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    /monthly_2017_01/5873e542eec8c_Lordoftheringslogo.png.22480e8d1391fcba9ce5a0c233b3f5c1.pngAs you put the book down it opens on it's own and there at the top of the page is written: Get ready to go on you're first adventure.

    There was a bright flash of late and those who have read the first page of the book of realms are transported into the city of Rivendell some of you may be dwarves while others may be humans or Elves. "Please be aware that if you die you will never be able to return if you die in the realm" A voice says in the back of your mind


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    Mina Burkley~


    Mina, at reading the words, formed a puzzled expression, which was quickly replaced by shock as the book she was holding, much like the other books the other ones were holding, all lit up, and then everything turned white.

    After that whole ordeal, Mina woke up to find that she was no longer in the back of the library. Quickly getting up, she looked at her new surroundings. Everything was beautifully architected, and she saw some towns-folk with lovely drapes and royal-like garbs, almost like she was in... oh my.

    "T-this can't be... How could I have gone into Lord of the Rings?!" she asked herself to no avail of an answer. She then noticed that her hair wasn't the same color it usually was.

    "What the...?" she looked around and found a puddle on the side of the road, which she looked at and saw her reflection-which didn't look a thing like her. Blonde hair braided into pigtails with pointed ears covered by a cloak all with Link-from-the-Legend-of-Zelda-esque clothing and an archer's bow and a quiver full of arrows on her back. Even though this elven girl she saw staring back at her looked really cool and pretty, it also scared Mina. What had happened!? And where were the others? She then looked behind her and answered her own question, as she saw the others starting to awaken on the side of the road from where Mina herself had been lying just moments ago. Because of the pile of people of different species just lying on the ground, many of the elven folk had started to stare and walk over to them in curiosity. She'd hoped that the others would wake up soon, for she didn't have any answers for these wondering people, and she didn't know how they would react to the used-to-be humans in their town.
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    I already knew something was wrong when I opened my eyes. What had just happened? The book opened, there was a flash of light, and now... I sat up, and was immediately alerted to the very un-library like area I was now in, surrounded by what I assumed where the other people from the library. Looking down, I gasped when I saw what I was wearing, and quickly stood up to go to the puddle another girl, or elf I guess, was staring into. "I've always wanted white hair, but...", I looked nothing like myself, and I looked as if I was about to march into battle, a sword, bow and sheath all behind me. Luckily, as I stared into my eyes, they were still the same eyes I knew, even if they were confused, so I wasn't a complete stranger to myself. Noticing my ears, it clicked. Were we in...? Looking up, that question was answered, when I saw where we were. It was Rivendell, no doubt about it. 

    I worried a little about what that voice had said, although it was at the back of my mind while I marvelled at the beautiful scenery and city. "Well. Thank god I'm good at combat.", I looked at the girl next to me, "I'm Athena by the way. I guess we should know each others names, considering we look so different.". Another thing I was very much glad about now, was my creativity with materials. Ha! And my maths teacher said I would never find a use for it. Resourcefulness would certainly come in handy here.


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    Layton Everett

    The first thing Layton noticed was that the ground below him felt suspiciously like dirt. The second thing he noticed was the sounds around him, somewhere above him a bird chirped, female voices filled his ears and he twitched in his place on the ground. Eyes blinked open, eyes that almost looked entirely white. Layton stared at the sky above him and thick eyebrows drew together. Pulling himself up onto his elbows his newly white eyes widened, the people around him, they were not entirely....normal, at least not to him. That's when he noticed the females currently engaged in conversation both of them obviously elven. In curiosity, Layton's hand went up to his ear and he sighed, still human, his hair was shorter though. With a grunt, Layton pushed himself up off he ground and to his feet. A long sword sat next to his feet, one that he found fit snuggly in the sheath on his back.

    "I imagine you all are as confused as I am?" He glanced between the two and ran a hand through his newly shortened hair,"My name is Layton. Pleasure."


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    James rubbed at his eyes as he worked.  As he flipped a page to continue his essay, the leather-bound book flipped open as well.  A bright flash of white filled his vision as he fell forward.  Then thunk.  A few blind seconds later, he feels the dirt in his face and a burning sensation in his forehead.  Groaning, he pushed himself up of the ground, groaning as he did.  His breath caught as he looked around, taking in the view of his surroundings.  

    His eyes lock on the others.  Then he looks down at the ground, then back to them then down again.  With a groan he simply said.  "That's Bullcrap" He walked over to them, the top of his head coming up to just below their midriff.  "Anyone care to explain what the hell just happened"  His tone is no nonsense, and he has a deeply disconcerted look on his now dwarven face. He fails to give his name.   
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    I turned to Layton as the dwarf arrived, not noticing him, "Yeah... I'm Athena.". I guessed that book hadn't been exaggerating, and I had to admit, I was more excited than scared at this point. I looked down at the dwarf as he spoke, and snorted involuntarily, even if I was trying my hardest not to laugh. "Hehe, sorry. Err, well... I presume you all also got that weird book, well, I have a feeling it was telling the truth. By the looks of things, we're currently in the Lord of The Rings book series, in Rivendell. Although, I would very much like to find out what time or placement we got here... What's your name?", I certainly didn't fancy stealing any jewels from dragons, or fighting Sauron for that matter.

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    Mina turned to the others that had just awoken. The first one to wake up was another girl, whom seemed older than Mina but still a young woman, and introduced herself. Just as Mina was about to do the same back, two of the others, one a human and the other a dwarf, also woke up and introduced theirselves as well as asked as to what was going on. The girl, Athena, seemed to have explained the scenario well, as it matched what had happened to Mina at the library, and confirmed her suspicions as to where they were. "Hello! I'm Mina, and it is a pleasure to meet you all!" Said the excited short elven girl. "So wow, I guess we're in the Lord of the Rings book series? I would say that it's really cool, but I'm not sure if that means we're going to be in a lot of danger, since I never did read the books or watched the movies other than two Hobbit movies. But I think I have a good idea as to what we have to do, since my dad and my friends tell me about this stuff all the time. What do you think we should do now?" She asked, hoping someone had a clue as to where they should start off. She hoped it wouldn't be too dangerous of an adventure, since she simply could not allow herself to die. She had family and friends she had to protect back home, and she never wanted her loss of life to be the cause of theirs.
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    largeAnimePaperscans_Carnelian_KisaraGirl066__THISRES__206896.jpg Dani looked down at the strange leather bound book as it began to glow. She sheilded her eyes and when she opened them once more she was in a totally different place and as she looked at her reflection in the pool water she squeaked and stumbled backwards. She looked completely different than herself and that scared her. Dani looked around and saw a group of people. 

    She walked over to them and stood straight up. "Hello, I'm Dani I can tell we are in the Lord of the rings universe but which era?" She said in a dreamy sort of voice. Then she saw who she believed was Bilbo baggins and then she saw Fili and Kili. "So we are in the hobbit."

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