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Fantasy Witches, Familiars, Witch Hunters. Modern world. Dark settings.

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Magical, Romance, Supernatural


What demons did you bring to our tea party?
So, me, and probably most of you out there are in (self) quarantine. So, let's make the time past easier.

The plot
The world is pretty much as we know it to be today only all these stories about Witches and Warlocks living among us, are true. They have been true, since the dawn of time but only a selected few know about it. Humans that are brought up to hunt and kill every last Witch and Warlock, living under an oath to the Triangle, the Church organisation that started this war.
Now, the remaining Witches and Warlocks are trying to gather up their ranks in secrecy hoping to take the Triangle by surprise and end the war on their kind.
Both the Witch Hunters and the Witches have been using Familiars in this war. Mostly by summoning them to this realm and magically bounding them to their owner, Familiars, creatures that can look like humans but have animal like qualities, also passed in this realm as the fabric between the worlds tore for a few days, back in 1207. Those that come willingly, or those who lost their owners are now free to choose which side they are on, if they pick a side at all.

Scenarios I'm looking for
I don't want to brainstorm alone, so really, I have no clear scenario in my mind. It's up to you to choose if your character is a Witch/Warlock or a Witch Hunter or a Familiar.
My character is a female Familiar of the Snake family that doesn't have a clear moral code. No black and white for her, just gray zones. So far...

No real ones really. Be able to write enough to keep the story going, be prepared for battle scenes and gore and adult, dark content as this is a war after all. Please, feel free to share ideas and wishes on the story and let us work together for this.


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