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Realistic or Modern Whimsical Wonderland RP

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One Thousand Club
Name: Oliver Whimsy
Age: 23
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: ??????
Oliver has been aptly dubbed “the campus weirdo”. He is uncomfortable around many people, but he still does his best to be social. He is open to making new friends, very kind and respectful, if a bit shy. He can babble on for hours about cryptids, flowers, cooking, or anything else he’s obsessed with. He’s always eager to share his knowledge with other people, but he understands that most don’t want to listen.
(Will be revealed in rp ;)
Animal rights
Climbing trees
Vegan lasagna
Almond milk
Steamed asparagus
Vegan lasagna
Vanilla almond milk
Any shade of red
Record Player by Daisy the Great & AJR
The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness
If I Had Wings
Summary of Mr. Whimsy:
“Hi, I’m weird. Or at least, that’s what everyone tells me. I’d like to think I have a lot of friends...or at least a decent amount...but I know that no one really likes me. I know.”

Oliver Whimsy, campus weirdo. Likes to pick up rocks, broken bits of colored glass, and anything else that happens to be laying around. He’s a philosophy major, and a major clutz. Many a time has he slipped down the stairs, fallen out of his chair, etcetera etcetera, so on and so forth. Oliver Whimsy, and what everyone else thinks of him.

He doesn’t let it bother him though. He just skips on by with a smile, a wave, ignoring everyone around him except for the teachers. And his wonderful girlfriend.

“I’m breaking up with you.”

Oliver looked up from his third scrapbook of the week.


Spencer sits down across from him, her enchanting hazel eyes staring into his soul. “It’s not me, it’s you. You’re always in your own head, thinking of some dangerous new thing to do. Oliver, last week you came home with a piece of rebar in your stomach!”

“But I lived.” he tried to reason with her.

“But you could have died! And I can’t deal with a relationship where I think my partner isn’t coming home!” her hands slammed on the table and he flinched. He always flinches. “We’re done, Oliver. I packed my stuff already.” she walks to the door, her three pink suitcases filled to the brim.

So he takes a deep breath, stands up from the table, and gives her a hug.

“Good luck, Spence. I hope Killian treats you well.”

Oliver took the slap in the face as a final goodbye. He’d be fine without her, he’s had tough breakups before. And thirty minutes later he was sitting on his couch, eating a bowl of vegan ice cream, yelling at the rom-com on his TV.

“Mr. Darcy doesn’t deserve you!” he screeched, taking another spoonful of ice cream. “Just leave him Jane! He’s a worthless piece of trash, probably likes another girl anyway!” and with a soft sniffle, he turned off the TV.

He went to his bed, now cold and lonely, and fell asleep.

His life was hard, but so was everyone else’s. He’d get over it.

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Name: Alina Santos
Age: 20
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Doesn't like labels

If you asked somebody on campus to describe Alina
they would say "Alina? I've never heard of her."

Alina would describe herself as a 'people-watcher'. She likes staying
out of the way and observing the people around her. She has
a small circle of loyal friends and doesn't let anybody else in - she doesn't
need anybody else. Or so she forces herself to believe.

So why does she always feel so lonely...?

Alina is in her second year of college - studying psychology - and she
lives on campus. She enjoys partying with her friends and from an outside
perspective she is just like every other girl.

But she is far from.

When she's alone in her room Alina loves sitting down in front of her laptop,
putting her headphones in, playing her favourite music, and researching everything;
from mushrooms and frogs to the deepest parts of the human consciousness.
For hours on end she sits and browses through every single corner of the
internet trying to understand the strange world around her a little bit better.

It's the weekdend. Alina hates weekends.

Finding the energy to keep up with her friends is exhausting in itself. Every weekend, without fail, her girl friends are always wanting to on a new adventure. A new shopping trip. Why can't they just leave her alone, just for a few hours, and let her do her own thing? I guess that's what friendship is, she thinks to herself, I just wish it wasn't this tiring.

When she wakes up she doesn't bother checking her phone - it's on do not disturb, anyway. She throws on an oversized Looney Tunes shirt she thrifted, and a pair of leggings, and sits down in front of her laptop. It's still open and turned on, from last night, with thousands of tabs littering the screen. She right clicks and closes down all of them at once. How satisfying. It's time for a new internet adventure now.

Alina heard from one of her classmates yesterday that the college have opened up a new section on their website where students can sign up to a huge chatroom, discord style, where they can all chat and get to know each other better away from the pressures of reality. She thinks it's a great idea. She quickly signs up and enters the chatrooms - only planning on watching all of the interaction from the distance - and opens up Spotify. She decides to listen to her music out loud today 'cause it's the weekend.

A few hours pass by and Alina has managed to absorb at least three whole Wikipedia pages by the time she realises that nobody has knocked on her bedroom door yet. It's 10am and her friends haven't hassled her for a lift to the mall or asked her what they should have for breakfast. Why do they need my input on that anyway??? She checks her phone and notices a message from her closest friend, Maria, sent early this morning:

- hey lina
- we've just set off back to tx, we'll be back sunday night
- love u

She texts back a quick:

- sorry woke up late.. lol
- hope u have a good time! love u too

And actually, truly, relaxes. She lets out a deep sigh and sinks into her chair. She hasn't felt this free in a while.

Walliver Walliver


One Thousand Club

Oliver used to love weekends. Used to. The days when he was free to spend time with Spencer, without worrying about cryptids or zoology or Killian. It was the time when he and his lovely now-ex-girlfriend would stroll through the park, go get coffee (tea in his case, always tea), and come back home for a while. They’d watch a few rom coms, the occasional horror film if he was up for it, and then go to sleep.

But those days were gone. Now he had to wake up all alone, cold and anxious. His body twitched, teeth clicked. “Bitch.” he said involuntarily. He was done with it. So done. He repressed his tics around Spencer, tried his best not to stim- it freaked her out, for some reason and it hurt him, it hurt and he- Oliver was done. So done. Teeth click, shoulder roll. “Stupidhead.”

Once he had calmed down, Oliver got up to face the day. “I hate weekends.” he grumbled, sliding into his chair at the blue-painted, sticker-covered, everything-he-would-ever-need desk. He opened his laptop, hopping onto Discord quickly.

“Heyyyy man!”

Oliver felt better almost instantly. Hadeon had been his best friend since elementary school, where the kids had picked on him for having an accent, and picked on Oliver for “being a spaz”. He hated that term. And Hadeon hated bullies. Voila, perfect friendship.

“G’morning Mr. Toast.” Oliver grinned widely, excited to talk to his friend again. “So...uh...heard about Spencer...” his heart sank.

“Y-Yeah....Spencer. Who told you?”

“Cole, your other best friend, did. It wasn’t his fault though, I asked him how you were doing, since he’s at college with you....”

“Right.” And Oliver couldn’t blame him. He would’ve done the same thing, because he knew-

“If you ever need anything, I’m only about 82 miles away.” Hadeon was smiling at him. So Oliver laughed.

“You’re in a whole ‘nother state, you Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

“Haha, what?”

“Nevermind dude, see ya on break.”

He’d heard that there was an online chatroom for the college students. All of them. Oliver felt a bit more anxiety set in. “Nah, it’s alright, big man. You got this.” he said in his best “confident Oliver” voice.

He logged on.

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