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Multiple Settings Whimsical Tirade, Or Rather, Just A Role Play Partner Search...

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Pumpkin Patch
One of my favorite aspects of role playing is creating characters and building worlds. For this reason, I don't care much for fandoms, as the work is already done. I enjoy a variety of genres, and will propose plots for several. I also enjoy romance as an option in my role plays. I enjoy playing multiple characters, usually 2-3, as I also enjoy killing my characters. I ask for a partner that can write in multiple, detailed paragraphs. Good grammar and whatnot. Someone capable of helping to further the plot, rather than just reacting to it. I also enjoy chitchat. :)

Jugglers & Acrobats... & Space Pirates?: Sci-fi
Despite the title, this will be on the darker side of things. My character will be a young female acrobat, early to mid 20's, and yours will be a young male juggler, same age. My character has been part of a space pirate crew for several years. These pirates have killed her family, and taken her captive as entertainment for the crew. She performs daily and is treated poorly. Barely given food, and regularly beaten for fun. She has martial combat experience, but is powerless against the pirates.

Your character is a juggler, and skilled in the ways of a thief. Slight of hand, magic tricks and the the like. The story begins with your character's capture, where he meets with mine. They are forced into entertaining the crew together. The story will be one of enslavement, struggle and survival. We can create more characters that join throughout the story.

Epic Quest: Fantasy
We'll be playing four characters each, for a party of eight. Some characters are expected to die. Magic is common. Everyone has some magic. Magic is weak though, it is used like a tool to help accomplish things, rather than something that just does things for you. Like a hammer and nail, rather than a nail gun. Someone skilled with a blade fighting someone skilled with magic could go either way.

It's set in typical medieval times. It will start with our characters being a part of a town. They will get to know each other and deal with problems in the town, like bandit raids, or creature attacks. They will eventually be sent upon a quest to save the land, travelling across vast distances and dealing with a plethora of problems.

Clockwork Boyfriend: Slice-of-life/High fantasy
This story will involve three characters each. The main characters, yours, a woman with no family, 30-40 years old, who grew up reading every book about magic they could find, in love with stories of fairies and dragons and the like. And my character, a manufactured man made of gears and metal, with human-like skin and jagged, mechanical movements. The woman is lonely, and through a shady website, orders herself a state-of-the-art "boyfriend", but got more than she bargained for.

The story takes place between two worlds. The present-day modern world, and a fantasy world, set among kingdoms where wars are waged with swords and magic. We will have one other character each, per world, bringing the total to six characters, three each. You can create any character you wish for these ones. The modern world is fairly self explanatory. The fantasy world is one of magic. Mages are powerful, but luckily limited in only being able to carry a single spell at a time, whether one of fire, healing or defense, etc. Mages can change their spells, but the magic is contained in large stone obelisks, making them impossible to change when away. What makes our characters unique is that the woman can cast spells like a normal mage, but the clockwork man can hold spells like an obelisk, so she can change spells on the fly.

We can develop the story further together, but I have basic ideas already. We will be traveling between worlds, dealing with problems of normal life, and problems of high fantasy, back and forth.

Demons Within: Slice-of-life/Horror
We are two tortured souls. My character, a female with schizophrenia, suffers from seeing demons, people who are out to get her, and other illusions. Your character, a male with PTSD, suffered from a childhood trauma. His parents were violently murdered in front of him, and to this day he has flashbacks, outbursts of anger and fear.

They both attend the same university, and both strive hard to maintain some semblance of a life, though neither knows the other. The thing neither knows though is that the demons they see are real. The male's parents were killed by demons, though his memory is hazy, and many psychologists have dismissed them as the mind trying to reason things. And the demons the female sees are also real, not illusions.

One day, their minds are transported to the demon realm, where they meet. The demon realm has strange properties. Strength and speed are tied to the mind, not the body. This allows the two to combat the horrors they come by. It's also possible to warp the reality around them, both for our characters, and their enemies. Over time the two will learn more about the demon realm, and fight against the demon lords that threaten not only them, but the whole planet.

Detective & Her Ghost: Slice-of-life/Paranormal
You have your choice of either character, the female detective, or the male ghost. It's a crime solving RP. The ghost can only be seen by the detective. It starts out where the ghost can only be seen, not heard. Over time the ghost will gain various abilities, like being able to be heard, appearing to other people and possession. Maybe more depending on where the story goes.

Oh wow, this one has a really short description compared to the others. I guess I'll just talk about how great pumpkins are. They are a pretty color of orange. They have a wonderful taste, especially as a pie. They are also fun to carve. Okie, my pumpkin ramble has concluded, carry on.

Bad Guys: Slice-of-life
For this one, we'll be playing bad guys. We'll play two characters each. We'll start the story with the two main characters. Mine is a female college student. She's a socially awkward tech/robotics genius. She starts off with no affiliations with anything illegal. Your character can be either gender, and a student at the same college. Your character has ties to various illegal dealings, such as black market stuff, theft, and various non-murder illegal activities. While a criminal, your character has a kind heart, having reasons for why they do what they do, and a genuine developing relationship with mine, rather than using them for their skills alone. We'll introduce the supporting characters later, and will complete our bad guy group.

Your character will befriend mine, and eventually convince/ask them to help out with crimes. None of the characters are murderers or rapists or other heinous types of criminals, but otherwise all types of illegal activity are fair game. The group will help each other commit crimes like bank robberies or stealing information to sell on the black market, and helping each other get out of trouble, like being caught by people, or jail breaks.


Storm of Eternal Rage
The last three plots catch my eye. The last does have me thinking a bit of Fast & Furious admittedly.

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