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Fantasy World of dragons- the riders cronicals.


The dagger to the sword
A muzzle secured her jaw shut. The swaying of the ship constantly causes Redslashe's claws to skid along the wood. Her wings were pinned to her sides to keep her from flying away. At least she had free roam of the deck. She wasn't anything but a hatchling also known as a newt but already she dug her teeth deep into the arm of her rider.

She had started to refuse to eat. Upset that it was not sweetly seasoned and hand fed to her like when she was back home in China. They worshiped the dragons made them part of their daily life. But it was the way of the world. She was traded to America to start a breeding program for her species now and to show that there was still some semblance of peace between the nations.

There were many other dragons on the ship, below, in the sky and on deck. Red dragged herself to one of the ones on the wooden platform. She snorted, acting like she owned the place. "What's your name?"

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