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Fandom Will and Kiara Fairy Tail 1x1 (Closed)

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Baby Dragon
Kiara Li.png
Kiara strolled through Magnolia, she was wearing a black hoodie, a pair of dark blue jeans and some brown walking boots. She had a small satchel slung over her shoulder and her hands were placed inside the one large pocket in her hoodie. The sky was clear and the reddish hues of sunrise were slowly starting to dissipate. There was still a morning chill in the air, Kiara had woken up quite early, wanting to visit a few of the shops in Magnolia before heading to the Fairy Tail guild hall, which is where she was now headed. Though not completely empty, the streets of Magnolia were unusually quiet due to how early it was, though soon enough they would be packed with people rushing about their daily lives.

Eventually, Kiara arrived at the Fairy Tail guild hall, she pushed one of the guild's large doors open and walked into the hall, gently pulling the door closed again behind her as to not allow any of the morning chill to penetrate the guild's walls. Kiara glanced around the unusual quiet hall, hoping to spot Will who she'd agreed to meet here, though there was a high likelihood that she was early. Unable to spot her friend, Kiara slowly walked further into the hall, making a beeline for her and Will's usual table.

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