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Multiple Settings Wild Whimsicott Appeared! (LOTS of plots!)

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keywords: adventure, slice of life, romance, platonic, literate

... just kidding lol I'm not that wild. Anyways thanks for clicking on my thread! I've been having a bunch of rp ideas lately, and I just wanted to put them all in a thread and see if I get any bites. I feel like most of them can be fleshed out into group rps and might work better in that format, but I'm new-ish to the site and 1x1s might be easier to keep track of. So! Here's my low-down:

I'm not the best at introductions, but I figure it's better to just have it here so you can look if you want. As far as what info I "expect" from you, share whatever you are comfortable with. I don't really envision these plots being anything more than PG13, so just bring good vibes & ideas, and I think we should be fine.
  • +20 years old and been rping for about ten years now, on and off.
  • Because of the current apocalypse, I also have a bit of free time. I’m looking for an rp that will always have me refreshing the page in anticipation, though I know those are a bit hard to come by. I like to think I'm pretty active, but a lot of my partners like to rapid-reply me, so I couldn't say for sure haha. If you're someone who needs things to go super fast, though, I don't know if I can meet your 'speed standards'.
  • Most people tell me that I pen pretty long replies, but honestly it depends on the situation. If there’s just dialogue or a fight scene, chances are my post is gonna be shorter than if we’re introducing a new setting or something. As long as the posts make sense, though, I don't think that I'll be too picky.
  • I'm down for all genres and whatnot, but you'll probably be able to tell from my plots at the bottom of this post that I really like ~quirky~ premises. Lately I've been on a creative burst, so I've just been trying to frantically record all these cravings just in case I have writers' block.
  • I LOVE worldbuilding. I think immersion is probably the most important part of an rp- if I can't imagine the characters actually living in their world, it's hard for me to get engaged with what we're writing. That being said, I'm really looking for someone that's down to really collab and have a world that's built by multiple people- I really like exploration aspects, so if you want to go crazy with worldbuilding, I'm your uh, monster.
    • I love plotting, but I get exhausted if I'm the only one pushing the plot along, so really don't be scared to pull some plot twists and turns over on me!
  • Romance is kind of a toss-up for me: I know this is sort of a make-or-break with most folks, but I always find it hard to get invested if the main draw of the rp is the relationship between the two 'main' characters. When it comes to this, I prefer m/m but I'm in the mood for an adventure/slice of life story that will probably involve a whole cast, anyways.
    • I'm also in a rare mood where I'm actually down to play as any type of character as long the world & writing are compelling. So if you want to do f/f, m/f, or something else, I'm down if you're down to really immerse us in it.
  • All that being said, I think that ideally the 'main' characters would have something of a platonic bond and we would be able to shift their love interests in and out of the story. Dynamic and chemistry is really big for me, so I'd just prefer if our characters are in a situation where if they are dating, they could break up when things weren't really working out anymore.
  • The only thing that really turns me off from an rp is an incompatibility in writing styles- this goes both ways, though, so I don't think there's any way to test this other than just rping.

Ariiight! Now that all the logistical backlogs are cleared, here are some of the ideas I've been... bombarded with. They've been kindly delivered by runaway trains of thought, so I can't pretend like I've been working on them for awhile. If after reading these lil bits you think something will be fun, let me know! Also, if you have any ideas that you've been craving for awhile, feel free to hit me with them- no promises if I'll be down, but it can't hurt to ask, right?

Note: I've been told that a lot of my plots sort of blur the line between genres, so even if you're not typically interested in say, SciFi, it might be fun to look under the hood and see what's popping.

This probs an unpopular opinion, but I see SciFi and fantasy two shades of essentially the same genre. Here are some ideas I had:
  • Exotic Eats and Alien Meats: Alien Hunter x Celebrity Chef
    • So, there's this chef who is pretty famous in their homeworld for preparing dishes made from extraterrestrial and potentially dangerous ingredients. Said chef wants to break out of the conventional gastronomy scene and go off-worlding, but interplanetary travel isn't exactly cheap, so they make a deal with some TV network that wants to follow them on their adventures as they venture across different worlds, trying to procure the tastiest and strangest foods possible. They're not a frontier native, though, so they need an experienced hunter to help them do all the heavy lifting- unfortunately, this isn't exactly a luxury cruise line, so they're going to have to tough it out together as they hunt and cook across the known systems.
  • Plantworld: various
    • Due to some catastrophic mutation, intelligent plants have exterminated most animals on the planet. Humans are still alive an well, however, and some have even embraced the new way of life- there's money to be made in slaying plant-creatures, there are opportunities to be had in raising plant-mutants for their produce and selling them for profit. Life has mostly been rather ordinary- there aren't any animals other than humans and your occasional insect, but most folks don't seem to mind. Enough time has passed to where this is the only life they've ever known- until one day, rumors start circulating of a secret world underground where animals are alive and well. Not to mention that there's talk of plant-human hybrids, mysterious creatures crafted of unknown horrors.
  • Prince of the Stars, Prince of the Stage: Heir x Bounty Hunter
    • There's this extremely wealthy family who specializes in raw resources- they have a near monopoly on metals, perhaps, and they've been training their most capable heir for their entire life to inherit the company and guide the industry to new heights. The issue? Well, the heir has gone missing, and there's been reports of an actor in a travelling troupe who matches their exact description! The information checks out, because as capable as the heir was, they've always had their heart set on the performing arts! In response, the family hires one of the best bounty hunters in the world to track down their heir and put a stop to the foolishness of acting once and for all.
  • Welcome to Second Home! Guide x Refugee
    • There's something to be said about empires, even ones that span entire galaxies and eradicate entire planets for resources. This empire is the largest and grandest in all the cosmos, but they're hardly barbaric- instead of slaughtering the countless civilians who are native to the planets they plunder, they simply relocate everyone to the largest city in their territory: the massive metropolis of Second Home. Host to gritty slums and sparkling skylines, it's the mandatory residence of all the empire's conquered peoples, and through the years there have been entire solar systems of people that have lived and died within the city limits. Our story could take many angles, but I was thinking something along the lines of a welcoming committee in the form of a tour guide showing a new batch of refugees how to get around and navigate their new home.
  • Match-Made Plus: Companion Robot x Lonely Human
    • In the future, popular celebrities sell their body-print to robotics companies who create androids in their likeness. We would take one such scenario, of a lonely person who decides to bite the bullet and purchase a companion robot. After all, humans are overrated and the universe knows that their track record of ex lovers is messy and as problematic as can be. A companion robot doesn't seem to be a bad investment, especially since they have a trial period so you can see if it's something you're serious about. That being said, not all is well with Match-Made androids, and society at large isn't exactly thrilled about the idea of artificial romance...
  • Dangerous by Design: Super-Soldier x Civilian
    • War has become something of a business, from weapons both mechanical and organic. One character is a modified super soldier- think either cyborg or genetically modified to be the perfect killing machine. These soldiers are mass-produced in laboratories across the world, and employed by the super-rich to cause havoc and do their dirty work. One of the most elite soldier models finds themselves injured during an uprising, and a civilian takes them in, unaware or perhaps uncaring of the other's true nature. But is destruction something encoded into their DNA, or merely something they've been taught? How 'human' are the lab-grown super weapons?
  • Tales from Summerworld: Theme Park Workers
    • Summerworld is a massive theme park on a remote island that contains the most cutting edge technology known to humanity. It's a playground for the rich and powerful, but it's not unheard of for ordinary people to spend their life savings for a trip to the world's greatest amusement park. This would definitely be more of a slice of life, but I really like the idea of designing a theme park from scratch and telling a series of connected stories about the people who come to visit, and those that live and work on the island. I don't have a lot structure for this one, but I think it would be fun crafting this with someone!
I think blurring the line between slice-of-life mundanity and high-stakes adventures can be a lot of fun, so I think you'll notice that a lot of my plots revolve around a central premise but have a lot of room for flexibility and all that.
  • We Break it, you Buy it: Cursebreakers Inc.
    • So, your grandmother's been turned into an echidna? Puking out pollywogs? Hair falling out and you don't have a family history of patterned baldness? Well, if you're looking to have a curse removed, look no further! Here at Cursebreakers, Inc. our highly experienced team of mages will do whatever it takes to break that pesky hex that's been so unfortunately placed on you- for a fair price, of course! There's absolutely nothing we can't handle, and nothing we won't do for a fair bit of coin! Simply fill out an inquiry to our mailing address, and we'll have a team in close contact with you- remember, you don't pay until your curse is broken to bits!
  • Dragon Riders, but make it NASCAR
    • I've seen a lot of takes on dragon riders- usually they're elite soldiers, or free spirits looking to break free from the worries of this world- but what if in a modern fantasy setting, dragon riding became the most popular pro sport there was? It makes sense, after all- dragons are massively powerful flying beasts, and not just anyone can become a rider. It takes a strong bond for dragon and rider to work in harmony, and luckily for them, that harmony can be exploited for fame and fortune! I can see this going in a lot of directions- whether we want to make it dragon rider x dragon, a story between two dragon riders, or perhaps even an activist against the dragon-racing industry!
  • Across the Sky we are a-Sailing: Sky Pirates
    • In a world split and crossed by treacherous mountain ranges and floating islands, the most efficient way to get around is by airship. While the majority of air travel is peaceful, there are indeed those who sail the five winds in search of treasure and adventure- our story would focus on one such crew. In a small and quiet corner of the world, a fearsome sky pirate makes a spectacle in the center of town. He claims that he's quicker than lightning- and to prove it, he's willing to bet that not a single person could so much as land a single blow to him. The concession prize? He's willing to give away his entire ship to anyone that can prove him wrong. Well, one very ordinary young person manages to strike the man just barely on his chest, and a new adventure begins to unfold...
  • A Feast Fit for the Spirits : a pair of small, cozy fantasy towns
    • Two towns exist on either side of a grand and sacred mountain. The towns have been rivals for as long as they can remember- the mountain was settled by two distinct cultures, and they often fought for territory. In time, their wars angered the spirits of the region, who rained down chaos and destruction to the insolent humans who had so tarnished their mountain home. For the short time that humans had come to the mountain, they'd brought nothing but bloodshed and taken all of nature's bounty. Eventually, the humans and spirits reached an agreement- the two towns would never really get along, but they would have to resolve their conflict in different ways. Instead of battle, they were forced into another competition- cooking! Every full moon, representatives from both towns would gather on the mountain's summit and present the spirits with their very best dishes, and the spirits would judge who was most deserving of their favor- and who should be inconvenienced until the next feast!
  • Waking to a New World: Human Royal x Monster Royal
    • In a far corner of the world, there's a kingdom nestled along the border to an ancient and magical forest. The humans and monsters had fought for most of their history; the humans stole their land from the monsters and drove them into the forest. One day, a member of the royal family becomes lost in the woods and meets the forest's guardian, the ruler of the woods. Despite all odds, the two fall in love and the human fights everyone in the court for the right to lawfully marry the forest king, and unite their kingdoms one and for all. It seems like a happy ending, until on their wedding night, the human falls into a mysterious slumber... and wakes up nearly a hundred years later, to find a world where monsters rule and humans are kept in strictly controlled communities. The Forest King is not only still alive- but also still in power! What could have changed in 100 years..?
  • Heritage Recovery Committee: Thieves and Heists
    • In conquest, there are winners and losers. Our story focuses on a losing kingdom- weak at warfare, behind in technology, and under the boot of their oppressors, all hope is lost for the people of this once-proud nation. That is, until a small pocket of resistance forms with a singular goal in mind: recover the nation's most powerful cultural artifacts, which are said to bring that whom possesses them extreme power. The hopes of an entire culture rest upon a network of rogues and spies, who attempt to infiltrate the empire of their enemies and recover the artifacts that are rightfully theirs.
  • The Lich Prince: Royalty x Reaper
    • It's not always fun and games to be royalty, especially when your entire court is plotting behind your back. One particularly unlucky prince is so betrayed by this royal guard that he's slaughtered during a hunting trip, and left for dead. The throne was usurped by his power-hungry relatives, and his remains are buried in the family crypt with full rites and condolences... but the story doesn't end there. The prince's rage is so strong that it attracts the attention of the reaper charged with guiding his soul to the afterlife, and the two broker a deal: the prince will return as a Lich, a powerful undead entity with the power of death incarnate, and in return, he shall personally assist the reaper and all their associates once he reclaims his crown.
I'm really not the best with realistic rps. There always has to be some kind of surreal factor, otherwise I get a little bored. That doesn't mean that there has to be VAMPIRES or a SECRET CONSPIRACY, either- as long as there's something fun going on, I should be fine.
  • Trapped in a Dating Sim: Human x Video Game Character
    • This character is, by all intents and purposes, a pretty ordinary person. They go to school, or work, or do whatever it is they do every day, and happen to enjoy a good video game or two, especially the sappy and romantic stuff. Admittedly, they aren't quite as lucky in love in real life, so they appreciate the escapism that dating sims can bring- after all, it's only fantasy. Until one day, it becomes something far more. Whether from a technological disaster or some miracle, they find themselves transported into the game world, where they're face to face with an entire cast of romanceable characters. Is the only way to escape to complete the game? Do they even want to return to their everyday life after living life in a game? I'm down to brainstorm sappy and ridiculous settings for the game to take place in! I could also see this one as 'Trapped in a cheap Romcom' or something along those lines haha.
  • And the Stars Have Sent Me: Mysterious Stranger x Cynic
    • Not everyone thinks life is beautiful- one particular individual finds themselves especially depressed and down on their luck, and considers what it would be like if he could just leave the world behind. He finds himself on the shores of a beach and sits to watch the waves roll by, wishing for something in his life to change- hardly expecting an attractive and mysterious stranger to wash up from the ocean! They're a mysterious creature that doesn't speak but smiles and points, seems to understand what he says and just listens. Suddenly, life becomes a lot more interesting- and it's certainly not a concern that the stranger gazes longingly at the stars, or that they seem to want to go on a road trip...
  • A Rather Peculiar Inheritance : Heir x Supernatural Servant
    • They were never particularly close with their late aunt, but in her will, she left her entire estate to her estranged relative. Said relative has fond memories of many childhood summers spent on her estate, playing in the woods and with imaginary friends. It's a remote place, far from the struggles of urban life, and in the past, they'd gone primarily because they were a sickly child who couldn't breathe the smoggy city air. Whether from misfortune or curiosity, they decide to visit the old mansion in respect to their aunt. Fully expecting a decrepit and old mansion, they instead arrive at a fully furnished and polished estate- and discover that the staff had never stopped working, even for a moment! There's certainly something strange going on here, and as the new master is about to find out, these servants are something a little more than just ordinary humans, and they have plans of their own...
  • Life, it goes on: past vs present
    • So you've gotten everything you ever wanted from life- maybe you're the top doctor in the region, or you've started a billion-dollar company from scratch. Maybe you've had your big break and you're the biggest musician there ever was- either way, life has given you everything you've ever wanted. Well, almost everything. See, before you were a big somebody, back when you weren't anybody at all, you met the love of your life- maybe you were childhood friends, or had a change encounter on the train, but they were a big part of your life. And when all your dreams came true, the two of you just... grew apart. It's not as if you hadn't tried to find them, either, but it was as if they never existed; the only traces of them were in your memory. At least, that's how it used to be. Lately, though, you've been seeing them everywhere and it's probably best if you took a small vacation to combat what surely must be a mental breakdown... right?
  • A most unusual Megamart: trapped in a store
    • Herein lies one of the most mysterious facilities of our time: the 24-hour superstore. You arrive in the middle of the night to pick something up- maybe a vacuum cleaner or a pack of cold cuts, but you should really know better than to enter mysterious stores, especially when there's been reports of missing persons. Although you'll find what you're looking for, it's nearly impossible to find the exit- there are just endless aisles and kiosks of packaged goods, and the linoleum floors are a little bit too shiny. Wherever you are, it seems you're not alone, either.
  • No More Heroes: Supervillain x Superhero
    • There's a city who has banned superheroes. They're deemed destructive, arrogant, and overall not in the public's best interest- but that doesn't stop one vigilante who calls themselves the city's hero. Supervillains in this city aren't stopped by hero teams, they're stopped by special operations units that are equipped with the best technology and even better leadership- but they're far from perfect. Most supervillains ignore the fledgling hero in favor of committing their own dastardly crimes, but one villain in particular takes a liking to them- perhaps its their romantically antiquated worldview or a bit of nostalgia, but they just love the arrogance and naivety of a good old-fashioned hero. And soon, their battles would shake the entire city to its core.
  • The Long Way Home: Time Traveler x Time 'Native'
    • There's an old mysterious house on a hill overlooking the town. It's said that the eccentric owner of the mansion was murdered, but no one over found their body or signs of foul play. All they found were strange blueprints and unintelligible notes- it's thought that the lead paint in the walls contributed to their gradual insanity and they ran off somewhere, never to be found again. It's a bit of a spooky urban legend in your hometown, actually, and people claimed to see a horrifying wild man on particularly dark nights. On one summer's eve, though, you take it upon yourself to get to the bottom of the mystery yourself- only to find a hidden basement in the old house, and a mysterious machine that contains a human that may or may not still be alive...
I put this one last for a reason. >:|

Just kidding! Mostly, anyways. I think fandoms are really just hit or miss with me- I know that doubling with oc x canon characters is pretty popular, but I've tried it multiple times and I'm just awful at it. I cannot, for the life of me, portray a canon character that even remotely resembles what they're supposed to be like, so I'll stop ya right there and just say I can't do it. Sorry. I'm all for creating plots inspired by fandom worlds, though, so that's why I decided to include this anyways with a few ideas. If you have an itchin' to play a canon character, though, you can probably run it by me; I don't have any issues with playing against a canon, I just suck at playing one myself.

At the moment, I don't have any major cravings but I'm always willing to hash out a plot with Pokemon! I also really like Skyrim, the Outer Worlds, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Digmon.

If anything caught your eye, send me a PM or let me know here! If you happened to really like a particular plot, or have ideas on how you can spin them, I'd love to hear it. I'll probably update with more plots as ideas pop in.
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American queen

Jimmy rustler
I'm intrigued by most of your modern ideas! Me is also a detailed writer when the setting is needed, and enjoy worldbuilding greatly! One of my issues with the roleplay I've found on rpn is that I generally am the one pushing plot and creating twists, so I hope we will be a good match in that respect.

Send me a message if you're interested in exploring "Past vs Present." Or any of your other plots under the modern category you've been hoping to play.


duke of soft magic systems
I'm interested in the Sky Pirates, Waking to a new World, and A Rather Peculiar Inheritance!


this side of the galaxy
A lot of these look like fun! I'm really interested in the lich prince, since you said you like to do m/m.

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