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Other Why did you choose your avatar?


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I love anything that has do with natural , wildlife and so on. I also enjoy being out in the wild and I it's something that should be looked after and appreciated for everything that it is.


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I wanted a green aesthetic with the name Minteafresh and this green alien really caught my eye. It's nice, and if I ever wantd to change it up, there's other photos of it in different poses


I like cats and coffee. I found the picture and it was a mix of them both. Maybe I'll change it later, idk


I uh, Unit 01 from Evangelion and i have hooked up
I wanted to be the guy who likes to get into his character, my whole profile is dedicated to MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM


The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone
My avatar is a picture of my character Rihou. Hence the name too. Rihou is one of my very first characters even before I knew what roleplaying was. What's really funny is I thought it was how a character's name was spelt from Nightwalker: Midnight Detective, the character Riho. Lol. This is one of my first Anime ever watched and the miss spelled name just stuck. Thus creating my character, but back then I didn't know what she would look like, I had an idea in my head but I can't draw so i had to look for images that were similar. I don't even remember how I even came to find this picture. But once I did I was "RIHOU!!" and it just stuck! Rihou is a hybrid first of her kind. Elf, devil, succubus, even some angel in there. To this day she is still figuring out her powers and where she fits in the world.


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Because it's from art I commissioned of my boys from an RP I'm doing on discord. Ignis is my boy and I love him.

Also it just auto put my discord icon on here and that was convenient lol


I suppose I'm back. Hello again.
My current one is a still from "Crash Landing on You". I have never watched a Kdrama, but then I had discovered this one by complete accident. The premise seemed interesting so I started watching. Now I'm hooked and not looking forward to getting to the end because I won't even know what to do with myself.

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