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Fantasy Witchy Stuff?

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black magic and cigarettes
So I recently started watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina because you know, I'm always late to everything. And I fell in love with it. So if someone else is in a witchy mood right now, stay tuned. PS if you would not be down for an angsty m/m relationship then maybe don't keep reading because that is a theme I want for sure.

I'm Ezra, 22, recently moved back to my hometown and besides work and pursuits of college I probably have too much time on my hands. I'm a semi-literate or totally literate roleplayer depending on the speed of whoever I'm playing with. I'm a total chatterbox, love ooc conversation whether it has to do with plot building or whatever else we may be talking about. I am very easy going and laid back and think of myself as pretty easy to work with on ideas.

As to my personal interests, obviously I'm a writer, a reader, I love horror and satire and dark themes in everything and I love angst oops.

1. General literacy is required from me but I'm not a total nazi about it or whatever. Just give me reasonable lengths and enough context I know what's going on. Stay with the scene and don't be random. You know, just pretty casual stuff.
2. Creativity is a total requirement. I am happy to come up with ideas and plot twists and settings but I don't want to do it alone. If you can't get excited about the idea, don't even humor me with a response. Be willing to put some effort into it before the game actually starts. I don't like just going blindly in, expecting everything to work itself out. When we hit roadblocks, I expect someone willing to work through those roadblocks with me, even if it means taking a break from the roleplay for a little bit to figure it out. I want it to be fun, and it's never fun when everyone's lost/unsure how to continue or unhappy with the direction it's going. Which brings me to my next rule.
3. I don't care if you ghost me, but don't feel like you have to. I don't mind confrontation and if you're either just unhappy with the direction the roleplay is currently going in and want to change it OR if you're totally bored and wanna quit. Let me know! I will not be mad, I'll still be up for future roleplays if you enjoyed writing with me, and in general will be totally fine with you moving on. just let me know. Oh and I'm super patient, too. So if you need to take breaks or whatever just tell me you have stuff going on and I'll understand. I also expect a patient partner who realizes I do work and go to school so I may also have slower weeks here and there.
4. Realistic face claims or character descriptions only. Not about using anime pics.

Okay so, I don't have any exact plots or anything. I just know I love the setting of the show and all of that. If we do this roleplay I'm down to use multiple characters per person, maybe no more than 2 per person though because I am pretty in depth about character creation and more than 2 can end up stressing me out. I'm fine with characters being created along the way that are part of the setting that everyone can use as needed, they don't necessarily have to have profiles though... But before I get too deep into talking about my ideas or themes or whatever I should point out, I absolutely do not want to use canon characters from this setting. Not even in passing, if possible. I kind of want something that is just heavily based on the show but none of the original characters from it because I want to create all of our own.

Also I really really want maybe like angsty romance and really wanna do a m/m relationship if possible so if that's something you're not down for just let me know but I reallllyy wanna do it. Like I definitely want this to be part of the roleplay. Like I said we can play multiple characters but I definitely want this to be involved in some way. Cause I'm a sucker for angst.

Anyway at this point I feel like I'm rambling. Does anyone else love the setting of that show and wanna do witches cause I wanna do witches so someone please do witches with me.

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