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let's all love lain
⇢ My name is Koji. I'm in my early twenties. Please be at least eighteen if you're interested.
⇢ I live in the Eastern Standard Timezone and I use whatever pronouns.
⇢ I am Filipino. I was not raised with English is as a first language, but it might as well be now.
⇢ I've roleplayed for a very long time.
⇢ I tend to ramble about the roleplays i'm in. Never be afraid to let me know what would make you more comfortable.
⇢ I love all genres of writing. So, trust me, whatever type of person you are: I am, too.
⇢ I adore long-term friendships with my roleplay partners. Totally understandable if we don't click, but, usually, I will stick with a partner for years.


⇢ I do not care about the gender i'm playing or playing against. As long as a dynamic is interesting, i'm open to it.
⇢ My word count varies. While I enjoy para, I don't shy away from shorter threads any less. It's all about quality over quantity.
⇢ I do not judge anyone over their grammar/literacy level. If we're both having a good time, then that's all I need.
⇢ Expect medium activity from me. While I wish I could write every second of the day, adulting is difficult. I aim to reply every other day, though OOC activity will always be high.
⇢ You are more than welcome to recommend any pairing/character not listed from the fandoms below. I am comfortable with oc x canon.
⇢ Doubling, tripling, and etc. are encouraged here. Multiple threads and mutual satisfaction are always best.
⇢ Send me a private message if you're interested. Thank you kindly for reading.
Bolded means the role I prefer playing. ! means i'm in the mood for it a little more than others.


fruits basket | reboot (my current craving)
- tohru x kyo !
- yuki x machi
- shigure
x akito !
- ayame
x mine
- hiro
x kisa !
- akito x tohru
- yuki x manabe
- uotani x kureno
- rin x hatsuharu
- yuki
x tohru
- momiji
x tohru !
- trust me, i could list more. willing to write almost anyone so shoot your ideas. if it's a shigure, akito, kyo ... or really any ship involving a sohma, i'm in lol. !

- oc x akito !
- oc x shigure !
- oc x tohru
- oc x ayame
- oc x momiji

death note
- misa
x light !
- mello x matt
- mello x near
- misa x matsuda
- matsuda
x sayu

- mikami x light !!!
- l
x light
- l
x misa
crackships are good, by the way. so are aus ( such as kira wins au or pre!kira light. ). !

- oc x misa
- oc x light
- oc x mikami
- oc x oc

danganronpa: killing harmony

- shuuichi x kokichi
- shuuichi
x kaede
- rantaro
x kaede
- miu x kokichi
- miu x kiibo
- himiko x kokichi
- rantaro x kokichi
- shuuichi x rantaro
- angie x shuuichi
- miu x kaede
- will probably be open to other games in the future, but i'm returning to this fandom.


- hero x mari
- kel x sunny
- kel x aubrey
- sunny x basil
ocs are encouraged here.
- i love playing kel so i will do anything with him.

misc. fandoms

- animal crossing
- fire emblem: three houses (extremely selective over this fandom at the moment)
- devilman crybaby !
- pokemon (will probably make a category later in time for this)
- ffxiv (oc/oc only. no wol!ocs. i have a carrd for my character if interested)


I am picky with originals and only use animated/2d faceclaims if they are used. I am only really into original RPs if they are of cheesy anime natures / slice-of-life. See what I mean below.​

slice-of-life / etc.
- maid x master
- yandere
x "lover"
- tsundere partner x partner
- hikikomori
x popular
-- ai
x human
- "dream bf/gf"
x partner
- cafe-themed plots?
- farming sim stuff
insert anime trope here and i'll probably consider it.

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