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Fantasy wlw fantasy, anyone?

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Hi there! My name is Shelby, I'm 20 years old and I've been roleplaying for 8+ years now, a little off and on.

Here are my rules:
  • Writers and characters both be 18+ please. It makes me slightly uncomfortable to roleplay with people younger for some reason.
  • No Godmodding (do not control my characters actions at any time. I usually like to ask for permission to play other side characters as well. Sometimes I like to switch hands with them too)
  • As with godmodding rules mentioned above, please be able to play multiple characters/have the actions of side characters in your responses. So, your main character can still be in the forefront of your roleplaying, but side characters can get shit done too. I will mostly be roleplaying in this style myself, but sometimes having multiple main characters with breaks between views is just as fun.
  • Please match my length and my energy. I find so often that I'm the one moving the roleplay down a path. I really like my partner's responses to move.
  • I love to plot! I prefer lots of plotting. I really like someone to match my energy with plots as well.
Here is what I want to roleplay:
  • I absolutely love a Queen x Knight plot. I find a personal knight to be so romantic and I love powerful Queens with equally powerful knights. For some reason, this dynamic works best for me with a wlw pairing, and I'm a little unwilling to do anything else for this. I love pining, and boy, wlw like myself pine a fuckton on other girls.
  • Otherwise I'm good with any other medieval fantasy plot, but I tend to like to surround royalty, or knights. I usually do not like to stray from these kinds of characters. I am willing to do any other kind of pairing, wlw, mlw, or mlm.
  • I like romance as a subplot, and would prefer to have romance in my rps, but I'm okay with not.

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