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Fantasy Wizard Hunt (Scrapped/PM me if you want to restart this fourm for yourself)

Elekta Kount

Da Warboss
"True adventures begin when everything goes wrong"
-Yvon Chouinard


A thing that many in the lands of Everfree possess.
Magic came in the forms of many things.
Light, dark, water, winter, fire, life, culinary, wood, and so on and so forth.
And there were all kinds of people who used magic, from us basic humans to our halfing cousins to the elves all the way down to even dragons.
These people go by many names.
Wizard, warlocks, witches, magicians, spell casters, druids, sourcers, etc, etc.
Course, no story starts out without conflict.
The lands of Everfree were, by no means, always peaceful land...but, over course of centuries, these lands had reached a point of relative peace, of relative stability, all thanks to the state that we shall simply call: The Empire of Everfree.
This empire had unified a great deal of the continent, bringing together the various races of Everfree, bringing about an era of peace that has never been seen before. This empire was ruled over by generations of Emperors, who made it their duty to bring peace to the lands, and indeed, it was finally achieved after decades of diplomacy and blood.
Now this is where things go wrong.
Men can be a greedy race after all, and when pushed to the limited, they might just dabble in the forbidden arts...maybe even make pact with a demon or two.
There was a such man that could be described as an evil and sinister breed, who's ever whim was to size power. Indeed, this man stooped to the lowest forms of political treachery in order to gain more power. From corruption(Be it with money or with magic), threats, blackmailing, kidnapping, murder, nothing was too low if it meant one more step to the top.
The power of this man would grow, garnering more raw power as well as more followers by the day, until one day he would consolidate his forces and seized power, killing the Emperor and all his family, claiming the throne for himself.
Now, this man was the new emperor, dubbing himself the "Crimson Emperor". His name suited his reputation.
His first order of business: To purge those in the Emperor's courts who opposed his authority.
If they could not be bribed, they were silenced, in the forms of "accidents", though only a fool would think that these were anything less of assissnation.
Next order of business was to control the sources of power, that would of course be: Magic.
All magic users and their associated groups were ordered by the Crimson Emperor to pledge their allegiance to him and him alone. In return, they would receive many benefits, from money to power.
At first, few did so, while many voices were raised in opposition of the new Emperor.
Needless to say, examples were made, people taken out of the equation, fear and force was what replaced them.
Many had no choice but to pledge their allegiance, serving directly under his divinitness, as he now thought himself a god.
Of course, pockets of armed resistance began to spring up all over the continent, but most, if not all, were crushed with brutally; Not always by the hands of the living, or the hands of this realm.
It seemed that a wave of darkness and crimson blood would wash over the lands of Everfree, as those magic users who would not serve were executed or captured. Rumor has it the those who were captured are corrupted by the Crimson Emperor himself by a unholy and forbidden magic, thus brainwashing them to doing his ever bidding.
As a result, many magic users and their went into hiding from the forces of the now dubbed "Crimson Empire".
Hope seemed to dim...
...it did not die out.
To the East of the Everfree continent came a call, a call for all magic users and their allies to gather, to unify, to take back their lands from this new Emperor.
And so, this is where our story takes place
On the Western port city of Uoduford...
Welcome! Welcome!
Thanks for showing some intreast!
I know, I know, I suck at intros, as well as names for that matter, but this ideas been sticking with me for a while.
Believing Heart Started a rp called "Magician Hunt" quite a while back, though it died out, I still like the concept of a group of magic users on the run from the authorities. Unlike Heart's though, everyone is a magic user and everyone is in the same group!
This will be kinda a Lord of the Rings and Avatar the Last Airbender esc journey, where a group must travel from point A to point B in order to help defeat a big daddy. Along the way, they get into situations, meet new people and even cultures, and just have some interesting interaction.
Anything goes, any sort of magic, though I would ask you not to go all crazy like unless you prior talk to me about it.
This also includes both Western and Eastern kinds of magic, so I'd be cool with flying carpets or martial artist magic.
Any questions, feel free to ask!
Let me know if I can be any help.
P.S. MJ ._. MJ ._. If you want to come aboard, I'd be more then happy to have ya. This was your project to begin with!
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Wasted Ink

Oppai Critic
Definitely in. This is very well written. Out of curiosity - Is there a limit to the races/species we can be?

MJ ._.

Thanks for invitation~
I'm so glad that you've picked this theme. I'll probably include magic carpets!
Where is CS? I want to add a mother-daughter due.

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Elekta Kount

Da Warboss
Also, if any one wants kinda of a chosen one position, message me, or wants to be my wizard’s apprentice in the art of celestial magic, also pm me.

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