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Other Why did you choose your avatar?


My avis are almost always an orc of some type. That or trolls. Not the hair trolls but more like D&D or WoW trolls.

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I'm in the process of changing, but the reason I have Tony Stark is quite simply that I was rewatching mcu films and I felt like repping Iron man.


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My friend made this for me with a picrew, I thought it was adorable and would represent me well


I currently have Okita Souji from Hakuoki as I identify with him a lot. Perhaps I shouldn't admit to that but it is what it is. XD I may change it soon.

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...bc I have the same kind of hair of him I kinda look like him and I thought the anime character work and I don’t rly watch anime so 🥶


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I like old western movies, and old country songs.
I picked a skeleton because a dual wielding skeleton would be more cooler than a regular human.


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Chose the avatar because back then I was a big fan of Star Wars, from the movies to the cartoon. This bounty hunter character named Durge was very cool looking and so it always stuck with me.


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Because I'm obnoxious about being a bisexual wheelchair twink 💁‍♂️ That's about it. It was actually so awesome to find that icon online.


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I chose my avatar because I wanted a picture of my favorite character for my account, but I wasn't sure which to go with... I ended up going with this one! ^^;


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Just had a dragon design in my head (am not a furry), so i went and commissioned some pics and this is the best one. Also wanted to have a profile pic literally no one else can have.

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