supplies, maybe consider it a piece offering? or a welcome gift?" Victoria said with a very small smile as she sat down, she began to stroke one of her titanium throwing daggers, running her finger across the imprint of her fathers militia emblem. The door that Nataliya and Victor went through opened back up Nataliya looked pissed off, but she sat down away from Avery, beginning to sharpen her hatchets with a sharpening stone. "I promise on behalf of my group that we wont start any trouble." Zoey said confidently, Nataliya rolled her eyes. "Well... at least not on purpose."​


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The second she heard the words “keep your weapons” Ivy immediately walked over to where their weapons had landed and picked them up. Noticing the cold stare Kieran was giving her, his eyes eyeing her every move, she threw out a snarky remark. “Don't worry tough guy, your face is too pretty to put a bullet hole on.” She said with a snicker. Her mother immediately turned her head to face her and gave her a look of disapproval. “Excuse my daughter, she can be a little... feisty. But she'll behave from now on, won't she?” Precious asked. Ivy rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, but stopped talking.

Precious then turned to Caelan and smiled softly, placing her hands on her heart as a sign of gratitude. “Thank you, Caelan, we'd be more than happy to join you.” She said. Figuring out that the two person group probably didn't come to the hospital with the intent of recruiting people and that they probably still had some business to get to, she also made a proposal. “If you want to we can help you scavenge. I know what's good for you, what's not good for you, what cures what, what doesn't cure what, et cetera. I'd be happy to help.” She said.

“I'm in too.” Ivy followed up, to Precious' surprise. While she wasn't particularly excited by the idea of scavenging alongside them, there was no way she was leaving her mother by herself. Pleasantly surprised by her response, her mother smiled and nodded at her.

“Well, then we have a crew! If you want to, that is.” Precious said happily.

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Kieran and Caelan

Caelan was almost impressed that Kieran didn't respond to Ivy's comment with a sarcastic one of his own. She saw his mouth open to, but he, for once, chose the smarter path of keeping his mouth shut. He didn't seem too moved by Precious' gratitude, but he kept his disdain to himself. "That would be wonderful." Caelan responded to their offer of scavenging together with a slight smile, though Kieran shot her a look. They were getting a little too good at communicating without words.

"Yea. Sounds like a plan." Kieran said after a moment, shrugging slightly. He didn't trust them, but if Caelan insisted on being friendly, he'd play along for the moment. Until he had reason to believe they were holding him back, then he had an entirely different plan in mind.

The scavenging wasn't easy, even Kieran had to admit it was probably a good thing they found help. He focused more on the zombie killing than the looting, he had no clue what was what, though he did find a nice bottle of Fentanyl that he pocketed when nobody was looking. It wasn't like he had a dealer anymore, he had to make do. By the end of it, his knife was bloodied and his shirt was splattered with zombie gore, but they'd cleared out a significant chunk of the hospital. He watched as Caelan approached him, her bag rattling with the sound of pills.

"Get anything good?" He asked conversationally, kneeling to wipe off his knife blade on the torn shirt of the last zombie he'd killed.

"Got some painkillers, antibiotics, good things. What about you?" She asked, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"Oh yea. Check this out." He nodded, pulling a doctor's coat, whatever it's called, from his bag and putting it on, wrapping a stethoscope around his neck. "Found it on a walker, made sure to kill it clean so it didn't ruin my new outfit." He smirked.

"You're an idiot." She said simply, shaking her head.

"I'm a doctor, actually." He shot back, tossing the stethoscope to the ground and putting the coat back into his bag. Didn't want it to get stained, after all. Caelan just shook her head again and walked away from him, approaching Precious.

"Have you guys been alone since this all started?" She asked, her tone hesitant. A lot of people didn't like talking about their past, she didn't blame them.

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Zoey's comment threw Avery off for a second, giving him pause. Was she... flirting? He'd never been able to tell, but he had to assume she wasn't. Most of them seemed to hate him off the bat, pun intended. He watched as one of the guys went in the same direction as the woman went, trying to keep track of where everyone had gone. He got the impression that the older woman was insulted, but despite his usual nature to apologize, he held his tongue. He would've felt bad if anything he'd said had been untrue or even an exaggeration, but it wasn't.

The question from the guy, Jake, made him nod immediately. "She'll be safe. She'll have more people watching her, keeping an eye on her. We wouldn't let a kid get hurt." He said firmly. Hell, the kid had threatened him in a very nonthreatening way, and he'd still do everything he could to make sure she was safe. She reminded him of his niece. "All of us have lost someone. You don't have to apologize for that." He shrugged. Hell, Gid and Adler spent every spare second looking for those that they'd lost. It was all he could do. Every time Avery left the group, he prayed he'd return with Andy or Erin, and he was hardly the praying type. He looked down at the kid when she tugged at his pants, making sure to keep his distance. They clearly assumed the worst about him, he wasn't going to give them any reason to continue to do so. "There's a little girl. A little older than you, name's Mel." He nodded. He figured Mel would be over the moon to have someone her age around.

"Including me, we have about... six." He said, counting it up in his head. "But we're finding more people every day, we have people out right now looking for more survivors. We haven't settled down yet, but we have plans to. We need more manpower before we can find a place to defend. I'm not going to lie and tell you it's a perfect, defensible fortress, but we haven't had any incidents yet. We always have people wherever we've settled to watch Mel, to watch whoever can't be out and about. Once we have people who can design and build a place, we're done with the moving around. We have supplies, food, medicine. You can keep yours or add it to the group supplies, that's your call." He explained quickly, knowing they'd probably have more questions or comments. He knew they weren't the best case scenario, it was a small group, they hadn't had time or manpower to settle, but they were more stable than the group he'd just found.

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The school was pretty large, it was really windy in there, must be all the doors that were open. Surprisingly, there wasn't really any bodies. All the children must've gotten away from there, before it started. The walls were filled with drawings. Drawings of the children's families, their pets and all kinds of other stuff. It made Adler, want to find his own even more. But he also thought of his group, some are families as well. They had a spot in a little house, that wasn't a place for a family. He then got a great idea
''Gid. I know what to do. Let's make Alice and the kids proud. Let's keep the others safe. When we get back to the others. We'll drive, drive until we find a perfect place for everyone to sleep. For the kids to play. For us to just be safe. We'll build houses if there isn't enough. Walls for the undead to stay out of. Farms to have food all the time.''
Adler had this in mind, he needed this. That was what he needed to earn, and he were really determined to do it, when they got back.
He couldn't help but smile with that thought, while they were searching the school. Why were they even there? What supplies are at a school? But he was happy, because he probably wouldn't had got that idea without it.

A struggling sound came from one of the class rooms. Adler gave Gid a confused look. When he peeked inside, a kid sat in a chair. But not a healthy kid, an undead one. It had been sitting there for a long time, but it was stuck by it's school bag handles. He walked slowly over to it, got a sad look on his face. It was only a kid, it's parents must've looked for him/her for a long time.
He equipped his Kukri knife from his side, and carefully stuck it into the kid's head. He then unstrapped the bag. ''It's a kid Gid. We have to make this right''. He lifted the kid outside, placing it on the ground. He didn't have a shovel, so he covered the body with leaves and flowers ''May you rest in peace''.

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Hayden and Gus
With the screamer a few meters away from them, they tried to sneak away. But Gus was so unlucky, that a glass bottle were laying just in front of his one foot. He kicked it by accident, and the screamer turned very fast looking at them. It then yelled out the biggest scream, that made the two of them covering their ears.
''God damnit Gus, you fucking idiot!''
''I'm sorry!'' Gus said, with a screaming Frank on his shoulder.
''We gotta make a run for it!'' Hayden said, as he did.
Gus ran just behind him, slowing behind because of his weight, a lot of walkers were after them, but luckily they could only walk. ''Fuck! There's so many! We have to get out of the city!''
Gus then spotted a neighborhood a few acres away from the city they were in, he pointed, showing it to Hayden. ''That's so long!''
''What else do you want to do?'' Gus said, breathing for air.
They ran, they could make it. The walkers luckily walked, but they could still get onto them, with Gus's speed. Hayden didn't really care for Gus, but he didn't want to be alone.

They got into the neighborhood, they almost couldn't breath, and their legs were totally hammered. The walkers were a good 220 meters away from them, they could still see them heading for them. So they had to find a quick place, where they didn't see them go in.
Then, they got into the closest house .

They didn't notice this, but they just had to hide really quickly.
Hayden smashed the door in, and closed it loudly, sliding down from a wall, to sit leaning his back at it. Gus fell onto the ground, breathing for air.
''I-I have never run so lo- long- before'' Hayden said, almost couldn't breath.
Then, a sound came from one of the rooms. They both looked at each other. ''Someone's here'' Hayden said.

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The scavenging, although far from easy, was fairly successful, at least for Precious. Ivy didn't find much - she was too busy watching her mother's back and keeping an eye out for both the dead and the living. Her mother, however, was able to scavenge many supplies - medical pills, gauze rolls, even some medical equipment too.

Caelan's approach prompted Ivy to position herself closer to her mother, always on the lookout. Precious showed no concern however, welcoming Caelan with a smile, although it faltered a little after hearing her question. While Precious enjoyed reminiscing the past, more so the joyful and light-hearted moments obviously, death was naturally a trickier subject - her husband's death especially. Still, she tried to remain composed and answer the girl's question.

“No, we... we had my husband.” Answered Precious, pausing before continuing. “We lost him pretty early on... he was my light.” She said with a bittersweet smile, remembering her fallen loved one. “Losing him was hard... but we keep moving, right? For the ones who are still here.” She said looking at Ivy, who looked back at her with a slight smile.

Knowing how difficult it was for her mother to talk about her father, Ivy approached the two women and subtly interrupted their conversation, placing a hand on her mother's shoulder and turning to face Caelan. “Speaking about moving, where do we go from now? I'm assuming we aren't going to stay here forever.” She asked.

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Elowen Booker
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Elowen used to hate the fact that she was a light sleeper. A pin dropping could wake her up. Now though? She was grateful for such a useless talent. A loud noise from the front of the house jolted her from her sleep. Ellie froze as she listened to a pair of footsteps rush inside, followed by some voices. Part of her was relieved in a sense, if there were voices then maybe they were people. But she knew not all humans could be trusted, she'd seen enough movies to know that. And the apocalypse was the perfect time for humans' true nature to come out.

Slowly, she rose from the mattress, grabbing a nearby baseball bat. Human or not, she intended on using this. She raised the bat over her head and began making her way out of the bedroom.

"I-I'm not one of them..." She called out into the darkness. "Oh..." Her eyes adjusted, allowing her to see the two men standing in front of her. One appeared to be an older, more heavyset man while the other was a younger man maybe a couple of years older than her? She lowered her bat, allowing it to rest at her side. "Um..." What was she supposed to say? Sorry, I was about to hit you? She had every intent on doing that, but that was before she saw them. The two standing in front of her looked like they wouldn't harm her, maybe. And the idea sounded good, but she'd only be able to attack one of them, and who knows what the other would do.

And then she heard the moans of the undead.

Her confusion was quickly replaced with frustration, "You guys really led zombies here?" She tightened her grip on the bat as she began pacing the hall. What were they gonna do now, going out the front door would get them killed. She scanned the dark house until finally, her eyes rested on the back door. "Can you guys run?" She began making her way towards the glass door, sliding it open. The two didn't have much of a choice, whether they wanted to or not Elowen was leaving. She didn't want to stick around when the horde inevitably showed up.
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Victoria was already annoyed by this kid, he was exaggerating for their untrusting. "Listen, zese days you you can trust any vun, don't get all butt for us not immediately trusting you, If I vas in your shoes I'd understand." Zoey sighed, she did agree that he was exaggerating but everyone reacts in different ways and she understood that. "Listen babe." Zoey said as she leaned in, brushing her fingers across his bicep and giving him a flirty look. "We'll trust you if you trust us, you've given us no reason to distrust you, but I need you to understand that we're just being safe, paranoia is only safe these days and I apologize for that." Zoey took the things that Victoria had taken off Avery and handed them back to him, looking up to Victoria and smiling, Victoria smiled back. "Now lead us to this... group, you need your weapons for that."

After The group had packed up all their stuff, got their gear together and packed it into their van with a unicorn spray painted on the side of it they all got into the car, Jake was driving, Grace was in the front passenger seat with lizzie in her lap, Nataliya was in the very back holding Puma, Victor and Victoria sat in the middle row with Sammy in-between them, and Charlie and Zoey sat in the middle back seat, space next to Zoey available. The very back of the van was completely jam packed with boxes and supplies. Zoey flirtatiously looked at Avery and patted the seat beside her.

After the short drive, letting Avery guide them with directions the car pulled to a halt. "So this is it?" Jake asked as he looked out the front window, turning back to the others. "Looks like-" Grace cut Nataliya off before she could finish. "I want everyone on their best behavior." Grace said with a stern look. "She's talking to you Nataliya." Victor said with a giggle. "Shut your foul mouth." Victoria in an instant threw a dagger at Nataliya and Stabbed a Dagger down in-between Victors Thighs, centimeters away from his member. The dagger was in the car seat right beside Nataliya, a centimeter away from hitting her torso. "Behave." Victoria said before opening the car door and stepping out, the others stepping out shortly after. "So uh... what do we have to do anyway... to like get into this group?" Jake asked as he turned to Avery. As grace stepped out Lizzie cuddled against her stomach, grace held her like a baby and kept her warm. Nataliya carried Puma out and gently stroked her ears. Sammy hopped out protectively standing with the group, sniffing and looking around them. Zoey picked Charlie up, holding her in her arms as she looked over to Avery.​

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    6. Mystery
    7. Romance
    8. Slice of Life
    9. Super Powers
    10. Supernatural
    11. Zombies