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Realistic or Modern Witch Apprentice: Arc 1: Witch Staffs

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Action, Adventure, Magical, Mystery, Romance

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo

Witch Apprentice: Arc 1: The Witch Staffs

  • It’s been two months since you became the apprentice of an infamous and powerful witch, despite society’s changes in magical laws they became attached to the old ways of magic and refused to join a coven as it would mean to forfeit their individuality, among other things. Although you are nowhere near to the level of your mentor, you are capable of casting a variety of spells as any decent witch could do.

    One day you wake up, ready for your next lesson when you notice that no one’s home. There’s no trace of your mentor anywhere and their magical staff is on the floor. As you were to pick it up, it levitated itself to your hand and you felt a connection like nothing else before. That was a terrible sign as it meant that somehow your mentor lost their connection with their own magical staff and now you had claimed it as yours.

    You started panicking when you heard a knock in your door, you stroke the staff firmly and bravely opened the door to face whoever was visiting your master’s house. You recognized the person as another apprentice from another rebellious witch… and they were also carrying their master’s staff. Dread filled your very soul as you feared that not only your master but maybe all masters have disappeared. What the hell happened last night?

Hello! This idea came to me after watching The Owl House <3 We will be a group of Witch Apprentices that have lost their masters and now have to uncover the secrets behind their disappearances, while escaping from magical authorities and trying to keep up your studies. We will have to fight and travel dimensions during our adventure so be prepared for all kind of magical stuff (good and bad).

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