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Willowbrook High

This is just a regular high school role play. It takes place in modern day Willowbrook, a small town in the Midwest. There are no character roles or gender ratio, as well as no overarching plot. The happenings of the role play will be developed and determined by the interactions of characters and their motives stemming from their backstories. Since there is no gender ratio, if you want romance and there aren't enough characters of the gender your character is into, you'll have to work something out with someone.

As far as literacy goes, I would like this to be semi-lit or lazy lit. Basically, give something for people to reply to and acknowledge what happened in their post. An advisable post length would be 2 - 3 paragraphs.

For activity, I'd like people to post daily. I understand if this isn't possible, and am fine with every two or three days. I'll allow a week without notice and no posts before your character gets the boot. Of course if you let me know you'll be going away for awhile, then this won't be the case.

If you got any questions, feel free to PM me or post in the OOC thread. I'll add any more rules to this if I see fit.
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Lucas Mordekai
It was another boring day, the start of the second week of school and Lucas was kind of.. glad. Although he got along with his new family, he did enjoy living on his own much more. At least that way he was free to do what would otherwise trouble his family and get him in trouble possibly. Who knows?

Shifting the straps of his low hanging backpack, he walked onto campus and into the main school building. No one liked Mondays, and since school started barely a week ago, everyone was still sluggish and grumpy that their summer break was over. There were flocks of girls that were chattering, trying to one-up each other about what they did this summer, what kind of trouble they did and got away with.. Some were talking about dating.. vacations with family.. the same boring stuff you heard every year from students.. It was nothing that special..
Today felt like just any other day. Except Kol was still not back in New York. Far away from the city and he felt like time moved slower, he felt like napping rather than wanting to do things really. Kol covered his mouth as he yawned at the breakfast table. Coffee in his mug and his food almost gone. It was normal in New York for teens to drink coffee at younger ages than normal, so in this house it still felt a little bit like home. Kol rested his head back on the chair as his mom walked by. "Ready for school yet?" She asked as she was dressed for her day at the office. She placed her laptop and a few folders into her bag as she looked back to her son.

Kol shrugged as he leaned back forward and took a large sip from his cup.

His father glanced over to him as he sat somewhat across from the other. "I'm not going to get called into school today am I?" he dad asked.

Kol shrugged as he quickly finished his coffee and took a strip of bacon as he got up from his chair.

"I mean it Kol." His dad called out as Kol left the kitchen to grab his things.

Kol's mom looked to her husband and mouthed to him quietly. "He'll be fine." she whispered as she grabbed her keys. She gave her husband a quick kiss before heading outside with Kol.

The drive to school was long in Kol's mind. He had to of listened to four or five full songs before they even reached the parking lot. Once there he was quick to get out of the car and head off into school. Not really excited about being there he kept his ear buds in as he made it to his locker.



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Irene walked down the corridor, making her way to her locker. For some reason, she couldn't shake off the biting feeling that she had forgotten something. Irene tried to distract herself by listening to other's conversations. They were the standard things she'd expect. Nothing worth while to listen to. This meant the feeling would still not go away. It was like a fly buzzing around her head. She went through everything in her head, she knew she had her pencil case, her phone, her books, so what was she missing?

When she reached her locker she began to pull the things out of her bag frantically. Yes, she did have her essential equipment. She bit her lip in frustration at her own paranoia.

As she closed her locker door, realisation hit her like a ton of bricks. I've left my English Summer Essay in the car!

Irene started shaking slightly. Was there a chance for her to run back to the car and get the paper if she was fast enough? She wasn't usually this unorganised! She started to run faster than she thought she was ever capable of. Her mind was in such a blur it came as a great shock to her when she felt herself colliding with another student.
Kalista wasn't the type of person to be the first one at school every morning, but she wasn't one to be late either. She made sure to wake up early enough to get ready for the day and make it to her first class on time. Her morning routine wasn't anything too complicated, just brushing her teeth, eating breakfast, and getting dressed, so she didn't need to take too much time for it. Her commute to school was just a short walk, about fifteen minutes, and in the cool, late summer/early fall air, it was rather nice. She wore her typical outfit, just a t-shirt with some print on it she thought looked cool, and some shorts. Her footwear was simple tennis shoes, geared towards comfort more than looks. Her wavy black hair hung past her shoulders and flowed in the light breeze, and every so often she would raise a hand to sweep her bangs out of her eyes.

In the end it didn't take her too long to get to school, and she didn't have any strong feelings about the day. It was only the second week, but so far at least her classes seemed to be pretty good. It still hadn't become habit for Kalista to go to where her new locker for this year was, so she had to be conscious of the turns she made in the hall. As she passed by small crowds of chatting students, she eventually managed to get there. As she started emptying and refilling her backpack, she glanced around at the people around her, noticing three in particular: a girl who had a locker nearby with a frantic look on her face, another neighbor of hers who looked like he was part of some punk rock band, and wasn't too thrilled to be here, and a third girl with blond highlights who seemed to share his attitude. Were they new? She didn't remember seeing them before. It was a big school though, so it was possible they just never had any run ins with each other.

"Jeez, seems like catastrophe stuck this weekend..." she commented on everyone's mood with a chuckle. Despite her stature, her voice was high, light, and airy, as if a person wasn't using the full strength of it. "Is everything alright?" She threw out the question to the whole group, but more so focused on the girl next to her, as her expression seemed more urgent.

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Erin slammed her car door as she arrived at school. She was not in the mood for school today, especially after her parents threatened to take away her guitar if she didn't get better grades. Still, despite her grumpiness, Erin put in some earbuds and dragged herself into the main building to go to her locker. She needed to grab some books for the morning, and the walk would probably give her some time to chill out.

As Erin walked the halls, she couldn't help but zone out and start thinking about her hometown. Erin missed everything about it, from the lively atmosphere to jamming out with her old friends. Especially her old bandmates. Being in a band made her feel like she stood out in the crowd and that she was beginning to become someone. But, here in Willowbrook, she's started from square one. She doubted anyone even knew her name. Yet, maybe, on one of these boring high school days, she'd find a way to break out of the average crowd here too. But before doing all that, Erin needed to worry about getting her books and arriving to class on time. She grabbed a few of her textbooks, stuffed them into her backpack, and jetted to her first hour class.


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"S-sorry.." Irene muttered to whoever she bumped into. She decided that running to the car was pointless, the car would be gone by now. She sighed, the year was already getting off to a terrible start.

"Is everything alright?" A student asked, causing Irene to halt in her tracks. Was that question directed to her? She turned around hesitantly. She saw a girl with wavy black hair and tan skin looking at her with concern.

Irene gulped. She didn't like talking to people. "Ummm.. A-are you in Mrs Kale's English class?"

Kol had made it to his locker at some point. The crowds in the school were more confusing than New York. It was like no one knew how to walk. By the time he got to his locker his nerves were already burning. Trying to keep himself in check. Kol signed as he placed his books inside his locker. Looking at the notebooks, Kol was not really in the mood to actually do anything. Maybe doodle? Kol picked up one of his note books when he felt someone run into him. He looked over to find a ting girl. She seemed more than apologetic, she literally stuttered the word.

Kol had to take his attention off Irene as another voice caught his attention. It felt a bit odd that people around his locker were actually... Well talking. For the past two weeks he couldn't even recall even looking at those around his locker. As he did so, he noticed more girls...

"Why does this one belong to you?" Kol asked as he gave Irene a soft push towards Kalista. "You should keep her on a leash... She looks like she'll wander." Kol shrugged as he turned back to his locker.

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Irene was willing to shrug off the boy's snark by rolling her eyes. After all, it was the first day back at school, and he was probably in a bad mood as it is. Besides she had more important things to worry about, such as an English paper.

She couldn't believe she was that desperate she was talking to two people at once. "A-are you in Mrs Kale's English class?" She asked, hesitantly.
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((It's not the first day back. It's the first day of the second week.))

"Yeah, why?" Kalista responded as her question was answered with another one. That was her first period class, actually. Was this girl in that class too? She hadn't really paid attention to who all sat around her, and rather just trying to understand the material, so it could have very well been the case.

The girl stumbled back a bit as the other girl she was talking to was shoved into her. Frowning at the boy who committed the crime, she politely stepped past Irene to stand next to him and gave him a shove of her own. "What's got you down this morning? Are your skinny jeans chafing? Are they too tight for you balls? Or maybe your hair isn't swooping down just right over your eyes like you want?"

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((Okay thanks! Woopsies))

Irene winced. As much as she'd love to have said the things this girl did out loud, she didn't want to start any confrontations. Although, this girl was in her English class! Something was finally going right! Irene made a mental note to at least try to remember her classmates. That didn't involve actually talking to them after all.

She gently took hold of the girls arm and pulled her away from the boy slightly, hoping that a fight wouldn't start up in the corridor because of her. "U-Umm... That was really nice of you and all, for sticking up for me and everything. So thank you. What I wanted to ask is: is the essay we were meant to do over the summer break due in first period?" She asked, dreading the answer.

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Kol questioned his own classes when the girl mentioned English class. His eyes shifted to the inside of his locker door where he had taped his schedule. Kol was just about to look over them when the other girl stepped between him and Irene. As Kalista gave him the impression that she was going to tell him off, Kol rolled his eyes. For him this was normal from time to time. But his jaw wanted to drop as the words came out of her mouth. Instead he blinked as a sly smirk crossed his lips.

He pointed to her as she continued to insult just about every aspect of his life. Oh how it's been some time since someone meet his levels.

Kol shoved a hand into one of his pockets as he locked eyes with Kalista, "My parents are rich and my dads a cop." Kol bit his lower lip. "Please continue." He rolled on his feet a bit.
Oh, how he missed such banter. New York was full of it, but here, he always just got the same old 'what a jerk' or something as childish as such. But no... Whomever this little firecracker was.... She... Kol couldn't even finish his thoughts when the other girl pulled Kalista away from him a bit.

He found a dull look on his face when Irene brought up the whole English class thing again. What crappy timing he had?

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Lucas.. kind of expected confrontations to happen but also not really. So listening to a girl tell off a guy that was full of himself was kind of a treat. It didn't happen often in these parts.. Shaking his head as he stuffed his gym clothes in the locker, he locked it once more and brushed past them, to actually head to English class.. Those were his damn clssmates.. Perfect.. and Lucas thought last year's class was at peak stupidity...

Lucas was dressed in slim fit jeans and a nice loose sweater over a black shirt. The sleeves of the sweater were long enough to cover most of his hands, worn out black combat boots on his feet. There was no real indication of Lucas being.. well.. a guy on the outside, unless he spoke. But that was good, he liked being neutral. Plus seeing people struggle and hesitate and not even trying to ask for pronoun was cute and funny..

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As Erin's leaving her locker, she noticed a group of kids and a small bit of commotion going on. Some girl pulling another girl away from a guy. Not the most unusual thing she's seen at a high school. As much as she'd love to spy on some drama, Erin proceeded to walk on.

Or would have, if she hadn't tripped and dropped her stuff all over the floor. Erin grumbled to herself and picked up her papers, and was picking up her textbook when she noticed a paper had floated its way over to where those kids were talking before. Erin cursed, mumbled under her breath, and walked over to retrieve her paper. She would have rather not get involved in whatever they were on about, but hopefully, she could easily sneak in, get her paper, and sneak out.

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((@Super Villain Nova Lol what?))

Kalista gave the girl a smirk with a raised brow as she spoke to her and tried to pull her away. "Uhh... You must be new." The statement was a jab, but a playful one. "Mrs. Kale doesn't check anything. Her class barely has any structure. You go there, start kinda talking about what we're reading, and then end up going on some tangent about life. Don't worry about the essay. Just try not to be too sad about the summertime you lost doing it." She let out another snicker before pulling her arm away and taking on a more confrontational expression as she once again looked at the guy.

She feigned a look of being impressed and clapped with heavy mockery. "Good for you! You're just God's gift to mankind, aren't you? Or do you worship Satan? Or maybe Gerard Way? Look, I was upset about their break up too, but you gotta move on bud...

"Though... there's a bit of a plothole in your backstory. A cop is definitely not pulling in six figures, so I'm not sure you're as rich as you think you are..."

While she was waiting for the guy's response, she heard a thud and the shuffle of papers. She looked over to see a girl laying on the floor, and watched as one of her papers floated over into their vicinity. She walked over and picked it up, before continuing to the girl.

"Here, I think you dropped this," she said, offering a helping hand.

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Kol bit his lower lip as he watched the girl before him. When she called him a gift to mankind he had to bow his head a bit to her. "Why thank you." He mocked. "Satan's over rated." Kol brushed off as she continued. He hissed a breath through his teeth when she brought up Gerard Way. He place a hand over his heart and made a sad face. "It was heart breaking to see that." He held a high tone of sarcasm with every word and expression.

But when she brought up how much his father makes and that it didn't add up, he tried to hid a smile. He knew his father didn't really bring home the bacon, but she didn't know that.

Kol glanced back to his locker and looked for the name of his teacher for his first class. He knew he had English, but he would have noticed these guys. He felt a bit disappointed as he had AP English with a Mr. Brandy. He shut his locker and turned back to the Kalista.

Kol gave Kalista a very mischievous smile. "We have to do this again sometime." He told her. "Next time we can make fun you." Kol winked before turning to his phone. He glanced up at the two and turned to walk away heading to his first class.

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Erin looked up at the girl holding her paper and smiled, despite being very obviously embarrassed. It's always nice to have friendly folks around here. Erin always saw the jerks around the school and had a high opinion of those who go out of their way to be nice. She grabbed her paper and stuffed it into her textbook.

"Thanks," Erin replied, trying to recover smoothly. "I promise, I'm not always this clumsy. I suppose I'm just off my rhythm today."

She awkwardly laughed as she rubbed her neck. She stopped talking before she lost any more of her lost pride. Erin put down her backpack to put in her textbook and zipped it up as she slung it back onto her back. She quickly checked her schedule, making sure she would head to the right classroom.

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((@Super Villain Nova Oh haha, okay.))

"Yeah, I'll give that a hard pass," Kalista responded when Kol spoke of another interaction. She scoffed when he mentioned making fun of her. "Good luck with that." There wasn't much she was really insecure about.

After he walked off, she turned to Erin and just shrugged at her apology. "It's all good. We all have those days." She then turned to Irene. "Well, Mrs. Kale's class awaits." She motioned with her head in the direction of the classroom.

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Irene bit her lip as she walked down the hallway with Kalista. They were now walking side by side rather awkwardly, no conversation sprung between them. Irene remembered what the girl said "Just try not to be too sad about the summertime you lost doing it." Irene didn't know why but she almost felt insulted at the comment. It was not like she had plans for the summer anyway, the paper provided both entertainment and experience for her.

"It's fine, if you see the work as useless, your going to end up being the one working at McDonalds while I'm going to be earning something a little above minimum wage." She said plainly. She couldn't understand people who thought learning was a waste. Did they want to be homeless for the rest of their life?


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Erin recollected herself as the other girls carried on about their day. She checked her schedule and, first period: AP English with Mr. Brady. It wasn't her favorite subject, but she certainly didn't mind starting off her day with it. She just wished her parents didn't force her into AP classes. It wasn't like Erin couldn't handle it, but she would have preferred the chillness of a normal class. Not like she could switch classes now. Erin pulled out her earbuds and resumed listening.

When Erin got to class, she noticed that she miraculously got there early. Better than getting a tardy. She went to her seat, sat down, and prepped herself for class. Since she had a moment or two to spare, still listening to her music, Erin pulled out a small blue, sticker-covered notebook and began to flip through it to where she last left off. She clicked her mechanical pencil and wrote in her notebook, with the top of the page reading in cursive "Song Ideas," while she waited for class to start.
Dakota was behind schedule, just what she was trying to avoid. She had set her alarm to wake her up earlier than usual, but her plan to make it to school on time was interrupted. Her mother was being inconsiderate; which to Dakota was no surprise. Dropping off her little brother was the last thing she expected to be part of her morning routine, and of course it was a major setback. Kai moved at the slowest pace possible, but luckily they eventually made it to his school, and he was safely dropped by.

It wasn't until about half an hour later that Dakota had finally reached her destination. Parking her car in the first space she spotted, she grabbed her backpack off of the passenger seat and immediately turned the engine off, stepping out and closing the car door behind her. She straightened out her hoodie as she approached the entrance of the high school, busting through the doors and hearing the commotion of students grabbing things out of their lockers. Conversations were heard as she passed by groups of people before reaching her locker and putting in her combination.

Dakota had copied her schedule onto her phone, so she pulled it out and looked for what class she had for first period.

"AP English," she mumbled to herself with a small sigh. It wasn't like she needed the class; she just requested it because it would look good on her resume. And she was suddenly regretting it.

Dakota grabbed the books and supplies required for the class out of her locker and closed it shut, securing the lock and sliding a strand of her curly hair behind her ear before making her way to her first class of the day.
Kalista rose an eyebrow at the snark that Irene sent her way. "You know, those are some pretty biting words, especially towards someone who gave you some good news while you were freaking out." She then let out a soft chuckle before saying, "I work at Mickey D's over the summers anyway, and I'm sure the experience from that will look better on a resumé than an A on a summer reading assignment.

"Either way, your claim is based on the assumption that I don't try in school or care about my grades, and that I still wouldn't have done it if she was in fact going to grade it. And you may make a little more than minimum wage if English is the subject you really focus on, but that's only if you manage to find a job. Hell, I may even see you working alongside me in McDonald's. Maybe try the high and mighty attitude with a subject that actually has good job prospects in the future, yeah?" She gave a grin as they arrived at the classroom door, which she held open for Irene.



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School had always been boring and Lucas wasn't too sure why everyone was hung over assignments already. He happened to overhear two of the girls talking and had to sigh to himself to keep from scoffing. Just because someone did well in school, no matter what subject, it doesn't mean they will get a job, that along with dept was enough to keep any of them from living comfortably until their 30s. Unless they became surgeons and astronauts. Kudos to them for studying so hard their brains mind spill from their ears.

Slipping through the door held open by the girl who was sassy back at the lockers, he made his way to the back and settled in the corner, relaxing in his old spot. It kinda sucked he'd have to sit in these damn chairs until he's 19, having been held back and being a Junior again. All of his original classmates were not Seniors. Lucky shits..

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Kol found his way to AP English which was starting to feel a bit familiar. After two weeks in the school he had noticed the huge difference between schools in the city, to ones more out in the open. For one, there were a lot less security guards and officers. Every time he turned another corner, he was halfheartedly expecting to run into a crime scene. On the plus side, this should no longer be a thing for him. Kol eventually made it too the class room and found his seat in the far back.

He hadn't really payed any attention as to whom was in his class. After the beautiful comments from the girl at the locker, Kol felt a bit more adventurous. Maybe someone else will get easily offended and burst insults at him. Her attitude reminded him of a few friends he had back in the city. Well, they were more like class mates then friends. But either way, they snapped at just about everything. Kol kept his laugh on the inside as he got out his note book and a pen for the class.

His eyes shifted around the room and he noticed a few different students... More like he just didn't pay any attention to them before. A girl that was next to him wrong in a note book.. She seemed very deep into her thoughts as she did so. He was curious to see what she was writing, but he really didn't have the energy to actually lean over and try to read them.... oh.... they were songs... During the moment where Kol told himself he did not have the energy he did sneak a peek when he stretched a bit. Kol found this a bit disappointing. He was hoping she might have a murder list or an enemies list.

Kol let his chin rest in the palm of his hands as his wandered even more. This time trying to remember all the students in his class.

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Irene bobbed a slight curtsy at Kalista for opening the door. "The comment I made was meant to be a bit of advice, just letting you know if you try hard and put some extra effort in, you can go a long way. Also, I am grateful that you put my mind at ease, apologies if I rubbed you the wrong way." Irene turned her head away from Kalista, to be greeted with a chaotic storm of a classroom.

Paper planes were sent shooting across the room. Students were shouting at their friends, despite being right next to them. There was a student that stole someone's bag and a chase scene was ensuing before her eyes. There was even one kid making a scene by standing on a desk and twerking. Mrs Kale was just leaning back on her chair, making no attempt to calm the chaos.

"Well, this certainly looks like our class." Irene muttered.

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