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Fandom World Of Magic

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Cook of the Thousand Sunny
Note: Not a Fandom Rp, just based upon many fandoms and likely will attract more interest from the fandom crowd than the fantasy crowd

World of Magic
What if I told you things you see on Tv, read in fiction books, hear about in mythology and religion, and other sources of storytelling had some amount of truth to it? What if I told you that magic was real and people were taught it in secret? What is I told you that it was all to prepare for a war that no one knew if or when it would happen?

You’re a high school student, between the ages of 15 and 18 years old, and along with your regular studies you’ve been asked to come along to take part in a lecture for prestigious students as part of a program offered at your school. Some of you may think what the hell yeah I’m pretty smart, while others may think that you don’t think the invitation was meant for you, but it’s your name and address on the letter, spelled clear as day. So whatever your reason is you end up going. Turns out you’ve been identified as a potential candidate to join the secret magic cram school under the academy, that’s run by a secret division of the government called the magic corps, an assortment of mages like a military force who defend the world from forces of light and darkness. All too strange to be true by then again most stories are.

Hello Everyone, I decided to put up this interest check because this was an idea I came up with a while ago and I’ve been adding to ever since, I have quite a lot of things bouncing around for it in my head and a lot of it has been inspired by novels, movies, television (anime included), mythology, and religion (I’m not a religious person so I don’t mean to offend anybody or turn anyone off from this roleplay, when I said inspired I mean lightly and it definitely won’t be a focus) which is why this is posted in the fandom section as I assumed it would appeal to the fandom crowd more. For those of you who do not like the school archetype for role play do not worry that is only a small portion of what I have planned and the role play will quickly branch out with both linear and dynamic story lines. I will go into the mechanics a little bit as I find that can help people see what they are getting into and help generate a bit of interest, this role play won’t use any leveling or ranking system, your characters power will be controlled by you, within reason of course as most people don’t want to have one person ruin all their fun with an over powered character. On that note I also try not to give plot armor, its no fun when there’s no risk. But here’s a little more on the role play itself regarding the plot.

Setting/ Plot
Your characters will be in a world much like our own but where magic exists and is kept secret, Magic is used to fight off forces of light and dark, which I’ll get into in a bit, but most religions are based off these two forces, likely from when a human encountered them and couldn’t explain what they saw, though unlike in religion, by human standards anyways, neither force is good or bad. The majority of the roleplay will focus on your characters working with the magic corp to battle these forces, there will be both linear story lines where I will run the show with a central plot and times when you’ll have more freedom of movement in between these arcs where I will come up with some non-central side plots or you guys can focus on your own plots. The role play will start in a cram school environment where students will learn the fundamentals of magic, but we will quickly move out of that environment and characters will have to try and maintain a normal life while also keeping their commitment to fight with the magic corps.

Magic Mechanics
Magic is what is considered to be feats of supernatural power performed by normal humans, basically using powers of both light and dark forces to produce and effect. Magic for humans uses what most call mana, a percentage of light and dark forces that are contained within the human body and can be expressed outwardly. While all humans have some mana not many have enough to use magic, and most will never have enough, it can usually be determined between the ages 15 to 18 if humans will be able to use magic, with the occasional late bloomer or prodigy (yes that means you can have characters outside of that initial range). There are several types of magic that exist in the world the most common being basic magic, which is a collection of abilities that anyone with magical power can perform. The second most common is elemental magic, all mages have the ability to perform some kind of elemental magic. The third type is specialty magic, which are usually unique to a blood line and can range from consisting of one or two spells to the upwards of hundreds.

Elemental Magic
Elemental magic is the most used form of magic and consists of 5 elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning. These basic five elements make up the fundamentals of magic, your character will start with one of these five. But what about the other elements such as Iron for example? Well magic is progressive, meaning from your base magic your magic will upgrade allowing you to access new elements. Magic of all types has a fundamental rule that there are 4 levels or less, meaning that your magic can upgrade 3 times from base level, think of it like going from a normal sayian to super saiyan 3 if you want to put it in dragon ball terms. For example a mage who starts with basic level earth magic may progress to metal at the second level, then from there they could move to gravity magic at the third level, and planetary magic at the 4th, or something similar, magic is not linear its based on the person using it, two earth mages may end up with very different abilities by the time they reach stage 2 or so on. That being even at the 1st stage your power is not limited, as you reach the higher stages the power of your lower stages will also increase. Also you have the option of learning base elements outside of the ones you begin with, though its rare for mages to focus on all elements as it takes a ton of work just to learn an additional one. This applies to all stages as well, so long as you have the magic power to use elements at that stage. The magic stages are sometimes referred to as Basic, Advanced, Expert, and Master, there are very few mages in history who have reached master class level.

Basic Magic
Now that Ive explained a little about elemental magic and magic stages I can get into basic magic. It’s a collection of spells that all mages can use regardless of their elemental affinity. Soul weapons are the most well-known form of base magic and they usually materialize when the user begins to progress in magic, they are weapons that reflect the soul of their user, and again they follow the four stage rule of magic, meaning that their abilities can be upgraded and released up to four times (think zanpakuto from bleach except with 4 distinct forms rather than 3 and not confined to a katana). Another form of basic magic is recovery magic which allows the user to recover from wounds, the users elemental magic can be woven into this to make it more effective. Theres also enhancing magic, this allows the user to enhance certain capabilities such as their physical strength, physical defense, magical defense, and speed, it is a rather broad list that has a variety of effects allowing users to protect themselves from lower power magic spells, increase their skins strength to prevent injury, move from point a to b in an instant. There are also other less used categories of basic magic such as divination, cloning, tracking, sealing, and others but all come in handy at times. In addition there are also a wide variety of magical objects out in the world.

Specialty Magic
Specialty magic is magic that doesn’t conform to elemental or basic magic, or has a certain aspect of it that special and unique. Specialty magic usually only has one stage as it’s usually a very simple but useful ability, but it may have more than one depending on its nature. Most specialty magic is bloodline magic, a magic that is specific to someone’s family and is passed down from generation to generation. Usually if two people with specialty magic have a kid then the kid only gets one ability, but in very rare cases they can end up with two. Specialty magic can also be developed from a magical mutation, granting the user a unique ability that no one else has.

Final Note
I’ll eventually give more information about the world, setting and plot line but for now I just wanted to give people a basic idea of what the role play will be about and some specifics on the abilities in hopes of catching some of your interest, and if enough people are interested I can have a character sheet up relatively soon.​


Cook of the Thousand Sunny
Fantasy - World of Magic Character Sheets Here it is everybody, you can begin working on your characters now, and I'll get you more information asap, so if you would like to pm me on parts your unsure of then your welcome to, I will answer any questions, or you can leave your character as a work in progress or you can complete it and make any revisions after I get that information to you, but there shouldn't be much to change once I do have it typed up, you can expect that before the weekend. other than that, have fun with coming up with great ideas, let your imaginations run a little bit and build a character thats both unique but with in the restrictions.

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