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Wild Wyoming Season 1 (Elderly-ish Sheriff and others Wanted!)


uwu master
Howdy partners! I'm starting a roleplay (I posted an interest check previously, but I have developed a plot that I'm going to try out now) based in Wyoming in the fictional town of Walburn. It's set in an alternate version of history where the Wild West era starts in 1840 instead of 1865. The First Transcontinental Railroad, which heads through Wyoming, will be open soon, hopefully bringing new people from the north, east, and south to the west.
List of characters we would like to have (but if you wanna join and dont wanna be any of these, that's fine too) are:
A male Sheriff (around 50-60 years old, experienced in his line of work)
A male or female doctor (any age, will be rivaling an NPC named Doctor Alfenheimer)
A rich male or female mob boss-like character who will most likely be the main antagonist of season one (any age)
If anyone is interested, pm me or reply to this. I have a character sheet for whoever is interested. I am also hosting a discord, but joining is optional.
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uwu master
None of the ones listed are made, but so far we have a gang leader (me), a custom tailor (also me), a hunter who sells his pelts in town (@Nebaros ), and the owner of an inn (@HumansArentReal ). I can give you a link to the character sheet page if you'd like.

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