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Multiple Settings with great power… | long-term partner search!


Magic Eight Ball
hey guys!
please excuse the lack of formatting and general aesthetic, i’m not very good at coding or anything like that ;; however, i do love to write, and haven’t role-played in a long time, so i’d love to get back into it!

a few things about me: i’m kai, 18, and i’ll be a college student soon (just a few weeks left!). i love reading (mostly fantasy/magical realism/fairytale retellings, with romance, of course) and consider myself to be quite the hopeless romantic :> been suffering from superhero brain rot lately, specifically concerning spiderman and nightwing, so… do with that information what you will!

i’d love to have a long-term partner to have some fun role plays with, where we can have conversations and develop a friendship but also share a passion over our characters, pairings, & plots. i’m open to mostly everything except dark, ‘taboo’ plots or anything too high-fantasy. also, i don’t like playing as canon characters or in canon universes.

cravings: (italics are ones i’m really craving!)

second chance romance/exes to lovers ;; band mate x band mate ;; city-slicker x cowboy ;; high-school sweethearts ;; friends with benefits to lovers ;; best friends to lovers ;; arranged marriage/marriage of convenience ;; enemies/rivals to lovers ;; best friend’s older brother/sister ;; fake dating ;; celebrity coming back to their small-town + falling back in love with their old high-school sweetheart ;; neighbors to lovers ;; good girl/boy x bad boy/girl ;; best friend’s ex ;; enemies with benefits to lovers

i’m open to doubling up as well if you’d like to do two plots/pairings in one!

i love romance, i love slice-of-life/modern settings, i love casual magic/supernatural elements, i love light-hearted self-indulgence!

also, i’d love to talk + plan over discord and role play on here, just to keep things organized.

please send me a message if you’re interested! <3
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