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Other Why did you choose your avatar?


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Similar to the username thread but I'm curious about some of your avatars.

<--- It's teenage me on halloween (early 2000s).

M.J. Saulnier

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I'm a big Batman and DC fan to begin, but the symbolism behind that picture is huge. The Doomsday Clock series was amazing.

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This is gonna be the lame post, but honestly I just thought this pic seemed cool. I change my avatar a lot.

Miss Charlie

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I have red hair, I wanted an avatar that also had red hair and seemed to fit in with an RP site. It's....... not the most interesting reason!!


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It was cute.

Also I stuck to it for a long time because it's very hard to find the image.


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I change it semi frequently, but it’s always something I’ve drawn. Now that I’ve posted this, I suppose I ought to update it with more recent artwork—


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Because she is freaking adorable and I don't really don't get to appreciate just truly adorable anime art because I'm a dude and people love to link it back to degeneracy because big anime boobs

Those are fantastic too and get their own appreciation, but I love the pink hair and the bright colors of this one.


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I chose this pic since I have a neat fascination with Old Norse history. It's the modern depiction of the Hrafnsmerki, the infamous raven banner popular during that period in the North. I appreciate the simplicity of it, but I also like what it represents in my head - that being chaos.


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I chose my avatar because I freaking love sombra from overwatch; she's epic. (And no, I'm not a real hacker...)


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Because I strive to become artificial in behaviour. So that emotions do not control me, and so that fear does not strike me down. It spoke to me thusly, for with skin of bronze I would be hardier, and with a soul removed from flesh, I could live without obstacle. Unlike I otherwise have to in my mortal coil. I would not need to be bound by that which shackles me now, and I would not need people as I do now.


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My persona for RpNation was a demon dragon, ages ago... So I decided to draw her. c:
At first, for her appearance, I just used one of those dragon generators you see around... and piled on all the attributes I thought were cool. Made her a heck of a challenge to draw later, when I decided I wanted to.


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I don't watch much anime, but when I see Tokyo Ghoul pictures, they always kinda interest me. So I opted to make an avatar of one that I liked.

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