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I was once looking for a cool character idea and then it came to my mind that I could make a character representing Aries Zodiac sign-constelation.
So my Avatar is basicly a ram boy that I found as I was thinking of this idea.


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Mine is the third iteration of my first RP character who is a sorcerer king. I don't RP as him these days because he was kind of a Gary Sue. He has all these powers and I've not been able to streamline them to be playable.

I manufactured it myself by way of Hero Machine.


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mine is ever changing, but my current avatar
The Red Thread.jpg
i put this on as an avatar for a little bit because its a pretty picture, was gonna change it because avatars kill quality
but then my friend told me to change my avatar (she a bl fan and loved it too much)
being the spiteful jerk that i am
she can GET DISTRACTED during our roleplay!!!

(also another funny)
Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 6.03.36 PM.png
this is another avatar i had
another friend likes this game guy with weird eyebrows
so i mess wit dem of course ; )


mcfloofer nugget
-Favorite art peice
-That fits the avatar size suspiciously
-With my favorite oc
How am I supposed to pass this one by?


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I chose it because it's of my favorite anime character: Lelouch Vi Britannia, from Code Geass. And in this one, he has such a good line: "I'm back to rule you."

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They called me...Prophet.
I photoshopped this and became the Ultimate Leader of a Fascist Genocidal Campaign against mutants of all sorts.
currently have a pikachu telling people to wash their hands as my avatar.

usually, i draw my own art and use it as my avatar, but i don't want this account to be associated with my screen name, even if i'm not very well-known in the first place.

thus, i chose this hilariously cute pikachu art that i found whilst scrolling through my camera feed. it remarks on several of my favorite things: dumb fun, out of context hilarity, and a cute pikachu.

wash your hands, ya nasties.


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I couldn't help it
I saw the first death note opening again for the first time in a while, and I saw this glimpse of her. If you don't know who she is I suggest you watch the show lmao


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I have an idea of how my OCs look, and thanks to artbreeder I can now make portraits of said OCs. This is my current favorite but it is subject to change lol.


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The character is depicts [Nathanos Blightcaller] has a cool design. He's a pretty cool character himself [an undead master archer who's also an insufferably arrogant tool? I'm sold].


My current avatar is from a commission of my favorite OC, I really love her expression in this particular one, so I cropped a headshot and use it as my avatar!

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