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Help Which Line did I break?

Chimney Swift

Allergic to Charisma
For my RP character sheets, I use Uxie's beautiful Lux code. (linked)
At some point while I was customizing it, though, I broke a line of the code. One of my characters is Deaf, and I deleted the music box from his sheet for obvious reasons. But when I deleted the section I evidently messed up the quote box as well, because now, in 3 of the 4 sheets, the quote is stretched out and looks wonky. Every time I try to fix it by copying the section from my 1st CS, it breaks entirely and becomes an unreadable mess.

What did I do? I don't know which part is missing.
My sheets are here (linked). Can Uxie Uxie or someone who uses this code tell me what part is missing? The easiest way to see the coding is to reply to the post, which lets you see the whole thing.
Thank you! Sorry if this is an annoying or amateurish request. I'm not that smart.


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hey! sorry to hear there are issues ;w;
from what i can tell of max's cs, there's no issue with the way you deleted the music box. the quote automatically stretches to fill the space, so to deal with this issue you'd want to either add a "max-width: [value]" to the border right below ----quote----, increase the "font-size" in the border right above ----* * * quote here---- or use a longer quote ;w;

as for the rest of the cses, you've accidentally put the music player and the quote into the same border (the border of the quote one). i neglected to label some of these, so sorry about that! if you want to just recopy a section, then please copy from the border below ----row one---- to the [/border] above ----row two---- from your first cs. fixing it yourself would just require taking one of the [/border]'s above ----row two---- and shifting it up right below ----delete me too----

hope this helps!

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