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Bugger if I know. I've been doing this since I was 9, I couldn't stop if I tried. I don't know if it's a hobby or an addiction at this point.


I RP because I love writing. I want to improve at it. Having other people to do it with helps keep me motivated to keep going. It's harder to give up something if someone is relying on you. I also am pretty shy irl, and this anonymous style of interaction is a great way for me to come out of my shell, be who I am, and fill up my social needs.


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Some combination of
-Its a fun social activity. To me I see it the same way as some people like to get together to watch sports or build model airplanes or geek out over anything else. It's just the sort a wavelength that I can effectively socialize with people.
-It helps me hash out characters, worldbuilding elements, and hone my writing style. I cannot count the number of times I have picked up literary devices, underutilized words or pose, and writing tricks from other RPers. As somebody who does highly literate RP.
-Its a escape from reality. Real life is hard and disappointing, and being invested in and interacting with a fictional world is a nice reprieve.


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-It helps me hash out characters, worldbuilding elements, and hone my writing style. I cannot count the number of times I have picked up literary devices, underutilized words or pose, and writing tricks from other RPers. As somebody who does highly literate RP.
I feel this so much. My writing has improved drastically just from RP alone.


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I hyperfixate on things, usually fictional characters, and I've found this to be a great way to deal with it.

Also, writing fun =)

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Honestly I do it for the characters, hahaha. I adore looking into what makes people tick through fiction, exploring characters limits, seeing how far their moral boundaries will be pushed... RP is a great opportunity to explore these things.


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Because, when I'm not feeling creatively blocked, writing is one of the most fun and satisfying things in the world to me. It lets me escape from reality, bring to life the ideas rattling around my brain, and I get to play as any one of my favorite fictional characters.

Now, all of the things I just mentioned can be done alone, in a word document - which is also something I do, from time to time. But the collaborative element of RPing adds a new layer of fun and excitement to the process for me.


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I feel like roleplaying is a good way to make new friends, along with improving your writing style, and growing your creativity!

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I started to rp to escape my messed up life and force myself into a fantasy world away from my manipulative mom who is mentally abusive to me and escape the horrible stress situations I was put through where I had melt downs and panic attacks. It may be unhealthy of me to push away everything that bothers me and anything that bothers me. Instead turning to role play to make me forget my problems. But I don't care anymore. Roleplay is my life. My escape. And my haven. Plus all my friends are online. I only have one IRL friend and she is drifting away from me.


For me, writing is like a playground for ideas. Sometimes, I just have the urge to write something because it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for some time. And it’s fun because it’s interesting to see those ideas evolve - the way I imagined it in my head can be something completely different when I put words to it. It still surprises me sometimes.

Other than that, role-playing is a good way to find people with common interests and enjoy the story-telling aspect of it. The way I see RP is like having two friends catching up at dinner. Both with a story to tell the other.


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I started roleplaying because of video games. Games like Dragon Age: Origins, The Elder Scrolls, RDR2, etc left me imagining what my character must be thinking or feeling. I also imagined what their bonds might be like with their companions beyond what is seen on the screen. It drove me towards making my own stuff and storytelling in general.


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I started rp when I was young probably like 11-12 because I loved to go into my own fantasy world. I love creative writing and it was a way for me to share my creative writing while getting feed back from others. I hope to find that type of community again here.


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I've always liked writing but my brain has this weird defect where it often refuses to come up with ANYTHING without external inspiration, so writing with other people helps me come up with things I'd never have written solo. And well, it's a lot of fun when you click with that other person.
I think it's not unlike jamming in music, if I'm supposed to play my instrument unaccompanied I get bored and run out of ideas in a while but if there's someone around to exchange ideas with it can go on for hours.

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Roleplaying really cheers me up, as I know I can sometimes break the laws of time and fight something that was never supposed to be made.


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I value RPing as a way to get me motivated to simply write. Having someone else waiting for me to post really forces me to let the muse loose and just write. This benefits my non collaborative writing, because the RPing gets me warmed up and then it no longer feels like a chore to work on my own novel once I’m done writing RP.

writing and RP is a way of escape for me, I have a lot of stressful issues that I’m dealing with in my life at the moment, and there isn’t much I can actually do to resolve them. Without having a creative outlet to focus on, I feel like I’m being taken over by my anxieties and worries about these personal issues.

When things in my life are especially tough, participating In an rp gives me a reason to look forwards to the days ahead.

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