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Hello, my name is Hvn (heaven). I'm in search of a few 1x1 roleplays and I figured I'd make a general post because I have nothing too specific in mind. I'd be willing to brainstorm and come up with a plot with you if you'd prefer that, however if you already have a good idea of what plot you're going for I'd be comfortable with that, too. Here's some information about me.

:bishiesparklesl: Semi-lit to literate, 8+ years roleplaying experience

:bishiesparklesr: EST timezone, hours active can be unpredictable. I try to respond/go online at least once a day, though typically much more.

:bishiesparklesr: Flexible, I will try my best to match your posting length.

:bishiesparklesl: No triggers - if you have triggers yourself, I'll respect them completely. However, I prefer to roleplay with people who don't have a super long trigger list, as it can be a bit stressful for me.

:bishiesparklesr: I tend to befriend those I roleplay with and engage in casual chatter with them, if you'd prefer our discussions to remain completely roleplay-focused I will respect that.

:bishiesparklesl: I'm typically more comfortable using OCs myself as it's easier for me to stay in character, there are a select few characters I'd be comfortable roleplaying as depending on the fandom, so please ask if you'd like to know!

:bishiesparklesr: I enjoy a plethora of different genres, whether it be slice of life, angst, drama, fluff, etc. Feel free to tell me your preferences!

Here are the fandoms that I'm familiar with, or at least partially familiar with. I do have some issues with processing information/remembering minute details, so I may slip up and forget things about the lore of certain fandoms, I ask that you try to bare with me - I may diverge from the canon of the media by accident, though nothing incredibly world-breaking. I ask that you be comfortable with this. It should be noted that I'm also comfortable roleplaying non-fandom related plots, let me know if you have your own idea.

No particular order!

:bishiesparklesr: Overwatch
:bishiesparklesl: RDR2/RDR
:bishiesparklesr: The Walking Dead
:bishiesparklesl: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
:bishiesparklesr: TW3 (partially, haven't read the books or played the other games.)
:bishiesparklesl: Beastars
:bishiesparklesr: Stranger Things
:bishiesparklesl: Undertale

:bishiesparklesr: Guardians Of Ga'hoole
:bishiesparklesl: Warriors
:bishiesparklesr: Pokemon
:bishiesparklesl: Harry Potter

With that being said, please feel free to reply or PM me if you're interested in setting something up! I'm only looking for 3-4 or maybe 5 people to roleplay with at a time for the sake of splitting up my attention evenly. I look forward to hearing from you all!


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Hi! I’d love to do either a Undertale or Stranger things rp with you! :D

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