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Sub Genres
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β—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—† Cravings: Currently ONLY Seeking These β—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—†
Originals: All for the Crown, Hunted, Where the Roses Bloom, and Whispers in the Dark, Streets of Caranth
Genshin: Natalya (paired with Diluc) and Akashika (paired with Heizou)
Boku no Hero: Next Gen Things, Adamaris (paired with Aizawa) or Kanna (paired with Hawks)
Marvel: Khaalida (paired with Moonknight) or Reverie (paired with Daredevil)


β—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—† The Introduction β—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—†

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to my search thread! My name is seishin, sei, or nama (she/any). I am a twenty-two-year-old college student in the EST timezone who's studying animal sciences in the hopes of one day becoming a veterinarian as well as minoring in creative writing. I'm the proud owner/mother of two dogs – well, proud most of the time, they're a pair of idiots sometimes, but I do love them all the same. If anyone wants dog pictures, hit me up! I'm also an avid fan of basketball, played it for ten years, and I used to ride horses. When I'm not writing or drowning in work, I'm usually off doing something with animals.

I've been roleplaying for around nine years now, but I've been writing creatively since I was a mere seven years old. I'm pretty sure my mom still has some stories I wrote in kindergarten – I shudder to think about reading them over now. Luckily, I've improved a lot since then I hope. I consider myself an advanced/literate roleplayer with a proficient grasp of the English language. I love chatting ooc and getting to know my partners; I think the stories and ideas flow more easily when we're friends! I have a discord for ooc chatting as well! I would prefer to keep the roleplaying on-site though; discord has pesky character limits.

Below, I've listed out a few things about my style and what exactly I'm looking for in a partner. I think I'm pretty lax, so please let me know if you think we'd make good partners! That being said, when you contact me, please do not comment on the thread. Send me a PM that tells me a little bit about yourself and your writing style. I want to know about you as a potential partner to see if we mesh! I may also ask for a writing sample; I will have included some of my own at the bottom of this thread. Without further ado, onto the part you're actually here for!


β—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—† Style Preferences β—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—†
This first set is my own style when I write. You can expect all of this from me!

Advanced literate
Mirror post length
Third-person, past tense
Zero triggers
Totally fine with mature themes (but nothing that goes against site rules)
Prefer to roleplay in PMs on site but can do threads
I have a plethora of side characters
Very LGBTQIA+ friendly
Open to fxm, mxm, fxf, trans, enby, etc. pairings

These are the sorts of things I'm looking for in a partner. Please be sure that you can match all of these when you contact me!

Please be at least semi-literate
18+ only please
Prefer at least two meaty paragraphs
No one-liners
Decent grammar and a grasp of the English language (of course I understand typos)
Be LGBTQIA+ friendly
Please tell me anything you're not comfortable with – sometimes my characters can get pretty dark
Collaborate on the plot with me


β—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—† Genres and General Ideas β—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—†
The following are a list of genres that I am interested in. After that, I'll post a few things about the sorts of plots that I'm searching for at the moment!

Modern fantasy
Dark fairy tales
Victorian-Era Steampunk
Romance (as a sub-plot) (give me all the slow-burn)
A few fandoms
I do not do purely modern/slice-of-life plots. I become bored very quickly, just not my cup of tea


β—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—†Original Plots and Charactersβ—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—†

Next, I'm going to list a few basic plot ideas. These are pretty flexible and if you don't like any of them or want to change them up, let me know! Also, feel free to toss your own original ideas at me!

On the Wrong Side of Heaven - FxAny
Mavis is a Fallen, an angel who has been banished from Heaven for breaking their laws. She Fell to earth one hundred and forty years ago for falling in love with a half-demon warlock. She used to be a high-ranking angel, the second in command to the Archangel Mikael, with powerful magic before she fell and she now wanders the earth as an outcast. I'd love to play her against just about anyone you can come up with - be it a demon, a supernatural creature, a human, or a gifted human with powers. Plots would vary depending on what you chose to play as.
Now You See Me - FxAny
Ananke Tzavaras has lived twenty-five years of her life believing that she is nothing more than a normal human. Nothing about her ever seemed off; she was a normal kid – well, as normal as one could be when their father runs one of the biggest crime rings in New York – who grew up with a love of medicine and is currently in her final year of grad school at Colombia University. That all changes through a chance meeting with YC – anything with some knowledge and relation to the supernatural world – and Ana discovers that she is actually a Fae halfling of the Unseelie Court. I can spin a lot of different stories with Ana depending on who you decide to make YC.
Whispers in the Dark - FxAny
When a small, secluded town in northern Oregan becomes plagued by strange events and disappearances, Andromeda and YC, two complete strangers, are drawn to the scene to investigate. Andromeda is someone who has always believed in the supernatural, claiming to have been able to see and talk to ghosts for years. She believes the town is being plagued by something of supernatural origin and is determined to get to the bottom of it. YC is far more skeptical of the world, using logic and reason and a firm believer in the supernatural not existing. For one reason or another YC and Andromeda end up looking into the strange events happening around the town (could include cults, supernatural, monsters, anything really) and become drawn in to something far bigger than other of them ever imagined as they reveal the deeper reason why the town is a haunting ground.
Sign of the Cross - FxAny
Heavy themes of religion -- but the Catholic Church is also definitely a villain here. takes place in 13/1400s Europe

Navine Araminta is a living contradiction: a half-demon who works in the service of the Catholic Church, having been groomed by them into being the perfect weapon. She exists solely to exterminate the Devil's forces on Earth and defend humanity from the influences of Hell. So, it is no surprise to her when she is sent to a small town in the country after rumors of heightened devil-worshipping and demon activity happening there reach the Church's ears. YC is someone who works for the church (priest, nun, exorcist, someone in training, perhaps even someone of supernatural origin themselves who is hiding what they are) who is appointed to be Navine's 'handler' while she is in the town -- ensuring she doesn't give in to her demonic side. As they investigate the happenings around the town together, they eventually find Hell's influence runs far deeper than either of them ever anticipated.
The Dragon's Blood - F//
Elysia Astraea has lived her entire life locked away inside her palace walls. As the Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Ithlum, she is expected to be nothing more than a decorative piece who will someday be married off to a prince in a political marriage. YC is a member of a dark, secretive group of people who played a large part in the disappearance of the dragons hundreds of years ago. When they are told of a prophecy of someone (Elysia) who can reawaken the dragons, they know they must quickly wipe this person out. So, they send YC in undercover to Ithlum to ritually kill Elysia on the summer solstice. However, things go awry for YC for one reason or another and they end up having to flee Ithulum with Elysia. Thus, YC decides to bring Elysia back to their group. But when the time comes, will YC actually be able to follow through on their mission?
The Drowned Daughter - FxM
Niara AllmhurΓ‘n has spent her entire life raised under the teachings of the Church of Evermourn, a group of people in a small town called Coldmouth who worship the deep-sea god Nepherion. She's been told she is the child of Nepherion and will bring his wrath to reign on the world. Most people would dismiss the cultists of Evermourn who claimed that Nepherion's wrath was coming, but strange events have been happing around Coldmouth that make it hard to ignore Evermourn's preachings. Because of these strange events, the son of a nearby noble family is sent to investigate Couldmouth, where he meets Niara when she is accused of murdering a physician's assistant. Niara, however, wants no part of Evermourn's plan and begs for the noble's help in escaping the prophecy that she will bring about Nepherion's wrath. Eventually convinced, the noble joins her side as they work to stop Evermourn and Nepherion.
Hunted - FxM
Mikhailya Volkov is a hunter of the supernatural - has been since she was a child. Her family is part of an organization built upon the idea that the supernatural are dark creatures that must be eradicated at all costs to protect the human race. Since this belief has been instilled in her since birth, Mika believes it wholeheartedly. Her view on the world is suddenly flipped upside down, however, when a raid on a werewolf pack goes wrong. Through a series of unfortunate events, Mika is turned into the very thing she hunts. YC is the alpha of the pack Mika raided when she was turned. With Mika now a supernatural, the people she once called friend are now hunting her down and she must turn to YC in an effort to figure out how to navigate the world as a supernatural creature and avoid both of them getting killed by the hunters.
Are You Not Entertained? (Potential Doubling) - FxM, MxAny
Caelina is the daughter of the Roman emperor Nero. Outwardly, she lives a charmed life in the castle, but really she’s nothing more than a bird trapped in a golden cage. She longs to see the world and experience what lays beyond the walls of the palace. YC is a recently captured soldier from the resistance fighting Nero’s reign who’s set to fight in the gladiatorial arena. During his fight, something about him catches Caelina’s eye and she finds herself wanting to know more about him. YC sees Caelina as a means of escaping and finding his way back to the resistance. Though, when he finds himself genuinely falling for the Roman princess, things get more complicated.

Doubling Option
Caelina has an elder brother, Julius, the pride of their father and primed to take the throne one day. Though his whole life has been spent preparing to rule, Julius has never wanted the throne. He far prefers spending time amongst his soldiers and on the field of battle to lounging around the palace opulence without any purpose. An amazing war general, he’s earned the title of the β€œDawn Phoenix” for his skill and leadership in battle. YC is someone who works at the palace (if they are female, I’d like them to be Caelina’s handmaiden, and if they are male, perhaps they’re one of Julius’ soldiers). Ideally, the plots for Caelina and Julius will be very intertwined, with both siblings learning through your characters about the truly harsh way their father rules the Roman people, perhaps even going so far as to join the resistance themselves to overthrow their father.
Where the Roses Bloom - FxAny
I don't have any real plot ideas here, but Nari is a she/they forest spirit and I want to use her in something that's very Studio Ghibli-esque. Soft fantasy, sweet romance, all that jazz. Nari is a curious and serene soul who loves learning about the world around her. She's set in a modern day, wrenched from hibernation in her forest for one reason or another and thrown into a city (country to city vibes kinda??). YC can be...really anyone? Like I said I don't have a lot of ideas Nari is just a really sweet baby who I'd love to use.

Of High Courts and Other Realms - MxAny
Fal is a faerie prince of the Unseelie Court. I'd love to use him in a plot involving something with the rising tensions between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of Fae with a potential war brewing between the two Courts. YC is preferably someone of supernatural origin, but they could be a normal human (you'll have to seriously impress both me and Fal if you're only human though). He works better in a modern setting so his half-sister can make him less of an asshole
Day of the Dead - MxF
Jean Maddox is a human necromancer. He's a sweet thing who runs off of caffeine and anxiety and has only recently stumbled upon the supernatural world with the awakening of his necromancer abilities on his twenty-first birthday. YC must be someone of supernatural origin who is familiar with the world and would be willing to guide Jean and show him the ropes. There's a lot of different ways a plot with Jean could go, mostly depending on what you decide to make your character.
Come Hell or High Water - M//
Evander Akintola is a Done With Your Shitβ„’ witch doctor. Set in a high-fantasy world, he was banished from his tribe of people for the death of his older brother. Now, he wanders around the world, trying to help as many people as he can to atone for his sin. I don't have too many plot ideas for this, but Evander is a pretty flexible character who works in a lot of different situations given his traveling nature. YC can be anyone from a pirate to a nobleman to another traveler - take your pick! It's fun to pair him up with a reckless idiot who has no regard for their life though.
Mortalis Sanguinis - MxAny
Caedis Arkwright is a blood mage, one of the very few in existence. Caused by a rare genetic mutation, blood mages spring from mages who have mastery over water. He is powerful, therefore, he is useful. Contracted into the army at a young age by King Iain of the Kingdom of Vassuryn, Caedis has honed his magic to be a weapon of destruction for the king, tearing down armies with ease. Blood magic, however, comes at a high cost: the more he uses it, the more Caedis loses his own blood. In order to counteract this, King Iain sets up a system of partners for Caedis. These partners are little more than blood bags, sacrificing their own blood to keep Caedis alive for the king. Most often, these partners are forced into working with Caedis, held hostage by the army, and they never last more than two years tops; the strain on their bodies is too great. By now, Caedis is jaded and weary of the fighting and constant death that surrounds him, turning him cynical and dry, not even able to see himself or his partners as human anymore.

I can be kind of picky about accepting people for this plot because I seem to run into similar issues with Caedis. Making sure to note these things tho will make me more likely to be willing to run this plot.

Caedis is not your β€œuwu trauma baby.” He’s a hardened killer who can has and will massacre thousands with the snap of his fingers.
Don't come at me with your wattpad and fujoshi tropes I don't want them
Caedis will never have a regard for life. he may gain regard for specific lives (aka potentially yc) but YC will never be able to "fix him" into being a good person

Option 1: YC can be the next 'partner' assigned to Caedis, traveling with him as Caedis is sent to fight war after war for the ever-power-hungry Iain. YC can have been a criminal, POW, or simply someone unlucky enough to catch the army's eye. Through their travels, perhaps YC attempts to convince Caedis to leave the army and break free from Iain's control. Maybe they try and sabotage Caedis in some way. Or perhaps they just want to escape and continually try to do so. Will YC be able to break through Caedis' frozen exterior to the broken and hurting man beneath? Will they even try? Up to you to decide!
Option 2: The Vassuryn Kingdom is known throughout the land as a war-hungry machine. King Iain never seems satisfied with the size of his lands, always seeking to overtake nearby kingdoms to add their land to his. With the might of a blood mage on his side, few even dare to hope to stand a chance should his sights turn to them. YC is a part of the newest kingdom Iain has decided to conquer. In some form or fashion, they are helping with the fighting efforts (will likely change depending on if YC is male or female). Through some stroke of luck (we can discuss the specifics), YC's kingdom manages to capture Caedis. With Vassuryn's most powerful weapon suddenly neutralized, YC's kingdom finds hope in being able to fight off Iain. In some way, YC is around Caedis during his capture, whether it be as a guard, a medic, or something else. How YC goes about treating Caedis is entirely up to you! Do they try to befriend him? Convert him to their side? Torment him? Up to you!
Option 3: Less fleshed out, but perhaps YC is in the Vassuryn army themselves and is in charge of making sure Caedis stays alive. They would have to find him after battles if he's still out on the field and too exhausted to return, bring potential 'partners' back to Caedis, things like that. Whether YC signed up to be in the army, was drafted, wanted to work with Caedis or was forced into taking care of him, all of that is up to you!
Option 4: Give me your ideas!
All for the Crown - MxF
high fantasy world specifically with Asian-inspired elements

For as long as anyone can remember, the kitsune have ruled the Kingdom of Migashiizu. Elegant and regal, few question their power and authority. Despite the influence they exert over the kingdom, there are always people who wish to attack the throne. To counteract this, for generations, the kitsune have employed the mushussu as loyal retainers and guards. Ages ago, following a bloody war, the mushussu pledged themselves as servants to the kitsune, a vow every generation has been forced to uphold ever since. Aurelius is one such mushussu. A highly skilled fighter and a brilliant strategist, he has recently been promoted from a high-ranking army officer to the personal guard the kitsune princess, YC. Now, YC has always been something of an outcast in her family for one reason or another (up to you). This makes her more likely to try and befriend Aurelius. I'm imagining the plot following the budding romance between them that is obviously quite forbidden. While guarding the princess, Aurelius is also facing pressure from other mushussu to join a rebellion against the kitsune leaders, who do in fact rule the kingdom with an iron fist and keep people in line through fear, tearing his loyalty between YC and the other mushussu. How YC reacts to learning about what the common folk suffer from due to her family and how she wants to deal with the mushussu uprising is up to you!

Shifting Sands - NBxAny
Amunet Khaled is a world-renowned private investigator. They don't claim allegiance to any nation but lend their skills to any government that's willing to pay them for assistance in difficult cases. Amunet exists in a world where the supernatural are commonplace and magic is heavily integrated into a modern-day society (they themselves are not human - Amu is a species known as an Apis, a bovine-esque species, which I based on the Egyptian god of the same name) Preferably, your character is some sort of criminal that Amunet has been called in to hunt. I'd like to do a cat-and-mouse game, where Amunet regularly has contact with your character for some reason while your character is still out doing whatever major crimes they're doing.
The Streets of Caranth - FxM OR M//
So at some point I genderbent the original character of Branwenn for a different story and now I have ideas for them as both female and male. Either way, Bran is attracted exclusively to guys, so you’ll be playing a male character. Also, these plots are not interchangeable between the genders.

Caranth is a city-state on the continent of Alusazoth. It has no affiliation with any of the nearby kingdoms. Caranth is known for the unsavory types that make up most of the population who are avoiding the law from somewhere else. While officially, the city is ruled by a king, in reality, he is just a puppet for the many crime lords that call the city home. Generally, there is a semblance law and order in the city aside from the occasional violent outbreak of fighting between the factions of the crime lords. One name that is known throughout Caranth is that of Branwenn, the most knowledgeable and powerful information broker. Both hated and loved by the people of Caranth, Branwenn lives in constant limbo of only being protected by the information they can deal. They seem to know everything about everyone, both in Caranth and in other kingdoms, and will sell any intel for the right price. Even those that want Branwenn dead recognize their informant network is unparalleled. This brings them into contact with a host of characters from different walks of life…one of which is YC.

F!Branwenn: YC is a powerful, Viking-type character from a northern land and is known for his prowess in raids on southern towns and cities. During one such raid, YC is separated from his group and is severely wounded. He are found by Branwenn, who lives in Caranth. Branwenn brings YC into Caranth and helps heal him, which YC feels they must repay as a life debt since he would have died without Bran’s assistance. Though wary at first, she is convinced to allow YC to stick around as long as he wants. From there, YC ends up caught up in the politics of Caranth as a new religious cult begins gaining power in the city and he must help Branwenn in dealing with them.
M!Branwenn: YC is a contract assassin, working for one of the biggest assassination guilds in Alusazoth. One of his recent contracts, however, is proving difficult to gather intel on. So, he is forced to go to Caranth and seeks out Branwenn. YC at first doesn’t quite know who Bran is other than supposedly being a very skilled intel broker. Their first meeting is rather rocky (for reasons we can figure out, probably involving YC almost killing Bran for one reason or another) but they eventually proceed without killing each other. This one is less set in stone, but I was thinking it could probably go a few ways. One being YC’s contract has him killing someone in Caranth so he sticks around for longer or we could do a series of interactions of YC coming back for intel for different contracts as him and Bran build a relationship before we figure out some other way to keep them in the same place for a while.

Note: these are simply the archetypes of the characters. I'm not expecting a "canon" Mad Hatter or Peter Pan or anything like that. Please add your own twists, backstory information, any sort of flair you want!

Second Star to the Right (Potential Doubling) - Any x Any
Willing to double as anyone other than Peter for you

I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of a dark version of Peter Pan. Whether he's always been this way or something happened recently to turn him to a darker path, I'd love to play a gal who ends up caught up in Peter's quest for more power (or something else we can figure out) when she gets dragged to Neverland to stop Pan from taking her younger brother. Lots of flexibility here!
Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk? (Potential Doubling) - Any x Any
Willing to do a love triangle for you as well involving anyone except the Hatter and Cheshire

I love the idea of Mad Hatter x Alice x Shifter!Cheshire Cat. This would be a Wonderland that has not seen Alice for many years and she is only drawn back there now as an adult for one reason or another. Wonderland has changed in a lot of ways since she last visited as a child. Think Tim Burton's film but darker. I've toyed with the idea of Alice having some kind of special ability that the Queen of Hearts wants in order to cement her rule over Wonderland, but no one realizes that Alice has it in the beginning. Or we could scrap that and come up with something else. Again, lots of ways this could go!
Until I Can Find You Again - F//
Did someone say gay mermaids? I heard gay mermaids. This is a take on the classic little mermaid tale! The mermaid princess Noelani is fascinated by humans, but the laws of her kingdom forbid her from ever attempting to interact with them. After saving YC (either nobility themselves or someone who works for the nobility) from a shipwreck, Noelani can't stay away any longer though and is drawn into gaining legs to explore the human world. I'd love for YC to be in possession of some kind of magic; depending on how you want to spin it, that could make YC someone who is loved by the kingdom for their gifts or they must hide their magic for fear of being imprisoned for it. I'm picturing this going along an idea where the rulers of YCs kingdom are hunting merfolk for one reason or another and our characters get drawn into the mix trying to stop them. Or we could go off on a completely different tangent! Lots of flexibility. Much prefer f// for this actually, but can be persuaded to do mxf

This is a new thing that I'm trying! I hang out on Pinterest a lot and I always see so many interesting character designs and art and want to use them but I'm never sure what for. So, below, I'm going to post a few characters that interest me, both in terms of wanting to play and wanting to play against! If any of these pictures strike your fancy or spark some ideas, please tell me! I'd love to work as or against these designs. Since none of them are fleshed out characters, any of these pictures can work for any gender pairing!




















Fandom Ideasβ—†ο½₯.q*†*q.ο½₯β—†
Currently, I'm only looking for four fandoms at the moment. I do oc x oc and canon x oc. I am comfortable playing any canon character you want me to for your side of any doubling!

I’m obsessed with this game! I have several OCs that I can run here, whether it be oc x oc or canon x oc. I have several ideas I can throw at ya depending on which oc I end up using and I’m always open to brainstorming! I would like you to play Xiao, Shenhe, Yelan, Kazuha, Heizou, Diluc, or Childe. I can play anyone except Xiao, Ayato, Kazuha, Diluc, or Scaramouche for you! Also, have some OC blurbs!
Guardian from the Heavens: Tsuyujimo Ryuuketsu
A cryo polearm user from Inazuma. Ryuu is a sky kitsune, one who's been around for well over a millennia. The cousin of the Kitsune Saiguu, she was a close friend to Ei and Makoto. Ryuu gave her skills as a warrior to the Shogunate army, though refused to take any official title. She loves observing humans and forming connections with them. After the cataclysm, grieving the loss of her friends and her cousin, she locked herself away in a stone statue like so many others of her kind. Recently, however, because of the disturbances in the Inazuman ley lines, Ryuu has been awoken from her slumber after 500 years. Canonly, she's paired with Xiao, ending up in Liyue after fleeing the Vision Hunt Decree and an Inazuma she no longer understands. OC-wise, toss your OC at me! She's bi without a preference and I can find a way to toss her into any region.
Perfect Experiment: Natalya Snezhevna
An anemo bow user originally from Snezhnaya but has been a wanderer the past few years. I pull info for her backstory from the hidden world quest A Very Special Fortune Slip in Inazuma (yes, this is me reassuring you all the shit I put her through is canon material). After her parents died in an avalanche when she was 9, she was taken in by the Harbinger Arlecchino and sent to live in the orphanage she runs. Here, Natalya was trained to join the ranks of the Fatui. When she was 15, she was taken by Dottore for his experiments, ultimately leaving her partially automan. At 18, she escaped, and now wanders Teyvat. She's the most flexible canon-wise, being paired with Childe (hella enemies to lovers vibes), Shenhe, Yelan, or Diluc. OC-wise, also bi with no preference, and I can toss her into Mondstadt, Inazuma, or Liyue with ease!
Incandescent Spirit: Xueke Xifeng
A pyro catalyst user from Liyue. Born into a family of exorcists and martial artists, Xifeng picked up the trade herself and is a skilled fighter and dispeller of spirits. She has a pure yin spirit, which means she has the exact opposite problem Chongyun does: Xifeng constantly finds herself being followed by spirits of some kind, most often of the malevolent sort. Because she can see and talk to spirits, she can often be seen looking like she's talking to herself, which has given her a bit of a reputation around Liyue for being odd or crazy. She sees Chongyun like a little brother and is far too willing to team up with Xingqui to tease him. Canonly, she pairs with Kazuha. OC-wise, once again bi with no preference, but she's reserved to staying in Liyue.
Spirit of the Woods: Kouken Akashika
A dendro sword user who hails from Inazuma. Akashika is a kodama, a Japanese forest spirit, who currently mostly resides in Ritou. She once lived in a small village deep in the woods of Yashiori Island, but in the conflict between Watasumi and the Shogunate during the vision hunt decree, much of her home was destroyed. She made her way to Narukami and vowed vengeance against the Shogunate for the people they had hurt during the vision hunt. Akashika became a renowned criminal called the Golden Crow. No one knows the Crow’s real identity, just that they only ever target the shogunate and high ranking clans in the tri-commission. By day, Akashika works for the International Trade Association as a desk clerk. Canonly, she pairs with Heizou. I’d like to do a cat-and-mouse game where Heizou is hunting the Golden Crow while also regularly seeing Akashika for one reason or another. OC-wise, a pansexual, toss anyone you want at her! She stays in Inazuma though.
Ruthless Fang: Cyra
A hydro sword user from Sumeru and a wandering mercenary for hire. Since we don't have a lot of Sumeru info, her backstory is a little loose and subject to change when we finally get Sumeru lore. But for now, she's a jackal-woman (similar to Gorou and Diona) hailing from a desert tribe of warriors. Born with a natural talent for fighting, she thrived in her tribe's "survival of the fittest" mentality. She caught the eye of the chief's son, who wanted to make her his bride. When she turned him down, also utterly destroying him in a fight for her hand, he swore vengeance against her. This culminated in the chief's son kidnapping Cyra and leaving her at the cave of a massive sand worm (or smth. idk. big desert monster) expecting her to die. Cyra lived, earning her vision in the ensuing fight, and in a fit of berserker rage, returned to her tribe and slaughtered everyone. She now wanders Teyvat with a thirst for battle, offering her skills to anyone who pays. Cyra is only usable in OC pairings. 98% attracted to women, 2% attracted to men.

I would like to start this out by saying I have no knowledge of anything about Marley. I have seen seasons 1-3. So please, no spoilers! I’m just lazy and busy and haven’t gotten around to season 4 yet. Because of this, I would like to do something pre-canon or an AU**. I also only play with canon x oc here. I would love someone to play Levi for me, and in return, I can play anyone you want me to! Plot ideas would depend on who you want me to play for you - we can hash something out together in PMs.
Preferably modern or 1920s prohibition New York time period (historical accuracy not required we run on vibes here). Idk I just really like the AOT boys and gals in a mafia setting give me Levi as the right hand of a powerful gang run by Erwin and Hange is their torture specialist please and thank you.
Royalty and knight pairings? Enemy spy captured by the other side? Tentatively willing to try some kind of an arranged marriage? Magic? There’s so many ideas and potential in medieval times I just like castles you guys!
Gothic Supernatural
Victorian England setting. In this world, the supernatural live alongside, but not with, humans. Very few humans are privy to the fact that the supernatural exist. Those that are become Humanity’s Keepers. The Keepers exist, supposedly, as a way to keep humans and supernatural separate in order to protect both sides. Converting the military ranks from AOT, the MPs are the main council that create the rules for how the Keepers function and oversee all the work. The Garrison ranks are the people who cover up and hide traces of the supernatural from humans and do what they can to ensure that humans remain blissfully unaware. And finally, the Scouts are the main hunters, the sword of the Keepers, killing any supernatural creature the council deems a threat to humanity. This is just the basic set up for the world and I think there’s a lot of different ways a story in this AU could run!
Please just imagine any of the cast in those deep v-necked puffy-sleeved white shirts and a crooked pirate hat on their head. Need I say more? Anyway Erwin runs the most notorious gang of pirates on the seas and Levi’s the first mate. Are our characters also pirates? Kidnapped nobility? Endless possibilities!
Fairy Tales
Hand over your favorite Disney fairy tales it’s time to put a dark spin on them and throw our characters in a twisted world! Open to any fairy tale you want, genuinely have no preference.

One of my all-time favorite anime, I love this show and the OCs I've made for this universe. I'm willing to do Oc x Oc or Canon x Oc. I have four separate OCs and I would love to use any of them. I would like you to play Hawks, Aizawa, Shoto, Hero!Bakugou, or Kirishima (student or hero) for me. And in return, I can play anyone except Hawks, Endeavor, Mineta, or Overhaul for you! I have a lot of ideas for plots depending on which OC you want to play with and I have a plethora of villains I've created that we can throw at our characters in a story. I can work with established heroes, vigilantes, students, or aged-up hero versions of the main cast! Also, here's some blurbs of my OCs!
Hakkotsu "Kanna" Tsukanna
Essentially a Commission-sanctioned vigilante under the moniker Gravestone, Kanna is a shadow in the night carrying out all the dirty dealings the Commission needs done that don't technically fall on the side of legal. Her quirk is Skeletal, which allows her full control over all the properties of all the bones in her body, i.e. controlling their density, size, weight, regeneration time, degeneration time, etc. Raised by a fanatic named Ayatsuru with Stain-like views, Kanna spent her childhood being raised as a soldier alongside another kid, a boy named Kagerou. When she was 11, Kanna snapped and fled, but was unable to convince Kagerou to come with her and ultimately left him behind. She was found wandering alone by Yagi Toshinori and was eventually taken in by him. When she was 16, her connection to Toshinori led the Commission's gaze to her and, despite never going to a formal hero school, was roped into assisting them with an undercover mission. She excelled and was recruited into the Commission for their work. Kanna was never given proper hero schooling or given a hero license. She functions entirely outside of the law, knowing that if her work is discovered the Commission will immediately disown her and allow her to take the fall for them. Few people outside of the Commission and Toshinori know of Kanna's existence. Canonly, she pairs with Hawks. OC-wise, she's a chaotic bi who flirts with everything. Make your OC a hero, villain, vigilante, whatever, Kanna works with them all!
Adamaris "Mar" Aguilar
Please only ask about Mar if you have minimal to no triggers; they had a very rough history and while nothing is explicitly written out, she still suffers from trauma from these events so they will be mentioned. I also expect them to be handled respectfully.

A quirkless vigilante with Iron Man vibes and a chaotic neutral she/they (I switch pronouns pretty frequently when referring to Mar, just to let you know). Half-Colombian and half-Japanese, Mar works at a mechanic shop by day and runs as a nameless vigilante at night. She's only been in Japan for a few years after having previously escaped their former life as a trapeze artist in a world-renowned traveling circus. Jaded and world-weary, they see heroics as a scam used by people who only want to get rich and famous, thus leading to her becoming a vigilante to deal with the criminals who slip through the cracks. Mar is incredibly skilled with machines and makes all of their own gear, which also means she isn't leaving a trail of buying things for people to follow. Canon-wise, they pair with Aizawa, please let them both parent the 1A kids together it would be so cute. OC-wise, Mar is pan without a preference. Like with Kanna, your OC can be a hero, villain, vigilante, or whatever!
Ninette "Nin" Auclaire
A transfer student into UA in the main cast's second year from France. Nin's quirk is Reverberation, which allows her to produce sonic shockwaves of high intensity from her mouth. The drawback is, given the intimacy of her quirk and her vocal cords, Ninette cannot make a sound without her quirk activating. This essentially leaves her mute, so she communicates via sign language or typing what she needs to say into her phone. The manifestation of her quirk, as a young child when she didn't realize she couldn't make a sound without using it, caused the death of her parents, and Nin was sent to an institution called White Wings at age 5 to 'rehabilitate' her. She's sent to UA as a sort of test to show how well-adjusted she is and for White Wings to show off how well they can reintegrate people into society. Canonly, she ideally pairs with Todoroki, but she also works with Kirishima. OC-wise, Nin is straight, so your male OC could be a student from another school, another transfer to UA, or someone in a different course from her!
Elysia Dagon
An American investigative journalist. Her quirk is Scope, which allows her to sense the body temperature and heartbeat of any living thing in a half-mile spherical radius. Elysia is the only OC on this list that is only for canon x oc pairings. Elysia pairs with a 20-something-year-old Bakugou or Kirishima, who after graduating UA, went to America to make a name for himself and ends up in New York. While hunting down information on a rising gang, Elysia learns some crucial information that she shared with the agency Baku or Kiri works for. Never one to let a story get away, however, Elysia doesn't let the heroes do their work in peace. She keeps up her own investigation, which ends up putting her in the gang's crosshairs and forcing Baku/Kiri to allow her to tag along with them so she doesn't get herself killed. For doubling purposes, I'd send your canon of choice to America as well and likely set them to working at the same agency as Baku/Kiri. Your OC could be another hero working alongside them or a civilian like Elysia who also ends up caught in the crossfire somehow. Lemme know your ideas and I can find a way to integrate them!
Next Gen?? Idk I fell in love with these idiots without meaning to send help
So apparently I'm hyperfixated on My Hero now, and this had led to me creating kids for the pairings I've listed above! I may have delved more deeply into them than originally anticipated and now they refuse to leave my brain. I hate them all this is a joke I am obsessed with them pls help. ANYWAY I would love to use any of them in some kind of pairing against any character of yours! Have a pure OC you want to use? Toss 'em at me! Have a kid between a canon and your OC you want to use? Hand them over immediately! These idiots are very flexible but for obvious reasons, they would all be used in oc x oc pairings but canons would likely be making an appearance. I can use these kids as students or as heroes though I have a slight preference for using them as students. Hopefully, some of them catch your eye!

Noa Todoroki: Preferably used in a childhood friends to lovers trope. Noa is a very sweet, open, and friendly girl, the daughter of Shoto and the above oc Ninette. Her quirk is Dragon's Breath which allows her to breathe fire or ice and control the element once it has been produced. Something of a matchmaker, she loves setting other people up even if she doesn't understand romance all that well herself (she borders on being aromantic, but isn't quite there). I like the idea of her ending up with someone she's known for a long time who may have also been in love with her for a long time but she doesn't realize it. If used in a school setting, she is 16 and a first-year student. Noa is bisexual.

Kesu Dagon: Genetically related to Kirishima and the above oc Elysia and the fraternal twin of Higatsuku (no one question me in my original idea, Elysia, Bakugou, and Kirishima all end up in a polycule and through magical fertility quirk means Kesu and Higa are fraternal twins (two separate eggs for those who don't know) with one being genetically related to Baku and one genetically related to Kiri. Just accept it I'm begging). Kesu is amab and nonbinary using they/them pronouns. They are quirkless but have a genius level intellect and are very mechanically-minded. My adhd dumbass child with golden retriever energy. Extremely outgoing and friendly. Despite their friendliness, Kesu struggles with low self-confidence and believes their only worth comes from what they can offer people in the form of their inventions. If used in a school setting, they are 16 and a first-year student. Kesu is pansexual.

Higatsuku Dagon: Would love to use him in a fake dating or "failed marriage ends up with the person who helped him through the divorce" trope. Genetically related to Bakugou and the above OC Elysia. His quirk is Landmine which allows him to place explosive charges anywhere in a 1/2 mile spherical radius of himself and he can set them off at any time so long as he remains within 1/2 mile of them. Reserved and quiet, Higa struggles to make connections with people as he finds himself struggling to understand human nature. He's very studious and no-nonsense but is also very good at finding loopholes when he wants to. He's very close with Kesu and envies his twin's ability to make friends so easily. If used in a school setting, he is 16 and a first-year student. Higa is panromantic and asexual.

Rakumei Takami: The child of Hawks and the above OC Kanna. Her quirk is Calcified Flight which is very similar to Hawks' quirk, except Kanna's quirk comes into play because Rakumei's wings are formed from bone and she can control all the properties of her bone wings. Very much her parents' child in terms of personality, Rakumei is outgoing, friendly, flirtatious, and just a little bit cocky. She's well-liked by most people she meets and loves engaging with other people. A queen of sass. She can be somewhat hotheaded and is far too willing to engage in and participate in stupid ideas (ones that often end with her sheepishly in the hospital wing on god Eirei is the only reason she's alive). She's very vocal about her feelings on governmental and political matters and isn't afraid to call out the HPSC on their bullshit if she thinks they're doing something that doesn't keep people's best interest in mind. If used in a school setting, Rakumei is a member of the Big 3 and an 18-year-old third year. She is also bisexual.

Eirei Aizawa:
The adopted child of Shouta and the above OC Mar. They are agender and use they/he pronouns. Shouta and Mar recused Eirei from a quirk trafficking ring (collecting people with powerful quirks) when they were 10 and took them in. Their quirk is Animal Soul, which allows them to shift into different animals. To do so, however, they must understand the biological makeup of the animal they seek to shift into. The first shift into a new animal is also an extremely long, arduous, and somewhat painful process. Eirei's body can also only hold knowledge of three animals to shift into at one time. Strategic and quiet, they're friendly despite being reserved. They often seem bored when dealing with people, however, which has given them something of a reputation as an "ice prince" (Rakumei, their close friend, thinks this is the worst phrase possible to describe them as they are anything but). Really, they're the mom friend who is tired of everyone else Rakumei doing dumb shit. If used in a school setting, Eirei is a member of the Big 3 and a 19-year-old third year. They are pansexual.

I started falling back into Marvel with all these new TV shows coming out and now I've got Marvel brainrot again! Its great everything is fine I'm fine. This is one of my oldest fandoms and it holds a special place in my heart. I love the world and the characters in it to no end. Currently, I am only seeking canon x oc plots for this fandom. I am looking for someone to play Matt Murdock, Steven Grant/Marc Spector, Valkyrie, or Bucky Barnes in these pairings. Ask for anyone except Loki, Daredevil, or Moonknight for you in return! These are the OCs I'm looking to use at the moment as well:
Reverie Kaelin
A highly prolific information broker in Hell's Kitchen (or New York in general) who goes by the moniker of Nightmare. Completely human and without any special abilities, Reverie has built an empire of information for herself. She'll sell any information to anyone for the right price, all in an effort to give her 16-year-old brother the life he deserves after their parents died. She doubles as a bartender and singer at a very popular bar called the Black Eyes, where she also makes her base for her information brokering. General ideas to work with her include Reverie finding out some new information that gets her in over her head and puts a target on her back, forcing her to rely on someone else for protection for her and her brother? She's really flexible though. Reverie pairs with Matt or Bucky.
Khaalida Seong
A severely schizophrenic mortician and medical examiner who lives in London, England. Following the collapse of the temple at the end of Moonknight's season one, I imagine that several of the gods who had been locked away in stone statues were released as their statues broke. One such god was Anubis, who found Khaalida and forged a pact with her so she would become his new Avatar. Unfortunately for Anubis, Khaalida only thinks he's an annoying hallucination. At least until Marc/Steven stumble into her life and they can also see the strange, jackal-headed man that's been hanging around her. No set plot here but I think there's a lot we could do depending on who you want me to play for you! I also have a couple of ideas about how to deal with Marc and Layla's relationship and keep Khonshu around in a way that Marc/Steven still function as Moonknight.
Atzi is a member of a race of beings known as the Teotl. Many years ago, they were worshipped as gods by the Aztecs. The Teotl hail from another realm, one that has since been destroyed, which is what caused the Teotl people to flee to Earth and end up in Central America. Atzi, however, was not one of the people who fled to Earth upon the destruction of her planet. She stayed behind in an effort to contain the force that destroyed their home, but was mostly unsuccessful. As a result, she was thrown into a state of hibernation, her body sent hurtling through space and realms. Now, however, Atzi finds her hibernation finally coming to a close, crashing onto Earth in New Asgard in a very new time. When she lands, she comes with a warning: that which destroyed her home is still out there, still brewing. And Earth may be where it hits next. Atzi pairs with Valkyrie.
What If?
A little more niche, but I really loved the zombie episode of the What If series and I would love to do something with that. I'd be playing as Reverie and I'd like her to be paired with Bucky in this AU. I don't have a lot of ideas but I just thought it was a really fun scenario that was worth exploring more!


And last but not least, here are my writing samples! Kudos if you've made it to the end of this thread! If you think you'd like to write with me, great! I can't wait to hear from you all. Be sure to drop me a PM (do not comment on the thread) and I look forward to the wonderful stories we'll write!


Context: Mavis and Cornyx were in a fight against one of the story's antagonists. During the fight, Mavis almost died while protecting Cornyx. Here, Cornyx is expressing that he doesn't want her to be so reckless with her life.

He was crying. Cornyx was crying. He was crying and telling her that somehow, despite everything that she’d done, that she was still worth something. That his being here, that her helping him, somehow justified her existence. Even though she’d torn so many things apart and burned so many things down. Even as the ashes danced around her and the flames licked at her skin and no one could get close to her because they would just become more of that gray ash that blocked out the sun and turned everything to darkness.

She didn’t know what to say. How to react. He was crying and telling her that he couldn’t lose her and that she couldn’t be so flippant with her life. Because he thought she mattered. That she was important to him and that he needed her. But he was stronger than he thought. He didn’t need her to be able to push on. He would be able to recover and find a way to keep going if she vanished. She had faith that he would be able to do that.

But he was saying that she wasn’t allowed to die. Because she wasn’t allowed to leave him.

For her entire life, the idea that she’d never been good enough was pounded into her head. That she would never measure up to the standards set before her. And after so long of being told that, her mind just always twisted the situation into telling herself that she was never good enough. That there was always something that she could have done better. That she could have fought better, could have taken out more enemies, could have minimized the damage more so there was less to deal with. That she was nothing more than a soldier and no matter how much regret and guilt she felt over hurting and killing people that was all she would ever be able to do. Even though she could never do that well enough to be satisfactory. Thousands of thousands of years that idea pushed through her head. So much that she’d never thought that maybe it was wrong. That she was something else. That she could matter.

β€œCornyx, I…” she said softly, all the anger she’d been feeling slipping from her body. She reached out hesitantly to him before pausing, pulling back. After a moment, she took a tentative step toward him, though she couldn’t quite bring herself to fully reach out to him. How was she supposed to answer him? He was breaking down and saying that he needed her and that because he needed her she couldn’t die.

She crossed her arms across her stomach, her fingers grasping at the fabric of her shirt as she held herself. Her gaze flickered to the ground. She couldn’t look at him. β€œI’m sorry,” she whispered and her voice cracked. She covered her mouth with one hand, her body trembling as she tried to hold back her own tears. β€œCornyx, I’m so sorry…I never thought that…I thought that…” That he would be okay. That he would be able to move on without her. That she was inconsequential enough that her death might hurt, but he would move on.
Patiently, Fal waited for her to make her decision, continuing his idle stroking of Dynamene. When Aria had started speaking, the fox had slid one perfectly blue eye open to look at the woman before deciding that Aria wasn’t worth her time and curling up contentedly around Fal’s neck. Fal greatly appreciated the little fox’s presence. She was a calming creature in the midst of all this chaos that he’d found himself inadvertently thrown into. And if he didn’t handle this situation with the proper care, he was going to suffer greatly for it. Damn those Seelie Fae and their need to interfere with what was going to be a perfectly peaceful bargain.

He was silent as he listened when she finally decided to make the smart choice and give up the information that he wanted. But it was not what he was expecting at all. β€œThat’s completely useless information,” he said bluntly, the muscles in his jaw tightening. β€œEven if the Seelie think that they can send some other creatures after us to make it look like it wasn’t their doing, no one but an Unseelie Fae can get into the Court reliably.” Of course, there were always some doors, things like fairy rings, but they were highly unpredictable and entirely unreliable. Fal had only met one person who was able to predict the doors opening and closing with any sort of accuracy, and even then, she usually only had a fifty-fifty shot about whether or not the door was actually open.

The prince turned away, dragging a hand through his hair. He was so fucked. If he was lucky, Ana would help him out and try and shift more of the blame onto herself. If he was slightly less lucky, his punishment would involve a trial by combat by one of his middle brothers. Worst case scenario, he would be pitted against Caspian to fight for his life as punishment. And no one survived a fight with Caspian. He was a complete brute.

If this was all she had, then there was nothing Fal could do to protect either one of them. The Seelie gathering allies on Earth to attack the Unseelie Court. Queen Titania wasn’t that stupid. Why would she do something like that? There was no benefit for her here unless she was just trying to throw them off her scent for something–

Summer solstice.

Fal’s eyes widened for a moment before he composed himself and turned back, his face the same mask of cool collectedness it had been for most of their interactions. Walking over to his closet, he pulled it open, rummaging through the clothes for several moments until he pulled out a deep blue tunic that had a very low-cut v-neck that would expose a good portion of his chest and white pants for himself before shifting through the clothes and hoping, praying, that there would be something that might fit Aria’s smaller stature. He glanced back at her, eyes running over her figure before he finally managed to find something that should work. It was a sleeveless, emerald tunic with a high neckline and some black pants that should fit her if she tied something as a belt around them.

Walking back over to her, Fal handed Aria the clothing he’d picked out for her. β€œPut this on,” he said as he moved back to the bed, gently removing Dynamene from his shoulders and setting her on the bed. β€œThen, use whatever you need from there,” he waved to the vanity, β€œto make yourself as…” his gaze flickered disparagingly over her face, β€œβ€¦as presentable as you can.” With that said, without a second thought, Fal made to strip off his current shirt to switch it out for the blue tunic he’d removed.
Thankfully, it wasn’t long before Noelani felt the telltale signs of a soft breath against the back of her hand and it wasn’t long before the woman began coughing in an effort to expel the water that she’d swallowed during her near drowning. Noelani jerked her hand back from the woman’s mouth, allowing her to cough up the water from her lungs on her own while the mermaid’s gaze snapped toward the man who Eiran had laid next to the woman. The man’s chest was rising and falling at what seemed to be a normal pace, so she assumed that he was going to be alright. She let out a quiet sigh of relief before her eyes drifted back toward the woman’s face. And she froze.

The woman was staring back up at her with an awestruck look on her face with shimmering turquoise eyes and a face framed by honey brown hair. Noelani’s breath caught in her chest as every muscle in her body tensed. She hadn’t thought that the woman wake up while she was still here. She’d thought she’d have time to flee into the ocean before anyone actually saw her.

In that moment, every scenario she’d ever heard of about humans killing and capturing merfolk for their own selfish desires ran through her head. There was a reason that the merfolk stayed beneath the waves and out of human view. Those rules were there in place for a reason, and a good one from what history showed them. As fascinated as she was with humans, Noelani had never been so close to one before, had never been actually seen by one, and the sudden idea of such a fact happening caused her blood to run cold. What would this woman do? Was she even conscious enough to recognize what she was seeing? Would she tell everyone that she’d seen a mermaid, thus beginning a brutal hunt for the creatures? Noelani wasn’t certain, but she was desperately starting to wish that she’d listened to Eiran and she’d left when both of the people were still unconscious.

When the woman’s gaze finally turned away from her face, Noelani was snapped out of her stupor and realized that she needed to get back into the water. Spinning around, she dragged herself back to the water and disappeared under the waves with a quick flick of her tail before the woman could turn her attention back to the one who had saved her.

Underneath the water, Noelani tried to calm her breathing, taking deep breaths and struggling to rein her panic back in. In moments, Eiran was at her side, his arms around her shoulders. β€œLani,” he murmured. β€œLani, what happened? Are you okay? What’s got you so scared?”

Noelani only shook her head, placing a hand on Eiran’s chest to tell him that she was alright. β€œI’m fine,” she managed to get out after a few moments. β€œJust…just startled, is all. The woman woke up. She saw me.” Eiran’s eyes widened in alarm and he was about to open his mouth to say something on the matter, but Noelani beat him to it. β€œI don’t think she really knew what she saw. It was just my face and then she looked away and I bolted. Besides, she’ll probably think it was just a dream or a hallucination or something, right? She nearly drowned. Not having air does things to the brain. I…I’m sure it’s fine.”

Eiran looked as though he wanted to argue, to tell her that was a foolish thought and that she should have been more careful, but instead, he only tightened his jaw a little. β€œHopefully that’s all that happened,” he murmured in reply. β€œBut we better get back to the castle.”

He was right, but Noelani didn’t really relish the idea of going back so soon. The night had been cut rather short by the events of the boat and saving those two people. But, if the woman had noticed that it was a mermaid who had saved her from drowning, then Noelani and Eiran needed to get back to the deep ocean where they wouldn’t have to worry about potentially being spotted by anyone. And if word happened to get back to the palace about some merfolk saving a pair of humans… Noelani shuddered to think about what the king, her father, would do if he heard about that. He was so against humans recognizing their existence that knowing his own people had rescued two humans was bound to bring something terrible down on someone’s head.

Thus, the pair quietly began to make their way back toward the palace. The ocean had started to calm down, the waves less rough as they swam, so it was only a short while before they were swimming through the dark, deep waters of the ocean. Her eyes naturally adjusted to the gloom, easily able to pierce through the darkness to see what was before her. It wasn’t very long before the pair were back at the palace though, and the dimness gave way to some light as the lanterns floated around in the water.

Dodging the patrols of guards was a simple matter and before she knew it, Noelani was back in her room with Eiran bidding her farewell, locking the door behind him. The tension released from her shoulders and she slumped forward, swimming over to sit on her bed, flopping back down against the pillows. Her mind was still racing a million miles an hour as the events of the night replayed in her mind. The humans flailing in the water. Dragging them ashore. The paralyzing terror mixed with curiosity she’d felt as she locked eyes with the woman she’d saved.

There was a part of her that wished she’d stayed and spoken with the woman. Some deep curiosity inside of her that wanted to talk to the woman, no matter how frightening the prospect might also be. Noelani just wanted…answers, she supposed, to the many questions that she had about the human world. She’d always wanted to better understand them, despite the fact that all she had ever heard about them from other merfolk was how dangerous and selfish they were. Sometimes, Noelani wondered if maybe the humans weren’t actually so different than the merfolk. They just…lived on land and had legs instead of fins.

Well, it was unlikely that she’d ever get her answers. It was a depressing thought, but one that was true all the same.

Noelani curled up in her bed as she tried to push those thoughts from her mind and settle into something of a sleep.
The moment the person grabbed him to try and steady him, Caedis batted their hand away, shooting them a venomous glare. β€œDon’t touch me," he snarled, though the force behind his words was quickly dispelled as he started coughing, his body shaking through the fit until it stopped. His vision was starting to go again, but Caedis squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head, trying to clear away the fog that felt like it was clouding him. He still didn’t know who this person was, but clearly, they were someone who was a part of the Drimore forces. So, why were they helping him? It wasn’t like Caedis was unrecognizable. A silver-eyed mage of death. He’d heard some whisper that he was death itself come to walk the earth. Foolishness, of course, but it bolstered his pride all the same. It would be more of a shock to Caedis if this person didn’t know who he was. So, why the assistance?

Despite his sudden coughing fit, Caedis did manage to catch the mage – for they were clearly a mage to have pulled him out of Crow’s realm – say something about trapped water. Huh. So that was why none of Vassuryn’s scouts had come back from Drimore territory. They’d never even been able to make it past the river. That was an important piece of information that he needed to remember to tell Aurelius.

When the mage said they wanted to help Caedis, and even went so far as to offer him some kind of fruit, it took everything in the man not to start laughing. β€œKeep your fucking food, I don’t need it,” he rolled his eyes. β€œI’m not stupid enough to take food from the enemy. Especially one who still won’t tell me their name.” This was so strange. Why was the mage going to such great lengths to try and trick Caedis? Did they honestly think he would fall for it? He had no reason to trust the enemy at all. When they further kept insisting, Caedis finally grabbed the fruit out of their hand and tossed it into the river with a sharp glare. β€œI said I don’t need–”

His head snapped up as he heard the rustling, eyes shooting over to the sound. Caedis’ hand hovered over the knife at his waist until he saw what was creating that sound: the bodies of Drimore’s knights dragging themselves back to camp. Caedis’ lip curled in disdain at the sight. The dismembered bodies were occasionally visible from Vassuryn’s main camp and it annoyed him every time he saw them. All his hard work, put to waste as the knights dragged themselves back to camp, sewed themselves back up, and then came out to fight another day again. It made Caedis want to tear his hair out in annoyance. Why couldn’t the people just stay dead? It would make everyone’s life so much easier if they would.

What arrested Caedis’ attention from watching the horrifying sight of the mutilated knights, however, was the mage’s offer to see them put themselves back together. Caedis’ head snapped up to look at them. β€œYou want me to go back to Drimore’s camp with you? So you can show me intimate secrets about your army? How stupid do you think I am?” he snorted. β€œThat’s obviously a trap. Take me to camp and then arrest me and hold me hostage. You couldn’t come up with a more convincing lie than showing me, your enemy, kingdom secrets? Gods, you’re not the brightest, are you?” Caedis shook his head, a muted laugh escaping him as he dragged a hand through his hair. He needed a way to shake this mage. Caedis had no idea what their magic was, so he didn’t want to just try and run. Plus, this person clearly knew intimate Drimore secrets. If Caedis could capture them and get them back to Vassuryn’s main camp, he was sure Aurelius would be grateful.

It was when the mage stepped forward that Caedis saw his chance. They were offering a bracelet, something about that charm allowing him to pass over the river without being drowned by water spirits, and they were right next to him. Truly, a foolish mistake, since whoever this person was seemed to know exactly who Caedis was. He didn’t think they were all that bright to be saving him from an assassin and inviting him back for tea when they were clearly a part of Drimoire’s army. Caedis, however, knew that he would be the fool if he didn’t take this opportunity to drag the mage back to his main camp. Clearly, whoever this person was, they knew a lot about the magic behind the immortality of Drimoire’s army. If Aurelius could get something out of this mage about how to deal with the immortal army, then maybe this war could finally be put to an end and Caedis didn’t have to find himself ripping the same damn people apart over and over and over again.

Caedis’ hand flashed out, grabbing the mage’s wrist with one hand as they offered the bracelet to him. With equal speed, his other hand brought out the knife from his waist, nicking the mage’s forearm; blood seeped out of the open wound. Caedis then brought the knife down on his own skin, a thin trail of blood escaping from his own arm. His silvery eyes took on a hint of a red glow as the blood peeled away from his arm, snaking into the air in a trail of floating liquid, hovering for a moment before plunging into the mage’s newly acquired wound.

As soon as his blood was in the other person’s body, Caedis could feel the connection created between them. Stumbling back, his eyes flashed a darker red as he froze the blood in the person’s muscles, rendering them completely unable to move at all. Pushing himself up to his feet, Caedis stumbled backward, his vision going blurry. No, he was fine, he had to get this person back to camp for Aurelius. Despite his own self-reassurances, Caedis was panting for breath, his chest heaving as he held the mage still.

β€œYou know, helping the enemy is never the best idea,” he chuckled, forcing himself to stand upright as he faced the mage. β€œI’ll be taking you back to my camp now. Thanks for the tip about the river though, I’m sure Aurelius will greatly appreciate it when I tell him. I’m sure he’ll have lots of questions for you as well since you seem to know so much about the immortality this fucking army has.” Curling one finger toward himself, Caedis forced the mage’s body to step forward, walking toward him. As practiced as he was in the art of controlling others, the mage’s body moved smoothly, as if they were the one controlling their own limbs and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

He turned around, prepared to lead the mage in the direction of his camp, but the second he tried to take another step forward, Caedis’ head began swimming, black spots dancing across his vision. No, no, no, no. He was fine, camp wasn’t even that far now, he was going to be able to make it back. He tried to walk forward again, but this time, he was met with a coughing fit that wracked his entire body. Caedis’ hand flew to his mouth, half coughing, half choking. When his hand came away, it was covered in splatters of blood, the scarlet liquid shining in the light of the moon.

β€œDamn it,” he muttered before his body finally gave out. Caedis’ eyes rolled to the back of his head as he collapsed heavily onto the forest floor, releasing the strange, animal-eared mage from his control as he dropped like a stone into unconsciousness.
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