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I don't watch a lot of anime, typically not my genre, but I'm hopelessly charmed by this ridiculous show about personified blood cells.


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Updated avi, updated reason.

I mean... it should be pretty obvious though,

It’s the Joker.

I’m Chuckles.


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I have a love for My Hero Academia and I edited my icon myself. I think Fuyumi Todoroki is the strongest of the Todoroki children for having taken care of her younger siblings and acting like the peace maker of the family. I admire her for that and think she's underrated and deserves love. So, gotta support my girl.


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it's an easy pick to match my username lol
also the site initially auto-populated my Gravatar picture, which was a real picture of me, which wasn't gonna fly haha.


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Just incase it changes in the future: My current avatar is ! c:

My avatar is actually me!! This is the most recent picture I've taken during my transition and honestly I look so gosh darn happy and it's now my absolute favorite picture of me. I rarely use my pictures because I've always hated the way I look, but the happiness in this picture is too overwhelming not to share. <3

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I, too, am a weeb. I watched Bungo Stray Dogs like the two above me and liked it; however, my profile picture is Naoto Shirogane because I am in love with Persona 4 Golden.


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This is a clipping of the hand of a were-rat chieftain from some D&D sourcebook, holding a bloody skull.

I picked it because I am always the GM, and I like the idea that I am some ominous thing that holds people's heads in their hands. The skull is beautiful and it represents the player, while the clawed hand represents the world I create for the player, Held gently, but could be crushed viciously. I always thought a good GM walks the line between challenging the players as close to the best of their abilities without going overboard and killing them -- but the more dangerous and exciting you can make the situation, the better. That's what this avatar means to me.

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