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Realistic or Modern WLW Roleplay

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Looking for something new and fun
I am looking for someone who is interested in doing a WLW (Women loving women) Roleplay.

I want something dramatic, romantic and cute.

My character is usually more on the submissive side personality wise so I’d like someone who can play more dominant characters.

Age gap characters are welcome.

Please be 18+ as I am 21.

I have some pregnancy plots that are WLW or we can talk and brainstorm a non pregnancy plot for a Roleplay if that is something you’re interested in.

I love out of character conversation and making new friends so if that something you’re also interested in then we’ll get along.

Message me or reply here if you’re interested in working with me on making a fun Roleplay.

Please be able to write at least more than two sentences and I write in first person but I don’t care how you write.

Pregnancy Related Plots (I’d prefer to play the pregnant one)-

We are a WLW YouTube couple and we just got married so we are looking into starting a family through IVF.

We’ve been married for over a year and have been struggling to get pregnant through IVF but finally a miracle happens.

You’re my teacher and you find out I’ve been kicked out of my house for being pregnant when you see me sleeping in my car.

Your childhood best friend comes to you and tells you she’s pregnant and her parents have kicked her out. Also the father wants nothing to do with the baby. You’ve had a crush on her for a long time.

You’re a young single parent and you notice a young pregnant woman struggling in the baby sections.

You and me are ex high school sweethearts and it’s been a few years since we’ve seen each other. We meet in a baby store and I’m pregnant and you are a single parent. We catch up together and we realize we are both single.

Your pregnant best friend confesses to you that her boyfriend and baby’s father is abusive and won’t let her leave. You’re protective of her and the baby so you help her leave.

You’re a young female vampire and in this universe you can get other females pregnant. Humans and other vampires but only if they are your soulmate. One night you meet a beautiful girl at a bar and you can tell she’s a human. You’re not looking to settle down anything soon and so a little fun with a beautiful girl wouldn’t kill you. You two get drunk together and end up slipping away for a little fun. After you give her your phone number but you weren’t expecting her to tell you she was pregnant. You could tell the baby was yours. How will you tell her that you got her pregnant? Will you have to confess to being a vampire? How will you handle knowing you accidentally met your soulmate?

You just moved into a new house and one day you meet your neighbor who lives with her father. She’s a pretty quiet girl who doesn’t talk very much and keeps mainly to her house. You notice something is off with her when she’s wearing long sleeves in the summer heat and how she seems so skinny and fragile. She’s also never lets anyone into her house and you hear rumors about her around the neighborhood about how her father is a drunk. Your room happens to be just across from hers but she never has her curtains open until one day. You see her dad’s truck pull off and her curtains are open. You notice how bare her room is and how holes scatter the walls. You also notice not everything about her is small when you see her walk past the window with a clearly enlarged belly. Another thing you notice is her bruise covered legs. Will you try saying something or will she just shut you out? (They can also be classmates in high school.)

Regular plots -
* Friends with benefits
* Best friends
* Neighbors
* Enemies
* Teacher and Student
* College and High School
* Strangers
* Innocent and Rebel
* Kidnapped and the Kidnapper
* YouTuber and Fan
* Famous and Nonfamous
* YouTubers
* YouTube Couple
* Rich and Poor
* Secret Relationship
* Arranged Marriage
* Ex's
* Ex High school sweethearts
* Secret Pregnancy
* Starting a family
* Flirting Best Friends
* Long distance relationship
* Girl and Boyfriends Sister/Brother
* Relationships Problems
* Locked in the School
* Battle of the bands
* Preacher's Daughter and Rebellious Girl/Boy
* Teen mom/dad and Random Girl/Boy
* Accidentally Pregnancy
* Bosses Daughter and Employee.
* Blind Date.
* High School Sweethearts.
* Engagement.
* Nerdy Boy/Girl and Popular Girl/Boy.
*Hidden Child.
*Vampire and Prince/Princess.
*Military Couple.
*Boss and Coworker.
*Dancer and bad boy/girl.
*Age gap couple.
*Young cancer patients.
*Young cancer patient and student nurse.
* Any suggestions you have.

Age gap plots- (I’d prefer to be the younger one)
  • Boss and new intern or assistant
  • New college professor and student
  • Sugar baby arrangement turned into love
  • Strangers at a bar
  • Meeting through a dating app
  • Meeting your college child’s girlfriend
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