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I really like rogue-types in fantasy settings, and this image came up when I googled WoW Rogue art.


i liked the aesthetic of this rusted to hell sword in a stone! i wanted an excalibur to match the un but i don't have a preferred look for the blade, so, going with a stone aesthetic i liked made sense :3c


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When I first came here, I had no idea what to put as my pfp, so I went on a royalty free image site, nabbed a random tree and slapped it on. Then I realized it wasn't very interesting, but I had no idea what else I wanted to put. So I dragged it out until the day I came across this image. A while back I'd been part of a roleplay where I'd made a character called Glitch Witch -- you can guess what she's like based what her name is (plz don't search her up, my writing back then was questionable) -- and I dropped out for reasons, but even to this day the backstory is one of the most unusual I've ever written. This image isn't at all what she looked like, cool as it is, but it reminded me of her -- also it's teal which is basically my theme on this site.


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pandemonica best demon
she is an entire mood
play helltaker play helltaker
its on steam
its free
it has sharply dressed demon girls
no nakey
play it


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it is a picture of me irl :^). i am actually a very smart cat who has gained intelligence.

nah, i just like kitties, that’s literally it.


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I made my own avatar. They’re just a random character that I don’t actually have a name for. It’s not really a representation of myself, either, I just thought the colors and design were cute.


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I am very fond of the Peanuts comics and enjoyed the game Dust: An Elysian Tail. This one resonates well with me, a collage of goofy fun and a general feeling of understanding what having two souls and three names feels like.


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Mine's fanart of the animated music video of Imagine Dragon's Birds, a song I just love very much, despite usually preferring rock and alternative metal. It reminds me of a person who means very much to me ^-^


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Honestly, I just saw the pastel anime aesthetic on my Pinterest and fell in love with it! It's my wallpaper and everything.


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bc it’s my gacha oc (ya’ll gonna attack me, bet)
I picked my avatar because I drew this last year, and I am really proud of it. And I want to be reminded of how hard I worked on it, whenever I see it :)


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I guess because I like Lore Olympus and Hecate is quite a cool, relatable character for me.

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