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Fantasy Wonderverse: Lone Oak High School OOC



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I mean it not like she's a Foreigner from an unnamed country, with parents who do conservation work in addition to rescues.


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Alright if you haven't gotten out your final posts before the teacher's debut, now's the time. Wanna get the roleplay moving along here pretty soon.

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I love it :bishiesparklesl:

It's awesome seeing the small things I briefly mentioned and wrote about build up into having some impact on others, it makes the world come alive.
To be honest with ya, man. I used your "small detail" not only as a supporting impact but also grappling hooked into it because I really couldn't think of a good motive for me gal.

Chie hasn't put two and two together that her mother's killer is not too far, connection wise.


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Omg Mr. Byrnes is really and entire mood. Optimo Optimo I really love that post, Jack's thoughts on everyone plus the teacher's entrance, it's just so well written.

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