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Other Why does no one like Resident Evil on here?


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Honestly? For me, it's just repetitive. I need something new in all of my RPs and most video game RPs rotate around the same actions and ideas. I have plenty of experience with games and roleplaying both, as well as mixing the two, and the only one that was semi- interesting was a vaguely Diablo 2/3 inspired RP that turned more into a DnD/Dice game anyways.


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Its a popular game and still nobody role-plays it.
Have you considered that:
->maybe people like playing the game but not roleplaying it
->maybe people would like to roleplay it but they haven't found a good idea for it yet
->maybe specifically your interest checks weren't able to convince people to roleplay it due to their own demerit or otherwise simply didn't match the tastes of or were not seen by people who have played and enjoyed the game?


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I look over your interest checks, there are definitely a number of improvements that could be made. Past experience tells me not to give much unsolicitated criticism for cases like this, so I'll elaborate on it if I'm asked, and otherwise keep it to this.


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I think a lot of people are busy trying to get their own zombie type of roleplays off the ground.

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